2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2003

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2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class repairs by problem area

Engine (29%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (5%)

Brakes and Traction Control (11%)

Suspension and Steering (19%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (29%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (1%)

Other (5%)

Chart based on 150 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class repair cost distribution

$2500+ (8%)

$1000 - $2499 (18%)

$500 - $999 (14%)

$100 - $499 (22%)

< $100 (38%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 111 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Engine not specified

Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Quebec, Canada
Sep 2009 - Mar 2010
Oct 2009

51460 mi

C $1200
The HID bulb stopped working! 2 sides. Now all good. Plus new bulbs, 300$ the d2s. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Florida, United States
Sep 2008 - Mar 2010
Oct 2008

92000 mi

US $350
Keyless door lock failed on driver's side. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Virginia, United States
Apr 2014 - Apr 2014
Apr 2014

80000 mi
engine mounts 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Spain
Feb 2011 - Nov 2012
Nov 2012

260400 mi
Major transmission breakdown; Metal filings in trans. fluid due to pinion wear. Dealer quoted 8,000 Euro (10,000 U$) for repair. Car handed in exchange for new class C Merc. 

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2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 4dr Sedan

supercharged 469hp 5.4L V8 5-speed shiftable automatic RWD

Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Arizona, United States
Jun 2007 - Apr 2017
May 2007

17906 mi
Compressor pulley R&R and re-shimmed. Done under warranty. Low transmission fluid due to transmission leak. Leak found at parking lock seals. Electrohydraulic control unit and parking lock R&R and replaced seals. Covered under WARRANTY, no cost to me. 
Jul 2007

21593 mi
Circulation pump found to be inoperable. DONE UNDER WARRANTY. 
Jul 2008

34133 mi

US $1038
Belt tensioner was found to be faulty. Valve cover gaskets were leaking oil. Replaced gaskets. 
Sep 2008

36101 mi

US $1515
Left front airmatic strut replacement as airmatic strut leaked to failure. A VERY common occurence on these vehicles. DONE UNDER WARRANTY 
Jul 2010

56728 mi

US $790
Left and right side thrust arm balljoint boots torn. Both replaced. 
Jun 2012

77400 mi

US $164
Altenator needed replacing. 
Jan 2013

83720 mi

US $76
Valve cover gaskget replacement. 
May 2013

87480 mi

US $547
Replaced thermostat. Replaced dehydrator and o-rings as well as o-rings going in to the condenser. A/C was blowing hot air intermittently. Evacuated and recharged. Leaking fuel tank and both fuel sending units. This issue has been reported to the NTSB and is an ongoing investigation due to it's widespread nature on the W211 E Class Mercedes. Purge valve was found to be not connected to intake manifold. Replaced purge valve connection (air intake P). Replaced Y-pipe intake pipe. 
Jul 2013

88775 mi

US $1475
3 out of 4 O2 sensors reported to be bad. Replaced all 4. Replaced gas filler cap as check engine light came on for minor purge system leak. 
Aug 2014

97400 mi

US $529
As previously mentioned as a weak engineering point in my review of the E55, the component that went bad was the pressure reservoir on the SBC unit. I found the part on ebay for $529. This would have been a $1100 at the dealer. 
Sep 2014

99000 mi

US $405
As previously mentioned as a weak engineering point in my review of the E55, the component that went bad was the right front airmatic strut. At the dealer this would be a $1500 job. I had mine rebuilt and did the work myself. 
Dec 2016

108000 mi

US $1500
Another airmatic strut failure, terrible system. Instead of replaicing the air strut only to have it fail in 2 years, I replaced all 4 corners with a coilover conversion. All airmatic struts were pulled out. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in California, United States
Dec 2014 - Jun 2015
Mar 2015

153000 mi

US $2300
Airmatic brake system. 

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2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 4dr Sedan

302-horsepower 5.0L V8 5-speed shiftable automatic RWD

Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Colorado, United States
Oct 2012 - Sep 2015
Jan 2013

92700 mi

US $300
Exterior mirrors have taken a mind of their own. Change position when colder than 35f when going down the road. 
Feb 2013

89100 mi

US $300
Exterior mirrors have taken a mind of their own. Change position when colder than 35f when going down the road. Dealer unable to fix. I found a factory reset on the instrument control panel and reset to factory settings. No problems since 
Oct 2013

93000 mi

US $3000
check engine light Wipers would not work if turn signal was on to turn left 
Dec 2013

93000 mi

US $250
check engine light .....again 
Mar 2014

95000 mi

US $2500
Check engine light....again. Emission control gate. Also found leaky gas tank filler seal. leaking gas filler tube 
Sep 2015

103000 mi
Keyless door lock on rear driver side door inop 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in New Jersey, United States
Feb 2018 - Jun 2018
May 2018

