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2001 Volvo V70 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Likely the last Volvo for me by altalake



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Driven almost nothing but Volvos for over 40 years and this one has me looking at Japanese cars or something old and diesel for the next one. It's a great car to drive on dry roads but not good in snow, terrible in slush (turn the STC off), alarms and security that cannot be turned off, complex networked controls that require a dealer to troubleshoot, ridiculously expensive small parts and maintenance. But the headlight wipers are nice.

Reviewed: 2001 Volvo V70

4dr Wagon turbocharged 247hp 2.3L I5 5-speed manual FWD

Why the 2001 Volvo V70?

Front seat support & comfort

Most comfortable car I\'ve ever driven


Great handling car for a stock station wagon with lots of mileage.

Fuel economy

Avg 9.0 l/100km mixed town and highway, 10 l/100km in winter, best case 7.8 l/100km sustained, flat highway - but takes premium fuel @ 20% more than regular.

Cargo capacity

Decent cargo space but less than a 240 series (and more than a 544)

Safety & braking

Excellent brakes.

Why Not the 2001 Volvo V70?


FWD sucks for anything but flat, dry roads. Not good in snow despite (maybe because of) Michelin xIce tires. Stability Traction Control can react in strange and dangerous ways when hitting patches of slush. Not good climbing steep gravel roads (driveways) because of poor low end torque and poor front wheel traction. Terrible turning circle which is particularly problematic backing with a trailer.

Driving position & visibility

Super sloping windshield creates a lot of reflection and polarized glasses are a must.

Past personal experience

So far the least reliable Volvo I have ever owned. Issues with complex monitoring and control systems.


FWD + mountain highways makes for a lot of wear on fronts.

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Response from bempey

7:14 pm March 3, 2015

I could only dream of your fuel economy in my 2003 V70 AWD, even with the lower-output 2.5T engine. But it is also an A/T and maybe a 5-speed manual would be better (looking for one, but they'r rare)
Had it less than 1/2 year. Love the seats, handling, cargo space, especially with the rear seats folded flat (worked well for an office move). But I haven't had a vehicle suck fuel like this since a modified twin-turbo Audi A6 Quattro, which was like a rocket in comparison.
Researching cars to decide what's next. (definitely a wagon).


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Response from lrheath

5:59 pm April 20, 2015

Our 2010 V70 has been reliable - other than an occasional stickey driver side window 1/2 way through the automatic "up" cycle. It will then return to the full down position. A second try takes care of it.

The car is solid, handles well, has more than sufficient power and is extremely comfortable. Materials and fit/finish are exemplary. Gas mileage is just average, but it is a heavy car.

As with every vehicle I have owned since 1967, I mount separate wheels with snow tires on this Volvo. during winter weather. The car handles just fine on snow and ice with plenty of traction and, most importantly, brakes with confidence. I am the 2nd owner of this certified Volvo which now has about 43.5K on the odometer.


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