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smart fortwo repairs by problem area

Engine (29%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (15%)

Brakes and Traction Control (2%)

Suspension and Steering (3%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (28%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (13%)

Other (9%)

Chart based on 543 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the smart fortwo.

smart fortwo engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (6%)

$1000 - $2499 (6%)

$500 - $999 (13%)

$100 - $499 (31%)

< $100 (44%)

Chart based on 127 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2016 smart fortwo 2dr Hatch

turbocharged 89hp 0.9L I3 6-speed automated manual RWD

4500 mi update software for fuel tank capacity. Replace gas tank and fuel sensor. 
7200 mi Final failed attempt to correct fuel tank capacity issue. 

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2011 smart fortwo 2dr Hatch

70-horsepower 1.0L I3 5-speed automated manual RWD

36000 mi

US $2000
smart center removed and replaced complete cylinder head due to misfiring caused by burned valve seats on #2 cylinder. This would have been a $2K repair if smart USA had not covered most of the cost, even though the car was out of warranty. 

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2009 smart fortwo

Engine not specified

16000 mi

US $650
car died on highway. fuel pump fuse. told fuel pump about to die needed new one !!! 

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2009 smart fortwo 2dr Hatch

70-horsepower 1.0L I3 5-speed automated manual RWD

16000 mi

US $288
emissions valve stuck open 
55000 mi

US $650
Exhaust system. Muffler failed. 
18000 mi The oil developed a leak along the pan rail where the oil pan is bolted to the engine. To effect this repair, the oil pan was replaced. 
5600 mi Radio, Lights, other electrics worked. Engine would not turn over. Starter did not spin. Neutral sensor defective. Sensor replaced. 
8000 mi

US $73
Transmission would not engage when car started and gear shift moved to drive or reverse. Required multiple re-starts, and occasionally a 10-20 minute "rest" before it would engage. Required software upgrade which dealer conveniently had. 
10000 mi Leaking oil. Oil gasket defective. Replaced under warranty. 
41000 mi

US $200
Electric cooling fan (behind the condenser) started to fail. The bearing failed causing a rattling noise as the fan blades contacted the housing. 
33000 mi

US $136
check engine light 
33000 mi

US $500
car had two burned valves, loss of compression in cylinders 2 &3. Mercedes corporate paid all but $500 to replace the head with a new one. 
28300 mi

US $600
Muffler flex connector broke 
33000 mi

US $1
Check engine light 
58000 mi

US $5500
Low compression in cyl 1 = valve job. Engine still runs a little rough on occasion AFTER the $5500 valve job. And the wrench symbol still pops up on the dash. But likely an electrical symptom. 
39000 mi

US $1296
Oxygen Sensor and Sender Unit replaced 
44000 mi

US $5000
blown head gasket. replaced head gasket, thermostat and AC control unit 
45000 mi Oil leak caused by faulty valve gasket. Gasket was replaced at no charge. 
52000 mi

US $2500
Overheated, bad head gasket. Replace head gasket, mill head, replace/grind & seat valves, replace water pump. 
111500 mi

US $850
Fuel pump failed 
102000 mi

US $500
air intake system cracked. Instead of replacing, use a bicycle tire to patch the hose 
75000 mi Did not investigate past check engine light. My code reader indicated a secondary air fault, something I had fixed before by dealership. 
7000 mi Blowing oil splatter on the back when driving for long trips and engine is hot...Car smokes after stopping.. 
Check Engine Light kept coming on even after I cleared the fault with my Scanguage. Dealer ordered and installed a seal. 
22200 mi

Replacement of timing case cover and replacement of the start/stop mechanism 

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2009 smart fortwo 2dr Convertible

70-horsepower 1.0L I3 5-speed automated manual RWD

58500 mi The oil pan gasket was leaking and had to be replaced. This is a common problem on the 2009s. Was fixed completely under the original warranty. 
8000 mi

US $38
Oil pan was leaking at seal The oil pan was leaking. Dealer had to order special sealer which required another trip after they received it. I had to pay $38.00 for new oil and filter, otherwise they would have reused the old oil. 
45000 mi