144000 mi

US $250
Failed inspection, so getting code from my diagnosis computer. I had to replace my egr valve and replace maf sensor. Which allowed the car to finally pass inspection 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Tennessee, United States
Nov 2012 - Nov 2013
Nov 2013

69000 mi
Check ABS system--diagnose reason for warning light; determine covered by warranty and referred for dealer repair 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Colorado, United States
Sep 2008 - Mar 2013
Apr 2008

3000 mi

US $5000
Replace the CD Changer & Radio 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Michigan, United States
May 2015 - Apr 2016
May 2015

118000 mi

US $400
rusted exhaust pipe 
Jun 2015

118000 mi

US $700
Alternator replaced 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Florida, United States
Dec 2008 - Jan 2013
Jan 2008

80000 mi
cd player and cd changer not working-not repaired yet 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Pennsylvania, United States
Sep 2011 - Sep 2013
Oct 2011

90000 mi

US $1300
Entire front suspension rebuilt, including tie rods, ball joints, struts, & control arms. Driver's door lock hammering - not locking. Cam sensor SBC Brake module timed out. Mercedes Benz extended the warranty period for this item up to 100k miles. Air suspension compressor line failure. Car dropped to a dangerous level while driving. Left front air suspension strut failed, required total replacement. 
Aug 2012

103600 mi

US $2300
Catalytic converter flange was cracked, causing an exhaust leak. Engine mount (hydraulic) leaked, causing engine to not sit level - likely causing the catalytic converter flange to crack. O2 Sensor failed. Replace spark plugs (16) and wires (16) Solenoids (5) in the transmission valve body need to be replaced. O2 Sensor failed (one of the remaining 3 that were not replaced previously). Hood and trunk lid paint was severely cracked, resprayed in OEM base/clear. 
Jul 2013

122000 mi

US $2200
Engine sensors engine mounts exhaust 
Aug 2013

122700 mi

US $1100
Transmission continually locked up in a gear, replaced the 'electrics kit' inside the valve body. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Saskatchewan, Canada
Sep 2011 - Sep 2016
May 2012

62480 mi

C $370
Alarm error. Alarm would go off. Warranty company thought since the alarm is integrated with its electronics and the alarm is called a horn they did not pay. They don't fix horns. 
Mar 2013

66960 mi

C $900
Air bag sensor passenger seat. 
Aug 2014

74140 mi

C $1000
hose collapsed. The idler arm/sway bar bushing is an integrated piece. I haven't replaced it yet. The bushing is gone. It is common on these. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Louisiana, United States
Aug 2004 - Jan 2013
Oct 2004

22000 mi
Heater water control valve failed no heat. Repaired under warranty. Crack in ash tray cover repaired under warranty. Brakes pads every 25,000 miles at $450 / axle 
Aug 2007

68000 mi
FRont ball joints failed warranty replaced. 
Nov 2007

71000 mi
SBC pump for primary braking system failed. 7 days in shop for warranty repairs. Estimate cost $2500 pump $1000 Labor Total estimate $3500 
Jan 2008

73000 mi
Ignition switch key failed, Replaced under warranty. Car would start but convenience memory options would not. 
Mar 2008

74500 mi
Driver side door lock actuator motor failure. Replaced under extended warranty 
Mar 2009

81000 mi

US $95
OOPS forgot I changed spark plugs in March. OEM Bosch installed by owner. Also changed fanbelt but found the idle pulley bearing failed. RR Idle pulley bearing. This would have been warranty on the pulley but I had the belt off. 
Apr 2009

83000 mi
Replace airmatic compressor and replace both rear axle air springs. warranty repair. Estimate total cost $3000 
Sep 2009

88500 mi
Both motor mounts failed. Replaced under CPO warranty both engine mounts and transmission mount due to excessive vibration. Engine vibration at Idle. Engine mounts leaking. Both engine mounts replaced and Transmission mount. Engine smooth again. Repaired under extended complete warranty. Estimate for dealer to repair $750 w/o warranty 
Oct 2009

91000 mi

US $59
Fuel cap restraining strap broke. Thought just strap would be replaced. Had to replace entire cap. 
Dec 2010

102000 mi

US $800
Air Suspension Active Handling shock major component replacement. Rear Shock failed leaked oil.  
Apr 2011

107000 mi

US $140
AC quit cooling on 2600 mile trip in desert. Dealer diagnosed suction hose delamination internally, over $1000. Parts not available when time to leave on trip but recharged and system has continued to operate normally. Local dealer to check out for reocc 
Nov 2011

114400 mi

US $1500
Replace airmatic left front airspring/shock. Done buy owner. Replace airmatic left front airspring/shock. Done buy owner. 
May 2012

