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2008 Ford Mustang repairs by problem area

Engine (24%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (15%)

Brakes and Traction Control (2%)

Suspension and Steering (16%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (24%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (18%)

Other (2%)

Chart based on 89 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2008 Ford Mustang.

2008 Ford Mustang repair cost distribution

$2500+ (1%)

$1000 - $2499 (5%)

$500 - $999 (14%)

$100 - $499 (12%)

< $100 (67%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 76 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2008 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

supercharged 500hp 5.4L V8 6-speed manual RWD

Ford Mustang in Michigan, United States
Jun 2011 - Jun 2018
Aug 2015

44000 mi

US $1600
Clutch started slipping and needed replacement. Since trans was out of the car I opted to put in a new short throw shifter which was $400 of the total $1600 bill. 
Ford Mustang in California, United States
Nov 2008 - Oct 2011
Jan 2009

8000 mi

US $80
Mar 2009

9000 mi
Defective input shaft in Tremec 6 speed trans. caused premature clutch wear of dual plate ceramic clutch and throw out bearing. Clutch burned out, would slip if throttle pressed in 5th or 6th gear at speeds above 50 mph. 
Jun 2009

11000 mi
Ford additional alarm system was in compatible with Shelby Standard alarm system. Would not allow anyone to sit in the car with engine off without setting off alarm. I called FORD'S ALARM MANUFACTURER to advise them of problem,they had a correction. 
Mar 2010

17000 mi
blown speaker (woofer) 
Mar 2011

22700 mi
Repaired again, re-occuring failure in clutch, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, synchros,and input shaft. This system common to all 2007-2009, Shelby GT500 cars. Bad design hopefully fixed with 2010-2011 design component. Poor design!! Clutch, pressure plate,throw-out bearing,clutch slave cylinder,and tranmission defect returns again to all Shelby GT500 owners who actually drive these vehicles.Defective design,so Ford replacing all related parts with 2010-2011 parts. 
Oct 2011

26000 mi
clutch again 

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2008 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

315-horsepower 4.6L V8 5-speed manual RWD

Ford Mustang in New Jersey, United States
Aug 2014 - Jul 2018
Apr 2017

15000 mi

US $285
Replace battery 
Ford Mustang in Saskatchewan, Canada
Jun 2010 - Sep 2013
Apr 2011

44020 mi

C $1300
Had to replace front swing-arm assemblies due to play in the ball joints.  
Ford Mustang in Nevada, United States
Nov 2008 - Jul 2010
Dec 2008

7000 mi
Drivers side door speakers buzzed at high vol and hign base. 
Ford Mustang in Delaware, United States
Mar 2008 - Jun 2018
Dec 2008

1000 mi
brake fluid reservoir leaked down firewall/undercarriage. Took to dealer they fixed problem but took 3 times to have it painted correctly, raised hell. Ford paid me $1500 toward my aggrevations. I've had ZERO problems since then 
May 2018

100000 mi

US $70
Replaced original plugs. Waited WAY too long!! 5 of 8 broke off in the head, but borrowed the removal tool from Ford. Runs awesome with the replaced oem plugs. Overall, this motor runs stronger now than when it was new!!! 
Ford Mustang in Massachusetts, United States
Oct 2008 - Mar 2011
Apr 2008

50 mi
Adjust drivers window. 
Oct 2008

4445 mi
Replace drivers seat side airbag assembly and wire harness due to Air Bag fault indication. 
Ford Mustang in Missouri, United States
Mar 2013 - Jun 2018
Jun 2018

85000 mi

US $600
Smart Junction Box - corrosion in connector and wiring, discovered when horn ceased working, possibly due to leakage from plugged cowling drain. Original (incorrect) diagnosis was main fuse box connection(s) under hood, replaced by Dealer. Horn problem remained unsolved, further diagnosis revealed the SJB issue. Dealer Technician repaired harness and connector, Dealer comp'd cost of fuse box, I only paid for labor on original diagnosis, actual problem diagnosis, and problem repair time and supplies. 
Ford Mustang in Texas, United States
Jun 2009 - Jun 2018
Oct 2009

10000 mi
Drivers side mirror cover rattling. Removed mirror and mirror motor. Tightened cover screw and reinstalled mirror motor and mirror. Time: 15 minutes. Cost: $0. 
Dec 2010