US $540
Motor mount bolts broken. the timing cover had to be removed from the car and sent out to a local machine shop to have the broken bolts removed and helicoils installed. They did that because of the cost of a new cover and to save time.  Dealer removed timing cover and could not get gasket to seal. Attempted repair with engine in car, ruined three gaskets. After 31 days it was fixed. 
46800 mi Fix lasted about a month before gasket leaked oil again. This time removed engine from car for better access to timing cover gasket. 
98000 mi Overheated engine. 
21080 mi

C $500
Car rated at 5.8 litres/100km. I am getting 9.8/100km. I have repeatedly brought this issue to Mercedes Benz Dealer (Barrie, On) to no avail. 
27280 mi

C $250
Flex pipe repair 
31000 mi

C $120
They checked everything out, and updated the computer module. There was a $120 charge for checking out the system. There was no cost for the update, nor for a full inspection. 
31620 mi

C $710
Exhaust gasket between converter and muffler 
9700 mi Oil Pan Gasket was Leaking , all was done under Warranty 

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2008 smart fortwo 2dr Hatch

70-horsepower 1.0L I3 5-speed automated manual RWD

22700 mi

US $602
Neutral sensor defective 
75000 mi

US $150
Coil Replacement 
19840 mi gasket on fuel cap replaced 
25420 mi sometimes would not go into reverse and sometimes would not go into park 
58900 mi fuel pump @42psi new plugs and filters and still will not run. Tries to start but just wont kick. 
59400 mi

C $2700
Throttle valve was jammed shut and needed to be replaced. $2000.00 just for the valve. M.B. (Cadilac $500.00) 
62000 mi

C $300
broken pipe needed complete exhaust system 
33580 mi

C $209
Outside temp sensor failed. Was replaced. Unclear if repair successful. CEL came back on afterwards, the went back off. Need cold weather to test. 
34720 mi

C $503
Muffler flex pipe was broken. Loose and melting back bumper. Muffler was replaced. Muffler flex pipe was broken. Loose and melting back bumper. Muffler was replaced. 
19000 mi Check engine light went on. Onboard computer diagnosed it. Took it to a non-Smart dealer who ordered then installed the part- an emissions control valve. Replaced defective emissions control valve. 
5000 mi Took car to dealership service dept. to get maintenance reminder reset after doing an oil & filter change in addition to changing the transmission oil. I could not get the reminder to reset using several suggested methods. 
16000 mi

US $100
Car was intermittantly throwing a P0410 code. The cel light was coming on more frequently. The secondary air valve was replaced and the computer reset. Concern appears to be resolved. 
55000 mi

US $800
I could move the gear selector but the transmission would not select a gear and would beep. Moving forward in Drive (when it worked) would fix problem temporarily. Car fine after clutch reflash. 
89000 mi

US $1400
Muffler failed. Secondary air injection pump replaced. 
96300 mi

US $2000
Replaced leaking valve gasket allowed oil to pool around spark plugs. Caused electrical malfunction. 
2000 mi The car shut itself off in hard left turns 3 times. 
31000 mi

US $100
Oil pan gasket leaking. Replaced 
49800 mi

US $3000
cylinder head replaced due to worn valve guides leaky oil pan 
50000 mi

US $50
Used 6 quarts of oil in 2 weeks, replaced the entire short block. 
56000 mi Wiring harness for O2 sensor chafing on hose from air pump. Wrapped harness in electrical tape, then ziptied a rubber hose around the harness to prevent further chafing. 
1000 mi shift module replaced 
22000 mi Transmission and battery upgrade. 
86131 mi Check engine light come off. They reset it. It didn't it come back 
88000 mi

US $300
Engine light came on. Found it to have two faulty sensors. We chose not to repair. Estimated repair cost was $500 
48360 mi

C $170
Broken flex-tube. Replaced by welding in an after market one. Rest of exhaust and cat is in good condition. 
64440 mi

C $120
Exhaust flex tube. Welded in replacement 
93000 mi

US $124
engine light on,checked for vacuum leaks and reset fuel settings 
8000 mi Smart 2.0 software upgrade - enhance transmission to work like the 2009 transmission. 
22000 mi