120500 mi

US $20
Starter drive failed causing poor disengagement of starter. Still working at time of replacement. 
Aug 2012

122800 mi

US $670
Right Airmatic front strut air bladder failed replaced entire strut assembly. 
Nov 2012

125000 mi

US $630
Starter was replaced due to noisy starter drive 90 days ago. This failure was total burn out of the starter which also killed the main battery. Both were replaced. 
Dec 2012

127000 mi

US $450
steering wheel tilt failed full up 
Jan 2013

116000 mi

US $840
The car has dual electrical systems for the electronic brakes. The computer controlling both systems failed and killed the battery at night. Replaced computer. Replaced battery Control module for total electrical system. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in California, United States
Oct 2010 - Aug 2017
Feb 2011

74100 mi
Center brake light partially burned out. Replaced the assembly. 
Mar 2011

74000 mi
Check engine light on. Engine running erratic. Replaced mass airflow sensor. 
Apr 2011

75000 mi

US $5000
Transmission complete failure. Was determined the radiator had leaked coolant into the transmission 
Oct 2012

93000 mi

US $47
Engine took a few more cranks to start. Check engine light came on. Error code indicated Crank position sensor. Replaced the Crank position sensor 
Jul 2013

98200 mi

US $47
Drivers rear door lock was chattering when locking. Removed the door lock and replaced a broken spring. 
May 2014

102300 mi

US $280
Power steering fluid was leaking from the high pressure hose that goes from the pump to the rack and pinon. Hose was replaced. 
Sep 2016

106000 mi

US $75
Leaking windshield washer fluid from bottom of passenger front fender. Washer hose assembly was leaking. Replaced the washer hose assembly. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Tennessee, United States
Aug 2008 - Apr 2009
Sep 2008

103000 mi

US $1200
Brake "collector" (a cylinder that is part of the SBC brake system) had gone bad and had to be replaced. My right front blinker bulb quit working, but would not come unscrewed from the housing. It required taking my front bumper off and replacing the entire housing. 
Apr 2009

118000 mi

US $950
02 and crank sensors replaced. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in California, United States
May 2011 - Oct 2012
Jul 2011

104000 mi

US $2600
right front shock failed. motor mounts failed.  crankshaft sensor failed. other sensors failed. Car towed twice. 
Jun 2012

118000 mi

US $1200
radio shorted and failed 
Oct 2012

122000 mi

US $3575
radio failed due to short 

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2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 4dr Sedan

221-horsepower 3.2L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic RWD

Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Maryland, United States
Apr 2015 - Mar 2018
Apr 2015

141000 mi

US $2800
Replace ABS Bar needed to e replaced 
Oct 2016

165800 mi

US $300
Warning light indicating brakes instructing me to take to shop. Gone more than a week. When I got it back the warning lights were gone. No mention of any charges on the statement so I don't know what, if any, work was done. Warning message back in Feb. 
Jan 2017

167000 mi
I brought the car in for possible resolution of slipping transmission. MB diagnosed as firmware fix and kept my car for almost a week. 
Feb 2017

165000 mi
Passenger-side mirror wouldn't tilt with transmission in reverse after transmission firmware update. Analog clock wouldn't sync with digital input after transmission firmware update. 
Mar 2018

174000 mi

US $700
Batteries died. After replacing both, the batteries were dead 2 days later. Took b the va to shop 2 more times. Diagnosed as an open switch but decided to live with issue. Make certain I drive car every day and place batteries on trickle charge twice a week. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Washington, United States
Jul 2014 - Dec 2019
Apr 2015

62200 mi

US $300
front wheel bearings changed 
Aug 2015

63700 mi

US $450
Lock actuator motor in driver's door changed 
Dec 2016

75000 mi

US $145
Battery warning light but battery and alternator were ok. No definitive cause found but some computer updates added. 
Jun 2019

99000 mi

US $50
center console wood trim fell off and replaced 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Texas, United States
Aug 2008 - Dec 2011
Sep 2008

67000 mi

US $895
Normal check up, but SBC Pump went bad, was replaced under MB extended coverage for this pump. Other work included normal A work up. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Virginia, United States
Apr 2017 - Jun 2018
Jul 2017

108000 mi

US $2000
SBS System Failure 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in New Zealand
Aug 2008 - Mar 2016
Sep 2008

51460 mi

Replaced front ball joints. 
Aug 2015

83900 mi

Bad shifting and hanging in gears. 
Mar 2016

84320 mi

Forward axilliary battery had dead cell and was draining main battery and causing error messages on control computer resulting in gearbox shifting issues both batteries replaced and error messages cleared and system reset. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in California, United States
- Dec 2006
Dec 2006

