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2005 Ford Expedition Transmission Problems

2005 Ford Expedition transmission Problems 2005 Ford Expedition transmission Problems

54 TrueDelta members own (or used to own) a 2005 Ford Expedition. 9 of these members (16.7%) have reported transmission repairs for their car. A total of 15 transmission repairs to 2005 Ford Expeditions--an average of 0.3 per vehicle--have been reported.

See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently 2005 Ford Expedition problems occur, check out our car reliability stats.

Percentage of 2005 Ford Expedition repairs by problem area

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Chart based on 94 repairs.

2005 Ford Expedition transmission repair cost distribution

Chart based on 12 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2005 Ford Expedition 4dr SUV

300-horsepower 5.4L V8 4-speed automatic RWD

153000 mi   Car jerking when shifting up or down around 45mph. Waranty work. 
85000 US $4500 Transmission went out at 85,000 miles. replaced by Crossroads Ford. Also replaced coil packets on two cyclinders. Known problmes Ford wont address. 

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2005 Ford Expedition 4dr SUV

300-horsepower 5.4L V8 4-speed automatic 4WD w/low range

98000 mi US $20 Camshaft Positioning Sensor replaced 
30454   Rear pinion seal on differential is leaking oil. Replaced under warranty. 
35811   Cam phasers replaced on engine (again). Replaced leaking front pinion seal. Replaced both leaking front axle seals. Foam seal on air filter housing ripped apart during replacement. All warranty repairs. 
43624   Differential fragged. Dealer mechanic claims crappy made-in-China carrier bearings are to blame for Ford's drivetrain problems. Warranty repair. 
106000 US $2533 Remove and replace front U-joint. 
126000 US $4155 Transmission replaced, $3200. 
126000   Transfer case failing but not replaced 
158000 US $600 cv joint 
94500 US $1300 Clutch pack in rear differential was bad. Replaced clutch pack, rear axle seals and pinion seal. Leaky left front axle seal. Noticed gear oil on ground. Replaced axle seal. 
102300   Left front axle-broken snap ring caused seal to leak. 
64000 US $100 Replaced LF, RF, & front differential pinion seals under CPO warranty (less $100 deductible). 
90300   R-Front axle seal $13.00 Total with labor was $759.00 + tax 

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