US $97
Water in gas 
89560 mi

C $200
Exhaust system broken flex pipe. Dealer wanted to replace the whole system, got my mechanic to replace the flex for a small fraction of the price. 
18700 mi

US $580
fuel pump fuse blew, stranding me, on 3 occasions. Dealer easter egged it, selling me $559 fuel pump. Fuse blew again. Tested my old fuel pump, under head pressure, for over an hour at 14vdc. Pump refunded. Pinched wire-factory defect. 
22000 mi

US $30
Secondary air valve replaced.  
42000 mi Cooling system leaked  crank shaft position sensor failed 
10000 mi Engine light error #po410 replaced part no more problems. 2.0 update reprogrammed transmission, replaced battery.  
40000 mi

US $35
Secondary air valve bad. 
Reset the engine light. Not a problem. 
27000 mi

US $355
code p0442 - leak in evaporator emissions system replace purge valve. 
52000 mi

US $1019
new transmission mount needed 
1000 mi Motor stopped as I was driving. Was able to restart immediately, after pulling over. Dealer found nothing wrong and no reason for the incident. 
9000 mi check engine light stayed on - required replacing emissions sensor on engine 
12500 mi

US $256
check engine light came on, dealer checked error code, related to a sensor that failed not covered under warranty, paid for parts ($48) and labor; in an out in about 1.5 hours, this car is serviced by MBenz dealer so labor rates are higher 
Engine light came on and was an emission valve. Repaired the next morning. 
10000 mi

US $277
replaced failed purge valve 
14300 mi

US $393
muffler and tail pipe replacement 
3000 mi Check engine light came on due to faulty secondary air system switch over valve. 
3000 mi Error P0410 - Replaced Secondary Air Injection Valve. 
76000 mi

US $130
Oxygen sensors clogged. Replaced engine air filter. The one I had installed was too dense. 
25200 mi Muffler replacement 
10000 mi Engine light came on and stayed on. 
40000 mi

US $120
Check engine light, code P0455. "O" Ring on gas cap was misaligned. Once it was aligned, code cleared. 
8000 mi Replaced Air injection module. 
70700 mi

US $1200
Fuel mixture rich, determined two intake gaskets needed replacement 
74000 mi Sensors indicated excessive rich fuel mixture. This is a repeat of the earlier repair issue which was corrected initially but then returned after a month. The dealer corrected the issue again at no charge. Probably had to remove and reinstall gasket. 
82000 mi

US $275
Replace muffler 
12000 mi Gear shift stuck. Upgraded to 2.0, lubed shifter. 
3000 mi Secondary air injection valve faulty. P0410 
5000 mi Computer upgrade. 
71000 mi

US $238
Failed crank position sensor. Car rendered totally useless. 
16000 mi Dealer replaced the secondary air injection valve. 
85000 mi

US $992
Alternator drive belt shredded which destroyed the oil pressure sending unit and an emission control line. 
7300 mi

US $130
secondary air injection valve malfunction 
10000 mi

US $202
Routine 10,000 mile service. They also did the Smart 2.0 upgrade - transmission reflash, new more powerful battery, shifter lube and gave out the new, updated owner's manual. 
56000 mi

US $350
replace cracked motor mount 
3000 mi Check engine light came on. Diagnosed as faulty switch over valve, which was replaced. 
9000 mi Needed a new fuel plug 
127000 mi

US $3000
oil leak 
162200 mi

US $3000
The alternator belt snapped. This caused the heating pump to stop, too. Smart Roadside told me that driving was fine, but a few miles later, I'd fried the engine :( 
4000 mi The check engine light came on. Owner's manual said not to drive it. The problem was a bad switch over valve. Valve ordered. 
8000 mi It was a repair for the check engine light that had come on previously. This visit was previously reported. A sensor had caused the problem and dealer replaced it on this visit. 
12000 mi Car was in shop for trans. upgrade, etc offered for 2008 models. Engine's computer was destroyed when tech attempted trans. upgrade. Engine computer replaced by Dealer in about 24 hrs. Rental car provided. 
28000 mi

US $300
Check engine light came on and took the car to dealer. Issue was engine sensor and made car run sort of rough. Resolved with new sensor. 
52000 mi