16000 mi
Ignition lock cylinder coming out of steering column. Ignition lock cylinder replaced. 
Sep 2011

20000 mi

US $15
Drivers side mirror cover rattling. Removed mirror and mirror motor. Removed loose screw, applied thread seal and re-installed screw. Reinstalled mirror motor and mirror. Time: 20 minutes. Cost: $15. 
May 2015

36000 mi

US $60
Water leaking into passenger footwell. Removed interior plastic and dried carpet. Checked grommets. Replaced cowl retainer clips (10 total) with new design. Parts cost $60. There is a very good TSB for this problem. 
May 2018

48000 mi

US $260
Both door panel inserts loose. Re-glued both panel inserts. 

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2008 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

300-horsepower 4.6L V8 5-speed manual RWD

Ford Mustang in Georgia, United States
Jul 2009 - Jun 2018
Oct 2010

20000 mi
Differential fluid was leaking from the vent tube in the rear end. An extended vent tube was installed by the dealership. 
Aug 2011

27000 mi
A faulty oxygen sensor on the driver's side exhaust pipe was causing a check engine light to turn on. The Ford dealership replaced it at no charge under warranty. 
Jun 2012

32000 mi
The stereo head unit had stopped loading, ejecting, and playing CDs. The dealership replaced it for free under warranty. 
Mar 2014

63000 mi

US $150
Worn original ball joints were replaced with aftermarket units for more steering precision. 
Dec 2014

74000 mi

US $60
Worn lower control arm bushings were replaced with new control arms. 
Jan 2017

39300 mi

US $152
Replace cooling fan with new unit 
Mar 2017

91000 mi

US $80
One of the tire pressure sensors stopped sending a signal so it was replaced. 
Ford Mustang in Illinois, United States
Jan 2012 - Jun 2018
Jul 2015

145500 mi

US $650
Replaced both front wheel bearings due to loud whining noise while driving. 
Nov 2015

149700 mi

US $750
replaced the original clutch after 136,000 miles.Had my mechanic install a new Spec 2 clutch and throwout bearing.car drives better than new. 
Mar 2016

154000 mi

US $160
Replaced all 4 O-2 sensors 
Jun 2018

194000 mi

US $602
Had 8 new spark plugs replaced 
Ford Mustang in Michigan, United States
Mar 2009 - Jun 2011
Sep 2009

5000 mi
Car pulls to the left when braking at low speeds. 
Ford Mustang in Illinois, United States
Jan 2012 - May 2018
May 2018

106000 mi

US $6
Exhaust rattle. Found a broken exhaust clamp on the passenger side muffler. Adjusted exhaust and replaced with new clamp to resolve rattle. 
Ford Mustang in Texas, United States
Mar 2009 - Aug 2012
Apr 2010

43000 mi

US $850
Lower forward ball joints have been showing wear for quite a while. 
Ford Mustang in Pennsylvania, United States
Oct 2008 - Jun 2015
Jan 2010

54000 mi

US $40
After 2 days of not being driven, the car had a dead battery. At initial stop at dealer, they noticed an unexplained battery draw after car was "asleep", so it was taken back on a second visit to find. Could not replicate phantom drain on second trip 
Jul 2010

40000 mi
paint chipping on horn button emblem, airbag replaced under warranty 
Dec 2010

47000 mi

US $200
At 45,000 mile oil change mechanic noticed looseness in ball joints. Replaced both front lower control arms with GT-500 parts. 
May 2012

65000 mi

US $1004
Rear differential making grinding noises. Shop found bad bearings and metal shavings in differential. Replaced all bearings and oil. 
Ford Mustang in New Jersey, United States
- Mar 2008
Jan 2008

24000 mi
Fixed Fuel Gauge 
Mar 2008

27000 mi
2nd Round.. Actually fixed the Gauge 
Ford Mustang in New York, United States
Oct 2008 - May 2009
Sep 2008

1200 mi
Replace entire transmission with new unit, due to my reported 'knocking' noise at certain rpm's. Ford diagnosis is that the noise was coming from the tailshaft of the transmission. 
Jan 2009

