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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee repairs by problem area

Engine (32%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (20%)

Brakes and Traction Control (4%)

Suspension and Steering (6%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (24%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (8%)

Other (6%)

Chart based on 217 repairs.

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee repair cost distribution

$2500+ (2%)

$1000 - $2499 (20%)

$500 - $999 (14%)

$100 - $499 (52%)

< $100 (13%)

Chart based on 56 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4dr SUV

330-horsepower 5.7L V8 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD w/low range

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Virginia, United States
Aug 2007 - Nov 2015
Apr 2008

22000 mi
Defective waterpump! Defective window regulators and control pod. Problem: driver's window would intermittently not go back up automatically. 
Mar 2009

37000 mi
A rubber window track "sleeve" fell out of its metal holder and prevented the window from operating. I removed the door panel, lubed and replaced rubber piece--success. This repair followed dealer recall/repair of window mechanism. 
Dec 2009

47000 mi

US $85
Engine light came on; dealer said it was due to update on warranty, one I paid for. 
Jan 2010

47300 mi
Engine light came on after previous repair. This time, the dealer listened to me and checked the catalytic converter. 
May 2012

60500 mi

US $120
Replace pinion seal of rear differential. 
Oct 2013

69300 mi
Smell of gasoline while driving. Dealer could not recreate the conditions. 
Dec 2013

70000 mi

US $51
Replaced hood lift strut and rear hatch lift struts (not the glass lift struts) 
Jun 2015

77000 mi

US $947
4WD shift motor had filled with oil. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Illinois, United States
Aug 2007 - Mar 2010
Oct 2007

5000 mi
Drivers side window doesn't roll up correctly Tire pressure monitoring system was constantly requesting service. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Colorado, United States
Aug 2007 - Jun 2009
Mar 2008

13000 mi
Driver and passenger window express up/down feature malfunctioned causing the window to go down and then go back up partially. 

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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4dr SUV

235-horsepower 4.7L V8 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD w/low range

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Minnesota, United States
Oct 2007 - Sep 2015
Feb 2008

6000 mi
Drivers side electric window automatic UP not working properly (noticed it since new Nov 07, at 2nd oil change dealership found a TSB to fix but had to order parts). 
Mar 2008

6300 mi
Power window regulator not reliable in auto-up mode. Warranty replacement with Tech Svc Bulletin describing fix from Jeep. 
Aug 2010

33000 mi
Light bulb(s) out on Heater control knob at May oil change. Had to replace entire panel just to get new bulb(s). Good news-warranty covered it. Bad news-what a dumb design. 2 mons earlier in late June, one night tranny was "stuck" in 4th gear. Ran ok except obviously slow to take off from stop. After 5 min stop, ran normal and had since then. No codes present, reflash tranny, does drive diff now, hope fixed! 
Nov 2010

35700 mi
Driver seat heater weak/slow to warm up (noticed on LAST day of full warranty!). Only 2nd problem in 3 years, very good quality overall. 
Feb 2012

54000 mi

US $200
The Laredo model leather seats are surface cracking (a quality problem, read "the forums"). I repaired the first myself on freq used driver seat but noticing other hairline cracks. Trying a leather conditioner. Seeing some on steering wheel. 
Oct 2012

58000 mi

US $400
Noticed very slight oil leak lower front of engine behind serpentine belt pulley. Seal replaced. Had Chrysler ext warr/service contract that covered repair so was $0 vs over 400. 
Jul 2013

62700 mi

US $190
Battery to starter cable assembly frayed at starter connection (one of few cables -not- covered by extended warranty?!?). 
Dec 2013

66000 mi

US $100
Check engine light, O2 exhaust sensor replaced but covered under $100 ded 7/70 svc contract. 
Jan 2014

66500 mi

US $300
Transmission coolant lines leaking. No easy way to reach them so to ensure Chrysler will honor the lifetime engine/tranny warranty paid dealer to replace vs independent shop simpler fix. NOT covered by service contract since a "hose", hmmm. 
Oct 2014

69700 mi

US $125
Leather seats are VINYL! We paid for leather and repair shop shows us Daimler Chrysler used vinyl; dvr seat left side cracking, and repair info proves Chrysler lied and used vinyl on seat surface! 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Colorado, United States
Sep 2007 - Jun 2011
Nov 2007

1200 mi
Both Window Regulators replaced due to auto up failure. 
Sep 2009

4000 mi
Had TCM flash for TSB. Between 30-40 MPH car feels like being tugged from behind. 

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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4dr SUV

210-horsepower 3.7L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Jeep Grand Cherokee in New Jersey, United States
Jan 2008 - Sep 2015
Feb 2008

21000 mi
ABS and other stability control warning lights were on continuously. Wheel speed sensor was removed and replaced. A racheting sound was heard during full-right-lock steering. A sensor line was rerouted. 
Nov 2008

31000 mi
Replaced shift control module. 
Apr 2009

35000 mi
Dash board air vent control handles became disconnected. 
May 2009

37000 mi
Dash air vent louvers and control handles replaced 
Jan 2013

86000 mi

US $300
Water pump was leaking. Pump was replaced. 
Oct 2013

95700 mi

US $5
Code U0404 Invalid Data Received from Gear Shift Control Module; preventing proper transmission shifting. Removed & cleaned circuit card assembly with electronics cleaner spray and a pencil eraser. Replacement module would have been $700. 

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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4-door

8-cylinder automatic 4WD

Jeep Grand Cherokee in California, United States
Dec 2007 - Mar 2010
Jan 2008

17000 mi
Tailgate hatch defective. Corrosion noticeable. Part ordered, on national backorder. Result of problem: sensor said "tailgate open" when actually closed. Lights stayed on; computer chime occurred. 

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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4-door

6-cylinder automatic AWD

Jeep in Ohio, United States
Aug 2007 - Oct 2007
Sep 2007

4000 mi
The electric door locks would sometimes lock/unlock/lock cycle repeatedly and endlessly. It stopped only if the battery is disconnected, which results in needing to reset radio stations, etc. It did it for the dealership, and they ordered "A" door lock 

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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4-door

4-cylinder automatic 4WD

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Illinois, United States
Sep 2007 - Mar 2010
Dec 2007

8000 mi

US $33
Rattle in roof pannel 
Jun 2008

12000 mi
Repair headliner rattle, Address check engine light. 

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