49000 mi
Heater core malfunctioned and brought in for warranty repair. 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in New Jersey, United States
Jul 2010 - Aug 2014
Sep 2010

77000 mi

US $500
Replaced failed generator 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in California, United States
Aug 2008 - Oct 2017
Aug 2009

39000 mi
Car was leaking oil. Dealer said it was the transmission fluid sensor. Drivers side vents never blew cold air. Don't know what they did but they fixed it. 
Sep 2012

62000 mi
Car was having a jolt and vibration thru the steering wheel while braking. Independent mechanic said it was due to warped rotors and also the SBC pump had reached its threshold but was still covered under warranty. 
May 2013

68700 mi
SBC pump was going out. 
Jul 2015

94800 mi

US $1200
water pump failed 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Massachusetts, United States
May 2011 - Nov 2013
Jun 2011

101000 mi
flaky wiper function, bad turn/wiper switch 
Jun 2012

110000 mi

US $2081
Replace rear coil springs (broken). Replace front control arm bushings and one ball joint. 4 wheel alignment plus anual service 
Aug 2012

111200 mi

US $346
replace EGR valve 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Ontario, Canada
Feb 2012 - Dec 2012
Aug 2012

88600 mi

C $245
the codes had to be reset because the dash message said go to shop for brakes 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Texas, United States
Sep 2010 - Jun 2018
Jan 2011

77000 mi

US $873
1-replaced both front lower ball joints; 2-replaced rf lower force control arm assembly including contr arm strut w/bushing & ball joint 
Jul 2011

80000 mi

US $332
replaced left front force control arm strut w/bushing amd ball joint 
Jun 2014

93000 mi

US $80
Window washer fluid was leaking where the hose with the heater unit connects to the pump. Repaired by removing the heater unit from the hose and connected the hose directly to the pump. 
Sep 2014

94000 mi
replaced both rear air springs Replaced air suspension pump assembly/compressor and suspension filter Driver head rest will not raise or lower. Did not fix. Driver seat will not automatically move into pre-set position. Mechanic could not determine exact cause so it was not fixed. Driver's visor will not stay in the "up" position. Decided not to replace. 
Feb 2015

95000 mi

US $296
Replaced the driver's sun visor first reported in 2014 
Nov 2016

102000 mi

US $2080
Brakes went out suddenly. Replaced Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) Operating Unit to correct. 
Dec 2016

102000 mi

US $263
Replaced ACC Dual heater valve 
Mar 2017

103000 mi

US $176
right front headlight Xenon low beam out/replaced bulb 
Oct 2017

106000 mi

US $1751
Left front air strut would not rise. It failed. Replaced left front air strut assy. $1,130 Brake warning light message. Replaced brake lamp switch. $72 and related labor for checking why brake warning message sometimes came on, then went away---$105---total investigation labor and cost to replace brake lamp switch--72+105=$177. Replaced both upper ball joints. $314---plus wheel alignment due to replacing either ball joints or left front strut assy--$130 
May 2018

108022 mi

US $778
replaced crankshaft position sensor replaced left front lower control arm and related 4 wheel alignment 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in California, United States
Mar 2015 - Mar 2015
Mar 2015

120000 mi

US $400
Software reset 
Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Washington, United States
May 2011 - Jun 2018
Jan 2012

87000 mi
I got a message stating "brakes, visit workshop" I had an independant garage pull the full code with the STAR diagnostic system to find the SBC unit was beyond is lifespan. Dealer replace no charge to me. New unit functions quieter than old. I got a message stating "brakes, visit workshop" I had an independant garage pull the full code with the STAR diagnostic system to find the SBC unit was beyond is lifespan. Dealer replace no charge to me. New unit functions quieter than old. 

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2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 4dr Sedan

Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Great Britain
Oct 2010 - Jun 2014
Apr 2011

31000 mi
The thermostat gasket was leaking, it was thought at first to be head gasket.  I was also advised that i required front near side suspension leg, two rear suspension legs, rear brake pads, front brake pads and discs, and a service. 
Jun 2011

31000 mi
Required a software update for the brakes, SBS message came up while driving in a car park, and applied the brakes. 
Mar 2014

35750 mi
Engine management light was lit, star diagnostics said it was cam sensor Cam Sensor plus sender unit 

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2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Florida, United States
Aug 2009 - Jun 2011
Sep 2009

54000 mi

US $1900
Replaced the main and auxiliary batteries ourselves then went for service because electrical still acting up (car going dead). The computer diagnostic found no electrical problem, all batteries and systems functioning. Car still sitting dead in my garage. Headlight. 
Jul 2010

55000 mi

US $2300
Battery would lose charge within 24 hrs. Repaired air conditioning control unit, which was discharging the battery. Also replaced oil sensor unit and front control module, which were faulty. 

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