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2001 Volkswagen Jetta repairs by problem area

Engine (47%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (5%)

Brakes and Traction Control (7%)

Suspension and Steering (16%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (15%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (3%)

Other (6%)

Chart based on 283 repairs.

2001 Volkswagen Jetta repair cost distribution

$2500+ (1%)

$1000 - $2499 (17%)

$500 - $999 (30%)

$100 - $499 (47%)

< $100 (5%)

Chart based on 83 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2001 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 90hp 1.9L I4 Diesel 5-speed manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Virginia, United States
Sep 2006 - Jul 2012
Oct 2006

91000 mi

US $400
The dual-mass flywheel failed, allowing too much play. The clutch was slipping occasionally, though the clutch lining was not worn out. 
Dec 2006

94000 mi

US $36
Left side mirror glass was replaced, because the heating element had failed. 
Jan 2007

95000 mi

US $186
Front suspension work: Installed new ball joints and rear lower control arm bushings to solve clunking and worn bushings. Left CV axle replaced to eliminate vibration under acceleration. 
Jul 2007

100000 mi

US $37
The left end link on the front sway bar broke. 
Sep 2007

102000 mi

US $10
Replaced right headlight bulb. 
Jun 2008

110000 mi

US $41
The driver's window fell into the door. I installed a new window "kit", which includes new clips (now all metal instead of plastic and metal), new cables and other parts of the regulator assembly. This is a common problem with Mk4 VWs. 
Sep 2008

112000 mi

US $15
Failed door switch in driver's door was replaced. This affected alarm/remote locking operation as well as the dome and puddle lights and headlight/key warnings. The individual microswitch was replaced to save money over replacing the entire mechanism. 
Dec 2008

116000 mi

US $43
Replaced diesel injection pump top and middle seals. The pump had been weeping since I purchased the car from the original owner at 80k miles, but got worse in the last year. I have used Biodiesel in the car which may have exacerbated the problem. 
Feb 2009

118000 mi

US $218
Replaced rear rotors and pads, and front pads. Front rotors were machined. Brake fluid was replaced. 
Mar 2009

119000 mi

US $15
Replaced injector return lines. They hadn't started leaking, but were suspected to be letting air in. They were replaced with Viton hose because I have run high blends of biodiesel in the past, which likely contributed to their demise. 
Apr 2009

119000 mi

US $15
Hazard switch started smoking while driving (and the hazards weren't in use!), but continued to work. Called VW and verified that it had been replaced under an earlier recall campaign. Replaced the switch. 
Jul 2009

122000 mi

US $593
Replaced worn and leaking dampers (struts, shocks) with aftermarket Konis that don't significantly alter the ride/handling balance. Replaced passenger-side axle. The inner boot had ripped, and the upcharge for the whole assembly was small enough that I decided to not attempt to rebuild the inner joint. Also replaced ball joint. 
Dec 2009

126000 mi
Trunk latch stopped working. Removed from car and disassembled. Found that a spring had popped off inside the mechanism. It popped off again after reattachment. Ultimately, I had to bend the end of the spring to keep it secure. 
Jul 2010

131000 mi

US $43
Vacuum pipe between vacuum pump and brake booster had cracked at the ends, causing a leak. Part was replaced, solving the problem. Received recall notice regarding sunroof drains. Determined that the official VW "fix" was to snip off the end of the drain because of the likelihood of clogging, which I experienced. I clipped the ends myself instead of going to the dealer 
Jun 2011

142000 mi

US $60
Turbo variable vane (VNT) actuator ring was installed upside down, preventing the turbo from venting and causing an overboost condition at high engine load. The ring was reversed, fixing the problem. The only parts replaced were gaskets. 
Sep 2011

143000 mi

US $184
The lock module in the driver's door malfunctioned again. (I'd replaced a microswitch a few years ago.) Symptoms included no interior lights or headlight warning and occasional alarm malfunctioning. I bit the bullet and replaced the module. 
Oct 2011

143000 mi

US $69
The oil return line was observed to be weeping when the turbo was R&R'ed this past summer. The return line was replaced. 
Jul 2012

145000 mi

US $9
The injection pump "head" O-ring was leaking and was replaced in situ. This is not the authorized VW way to do it, though it saves a lot of time and money to not need to remove the pump from the car. 
Volkswagen Jetta in South Carolina, United States
Feb 2007 - Jan 2011
Dec 2007

99000 mi

US $60
CEL came on. Code indicated general glow plug fault. Found #2 glow plug open circuit (infinite resistance - spec is about 1 ohm). Replaced all (4) glow plugs. Had code cleared. Problem fixed. 
Feb 2008

103000 mi

US $86
Glass started to fall from passenger side front window. Plastic window clips the logical problem, so I ordered parts on-line to repair. Disassembeld per VW Vortex instructions and repaired successfully. Seven year warranty expired on this.. 
Mar 2008

104000 mi

US $60
Front passenger side window would not close. Problem was the window plastic clips failed allowing the glass to drop. Ordered a kit from Impex with metal clips and repaired following VW Vortex instructions. 
Sep 2008

115000 mi
Glove box latch detached from lid. Disassembled lid and reinstalled latch. The pivot pins had slid out of position allowing the latch to detach. Repositioned pins and glued in place. Reglued inner and outer lid shells. Outcome: Successful repair. 
Apr 2009

