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2010 BMW 3-Series Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by mlaurence



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Reviewed: 2010 BMW 3-Series

4dr Sedan 230-horsepower 3.0L I6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Why the 2010 BMW 3-Series?


I used to rent Zipcars, and once a year I'd treat myself to their BMW at $100/day. It was the most enjoyable car I'd ever driven. When I got bored with my Honda Civic, I decided to splurge, so why not go for the best treat I'd experienced?

Materials & workmanship

This is a beautifully crafted car. I've been to many auto shows and seen most new models up close. Interiors are woefully cheap in many cars - even expensive luxury and sports cars. This car surrounds the occupants with quality and style.

Powertrain performance

The BMW has terrific acceleration after a slight lag when you first step on the gas. In Sport mode, the automatic transmission revs with smooth speed that puts you ahead of the line when the stop light turns green. Responsive and powerful.

Audio & nav systems

I don't have the nav but the audio system sounds rich and full even when competing with open windows and sunroof. HD Radio has some interesting new channels and all the FM digital stations are clean. 10 speakers deliver the sound without distortion.

Exterior styling

It's not ostentatious, but everyone knows the BMW brand and look. You're not going to overpower the neighbors, just impress them.

Why Not the 2010 BMW 3-Series?

Fuel economy

I knew it would drink a lot of premium fuel, but my first day of driving around the city, mostly normally, was less than 15 mpg. I swear, I wasn't pounding the gas pedal either!

Reliability & durability

I'm a little nervous about repair costs and frequency. I keep reading about 4-figure repair bills, but there are others who say they've done well with just normal maintenance. Consumer Reports gives the 2010 328i a lot of red dots which is a goo

Cargo capacity

I know I'll never get my bicycle in this car even with both wheels off. But I hope I can carry what I need to from the big box store. With no spare tire, I'd think there could be a bit more room.

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