US $780
Secondary air pump replaced. Took car to shop when check engine light came on. 
3000 mi Reflash of transmission shifting software, termed smart 2.0. This makes the transmission shift points different and allows changing to the paddle shifters from auto mode by pulling on the shifter. 
7000 mi P0430 code shown on ScanGuage. Dealer replaced Secondary Air Injection Solenoid. P0410 code shown on ScanGauge. Dealer replaced Secondary Air Injection Solenoid. 
27000 mi

US $1544
faulty gas cap 
30200 mi

US $25
gas cap cracked, got new one installed by self. 
31600 mi

US $400
needed a muffler assembly due to break in connecting metal hose leading to carburetor, probably from bad pot holes on NJ roads shaking car a lot. 
50000 mi engine seized would have cost more than value of car to repair 
4000 mi Air injection valve replaced. 
5000 mi Airflow valve was sticking. This has been a common problem with the Smart4two cars. 
14000 mi Intermittent clutch engagement problem. Did software update, and is OK so far. 

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2008 smart fortwo 2dr Convertible

turbocharged 83hp 1.0L I3 5-speed automated manual RWD

44000 mi Check Engine Light X2 Codes failed O2 Lambda sensors. Necessitated removal of rear muffler box to remove by welding torch flame sensors seized into threads, due to no anti seize compound applied at time of manufacture/assembly. 

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2008 smart fortwo 2dr Convertible

70-horsepower 1.0L I3 5-speed automated manual RWD

24000 mi

US $100
secondary air injection valve stuck. Part replaced. 
132800 mi

US $169
Replaced exhaust Universal Flex pipe 
45900 mi

US $160
Sensor replace to correct engine light from coming on and staying on 
49700 mi

US $379
check engine light fault code P0497 secondary air injection flow too low 
38000 mi

US $585
Also fuel cap gasket had a hole and engine sensor light was on and reset. 
10000 mi Updated transmission to 09 computer flash, lubed gear shift knob. 
100000 mi

US $234
check engine light on. code = P049. sticky purge valve. replaced purge valve. 
101000 mi

US $139
check engine light came on. code=p0445-p0457. inspection of gas cap indicated gasket distorted. replaced gas cap. 
66400 mi

US $260
Flex tube between exhaust manifold and muffler broke. Had new piece welded in place of failed part. 
60000 mi

US $15
Sometimes could not switch gear into D or R. Dealership said they had about ten cars more this year with the same behavior. Updating the firmware should fix the problem which after driving a few thousand miles seems it did. 
137000 mi Engine runs on two out of three cylinders. I keep it for now because I can still drive it around town as long as the engine stays relatively cool. 
46000 mi

US $2600
replaced main computer and throttle body! replaced throtle body 
3000 mi Engine rattle at low speeds. 
4000 mi Small oil leak.  
23000 mi

US $300
One of the individual accelerator position sensors was occasionally delivering a bad signal for at least long enough to throw a CEL and send it into limp-home mode. I replaced the accelerator myself. 
32200 mi Lower motor mount bolt became loose, caused a ckunking noise when car shifted gears. Tightened bolt. 
56000 mi

US $60
Replaced secondary air injection pump. Pump bearing was starting to fail resulting in a loud jet engine sound upon initial startup. replaced with a used pump acquired from an SCOA member. Cost of replacement pump $70.00. labor was aprox 1.5. 
9000 mi Had a "Maintenance Due" icon showup on the dash. Stopped into the dealership and the service manager did a quick reflash and removed the icon. No other issues before or since. 
30000 mi

US $485
OE exhaust broke at the 'flex joint' - unable to replair. Replaced with an aftermarket unit (an upgrade). 
2000 mi OBD II code PO401. Faulty secondary air intake sensor. 
2000 mi Car towed to Riverside Smart dealer 06/28/08, returned 07/21/08, after replacing gas gauge float. Part delivery took over two weeks. 
35000 mi

US $150
Check Engine Light on. Engine fine---light bad. 
1400 mi Check engine light...air sensor module failed 

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2008 smart fortwo 2-door

3-cylinder automated manual 2WD

1000 mi Engine stopped in middle of block while car running. No warning lights, was able to restart, dealer found nothing and was not willing to investigate further. 

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