123000 mi

US $5
Wife heard an occasional 'clunk' in the front end. I thought it was the sway bar bushings; however, upon beginning work I found the nut on the bolt securing the upper sway bar link to be loose several turns. Locktited and torqued all sway bar fastners. 
Jun 2009

127000 mi

US $5
CEL lit on startup, code indicated glow plug fault. Ohmed plugs, all OK. Bought electric contact cleaner and cleaned harness and plugs. Had code purged. No further issue. Turn signal flasher would randomly flash after using signals. Cleaned turn signal stalk area in steering column with electric contact cleaner (no disassembly). No further issues. 
Dec 2009

138000 mi
CEL came on shortly afer start. Suspected glow plug circuit, checked plugs, OK. Cleaned harness and plugs with DeOxit and reconnected harness. Had Auto Zone pull code, 0380 general glow plug fault. Cleared code, has not reappeared. 

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2001 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 150hp 1.8L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Ontario, Canada
Feb 2007 - May 2010
May 2007

40300 mi
Symptom: Check engine light on (again, comes on and off periodically) & uneven/rough idle. Diagnostic test came up with: 17545 p1137 Long Term Fuel Trim Add.Fuel,Bank1 System too Rich 17705 p1297 Connection turbocharger - throttle valve pressure hose 
Mar 2008

44640 mi

C $500
Check engine light, uneven idle ending in stalling the car. First repair cleared up the codes in the computer test completely, but problem reocurred couple weeks after at which time mass air intake meter (I thought it was sensor, but mechanic called ... 
Jun 2009

54560 mi

C $180
Check engine light on again (goes off couple of days after oil change and computer codes reset for the past few years). Replaced one of the (intake?) hoses that had a cut on it and reset the computer. Another hose adjacent to it needed change per mechani Another intake (?) hose needed replacement per mechanic to resolve check engine light. Ordered part, to be replaced next time. The light came off again few days after replacing the hose per previous report for the same trip Rear windshield wiper starting to work always at the engine start time (regardless of switch position) and runs for about 2.5 time longer than if in intermittent mode, before stopping, but at random position on the glass, instead of the bottom end of it. Rubber seal that goes along the left side of the roof under the front and rear left door, had damage (holes) due to ice buildups during the winter that acted like a glue, causing soundproofing issues, but also freezing of windows and locks in winter Front right headlight needed replacement. replaced by myself 
Sep 2009

56420 mi

C $1150
Replaced all remaining air intake hoses. Reset the codes.The check engine light came back on after a few days. I don't bother to take it to the mechanic anymore - I am deciding whether to change mechanic, or change the car, or ignore. Replaced the rubber seal/moulding Symptom: Noisy muffler/exhaust. Exhaust pipe was broken/torn. Replaced the complete exaust pipe, together with the catalytic converter. 
Jan 2010

59500 mi

C $749
Check engine light on (same codes as previously reported), uneven idle when cold engine. Replaced parts: turbo cat-off valve, valve cover gasket & CAM tensioner gasket (both leaking per shop). Engine not reaching regular temperature and also growing much slower than usually. Replace Thermostat and temp.sensor. CEL did come back on a few days after previous repair. But then shop simply reset it and it has remained off since then. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Minnesota, United States
Apr 2007 - Nov 2010
May 2007

123000 mi

US $420
Wheel bearing needed replacement after 120,000 miles. 
Nov 2007

132000 mi

US $650
Other rear wheel bearing needed replacement. Thermostat needed replacement. 
Jan 2008

136000 mi

US $436
Replaced both front wheel bearings. One was a new replacement, the other was replaced 40,000 miles ago. 
Aug 2008

144000 mi

US $170
Passenger window regulator clips broke, window fell into door. Replaced window regulator, fixed problem. 
Dec 2008

149000 mi

US $400
Turbo downpipe flex joint developed a leak. Entire downpipe was replaced. 
Jun 2009

158000 mi

US $400
Camshaft chain tensioner was faulty, developed chain rattle, replaced 
Sep 2009

160000 mi
Ignition coil failed, dealer replaced all 4 under recall 
May 2010

170000 mi

US $179
Valve cover gasket was leaking, replaced Replaced engine and transmission mounts due to excessive play, not outright failure Alternator failed while on highway. 
Oct 2010

177000 mi

US $100
Clutch master cylinder failing. Replaced successfully. 

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2001 Volkswagen Jetta 4-door

turbocharged 4-cylinder manual 2WD

Volkswagen Jetta in Minnesota, United States
May 2007 - Feb 2008
Jun 2007

106000 mi

US $412
mass air flow sensor bad 
Jan 2008

117000 mi

US $500
Timing belt. 

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2001 Volkswagen Jetta 4-door

4-cylinder automatic 2WD

Volkswagen Jetta in Arizona, United States
Feb 2007 - May 2008
May 2007

97000 mi

US $946
Timing belt, water pump, timing belt tensioner replaced because the water pump was failing. New right front axle. 
Aug 2007

103000 mi

US $255
Rear pads and rotors. 
May 2008

118000 mi
Engine block bolt broken, timing belt slipped, died in flight. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Ontario, Canada
Dec 2006 - Mar 2010
May 2007

72540 mi

C $230
wiper arms jammed, replaces with new ones 1hr labour 
Sep 2007

75640 mi

C $2200
Transmission toast - got totally re-built 

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