3000 mi
Engine tickknock noise between 1500-2000 rpm when car under load. Noticed in 2nd gear, but happens in any gear. Dealer replaced tranny. Didn't fix! Coming from engine. Ford engineer says 'normal'. TSB's say otherwise.  Engine tickknock noise between 1500-2000 rpm when car under load heard in 2nd-4th gears. Svce Mgr and Ford Engineer say 'normal' engine noise. Nothing done! 2 Tech Service Bulletins say lash adjuster problem but not diagnosed. 4.6L 3V engine questionable 
Feb 2009

3500 mi
Power steering fluid leak. Replaced entire PS rack! Adjusted toe-in. 
Mar 2009

3500 mi
Continued engine tickknock noise as originally reported and described. Dealer mechanic stated the TSB's did not apply, and the noise is "normal". Rode in an '09 GT & made same noise about same rpm. Hope nothing breaks. Disappointed with Ford on this.  
Ford Mustang in Indiana, United States
Oct 2008 - Apr 2017
Apr 2009

6000 mi

US $8
Rear bumper cover fit problem, Replaced bracket. 
Jun 2010

13000 mi
Ignition lock cylinder replaced 
Ford Mustang in New Jersey, United States
Oct 2008 - Jul 2018
Nov 2009

13000 mi
rear tail light trim became out of place then they repaired on the spot. 
Jun 2013

46000 mi
Right rear shock went bad. Leaked out its fluid/oil. 
Nov 2017

81000 mi
Replaced alternator alternator light came on but dealer could not reproduce it coming on again so no work was done 
Ford Mustang in Arizona, United States
Dec 2008 - Sep 2013
Apr 2009

11000 mi
Passenger window occasionally fails to go up (stops halfway & reverses). 
Dec 2010

28000 mi
Dash / A-pillar rattle 
Mar 2012

35000 mi
Drip rail coming loose (3rd time attempt to fix) 

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2008 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

300-horsepower 4.6L V8 5-speed automatic RWD

Ford Mustang in Ontario, Canada
Nov 2012 - Nov 2017
Nov 2015

53320 mi

C $294
Whining noise from the engine compartment. Dealer found the idler pulley bearing defective and replaced the idler pulley. The whining stopped. 

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2008 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

210-horsepower 4.0L V6 5-speed manual RWD

Ford Mustang in British Columbia, Canada
Aug 2013 - Sep 2013
Aug 2013

61380 mi

C $1200
Clutch replaced for second time. Was replaced by previous owner as well. Repair shop and online info seemed to indicate that the stock clutch was problematic and best replaced with aftermarket clutch and flywheel. 
Ford Mustang in New York, United States
Oct 2008 - Jun 2017
Oct 2015

56200 mi

US $22
low engine temp replaced thermostat 
Ford Mustang in North Carolina, United States
Jan 2009 - Jun 2018
Sep 2014

22000 mi

US $45
Nov 2014

22000 mi

US $590
Harmonic balancer 
Mar 2015

24000 mi

US $400
Thermostat housing leak and also needed thermostat replacement. Ordered metal housing to replace the plastic OEM 
Ford Mustang in Kansas, United States
Nov 2011 - Sep 2012
Mar 2012

36000 mi

US $900
Bad suspension parts had to drop tranny...ended up changing the clutch too. Power steering hose leaking 
Ford Mustang in Michigan, United States
Nov 2008 - Mar 2010
Jun 2009

32000 mi
window seal no longer sealing... driver's window didn't fully raise 

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2008 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

210-horsepower 4.0L V6 5-speed automatic RWD

Ford Mustang in Pennsylvania, United States
Dec 2017 - Jun 2018
Feb 2018

102242 mi
Cluster replaced due to failed temperature gauge. After installation, the MILs for Brake, ABS, TCS illuminated. The car does not have any of these options. They did not know how to program the cluster. Sent to their FORD dealer since a Trans service was being done for further diagnostics. ATF pan fluid change with additive. 2nd gauge cluster put into the vehicle, same MILs illuminated. Cluster pulled, and the 1st replacement put back in. This was when they deferred the situation to their FORD dealer, which is what should have been done in the first place. 
Mar 2018

102292 mi
There was no trunk light at purchase; the assembly was missing from the trim piece. Custom LED light made. 3rd Cluster replacement due to errors from the first and second attempt at Smail Acura in Greensburg. They were unable to program the cluster properly thus MILs were on for systems not installed in the vehicle at the factory. A second key was needed, so they had to make another one, as I did not bring both. 
Apr 2018

54150 mi

US $220
6-Disc CD Changer in the factory Shaker500 head unit didn't work since purchase and they would not repair/replace the unit. This is a common problem with Ford CD Changers. Unit was replaced with an Eonon STGA2165USUCU3 Android 7.1 Quad Core unit. Replacement needed a module, and harness adapters. 
May 2018

54000 mi

US $12
Factory lug nuts replaced with solid Bulge Chrome Acorn Cone Conical - 19mm lugs. The factory lugs, with age and heat, bulge due to rust under metal jacket over the nut. This causes them to swell up, and they won't fit into the lug wrench properly. 
Jun 2018

54567 mi
Takata Air bag recall 
Ford Mustang in Utah, United States
Jun 2010 - Dec 2012
Sep 2011

20000 mi
Side panel by the back seat was not secured properly. Upon closer look it was broken and needed to be replaced. 
Oct 2012

25000 mi
Catalytic Converter failed on passenger side 
Ford Mustang in California, United States
Nov 2009 - Mar 2011
Dec 2009

10000 mi
Differential toasted 
Ford Mustang in Maryland, United States
Jul 2014 - Jun 2015
Feb 2015

93000 mi

US $700
Left LCA and bearing, tie rod replaced due to wear and inability to perform alignment. 

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2008 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

supercharged 500hp 5.4L V8 6-speed manual RWD

Ford Mustang in Nova Scotia, Canada
Oct 2008 - Jun 2018
May 2008

1240 mi
1-Manufacturer paint defect on lower drivers' side door, required repainting of lower part of door and replacement of lower body stripe. Replaced stripe improperly applied (awaiting new stripe). 2-Recall on passenger side front airbag (ecu re-flash). 
Jun 2008

1860 mi
1-Radiator hose rubbing against power steering pump pulley (hose replaced). 2-Driver side power window does not operate properly with top up and rear window open (window hits top and bounces back (several visits, problem still ongoing). 
Jul 2008

4960 mi
At 5000 Km window and stripe satisfactorily repaired. At 8000 km had oil changed, dealer overfilled oil (possibly dangerous for this type of engine). Dealer drained and re-filled to proper level. 
Aug 2008

7440 mi
Installed suspension up-grades (Watts link, rear upper/lower control arms) and mufflers. Some rear suspension clunking/drive-line vibration, returned to have bolts re-torqued and upper control arm re-adjusted, clunking/drive-line vibration much reduced. 
May 2010

20460 mi
Replacement of entire convertible top (cloth) mechanism and fabric due to manufacturer defect causing "V" shaped wear marks in the roof above the doors. (TSB 07-17-8) 
Oct 2010

27280 mi
Replace entire convertible roof with updated 2010 model for the 2nd time this year due to "snake eyes" wear marks on driver side roof above window. Marks manifested within two months of first replacement in May 2010. A common problem. 
Dec 2011

35340 mi

C $700
OEM clutch lining started slipping, replaced with McLeod RXT clutch and flywheel at 57k (normal for weak OEM unit). 
Dec 2014

62620 mi

C $5000
Drivers side differential carrier bearing seized causing stainless steel bearing to wear cast iron differential housing. This resulted in a large amount of metal shavings, requiring complete replacement of differential. 
Ford Mustang in British Columbia, Canada
Oct 2008 - Nov 2012
Jun 2010

9920 mi
Clutch and transmission synchro replacement 

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2008 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

300-horsepower 4.6L V8 5-speed manual RWD

Ford Mustang in Rhode Island, United States
Apr 2012 - Jun 2018
Sep 2017

54000 mi

US $50
Both front tie rod ends replaced 
Ford Mustang in Tennessee, United States
Oct 2011 - Jun 2016
Jul 2015

35200 mi

US $800
Mustang was hit with a brace from hauler as it was unloaded. Dealer had new hood. The after market hood is bubbling paint underneath surface. The corrosion is creeping up over the front of the hood. Also had to replace valve cover by ford. 
Ford Mustang in Oregon, United States
Sep 2009 - Dec 2009
Sep 2009

44300 mi

US $910
Ball joints replaced. 

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