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2010 Ford F-150 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by Lariat317



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Reviewed: 2010 Ford F-150

4dr Extended Cab 6.5ft bed 310-horsepower 5.4L V8 6-speed automatic 4WD, part-time w/low range

Why the 2010 Ford F-150?

Interior styling

The Lariat trim is really sharp. The woodgrain trim, leather captains chairs, and the console shifter really set this truck apart from the lower trim lines. Love the tan leather/dash with silver, black, and woodgrain accents. XLTs are too plain IMO.

Past personal experience

We had a 1993 Ford F-150 in the family for 15 years. It was a rolling legend. It became a part of the family, and we had many more good experiences with it then bad. Hopefully the 2010 will live up to the legacy of the 1993.

Driving position & visibility

Ive driven Silverados and recently a 2011 Ram and the Ford's driving position is much better in my opinion. In the Ford you seem to sit up higher and you have a more commanding feel while driving. Visability is awesome with the optional back-up camer


This truck handles extremely well for a pickup of its size. It really feels tight and its fairly nimble as well. Its really enjoyable to drive, much improved over the 93 F-150. Feels like a big car around town and holds its line very well on highways.

Fuel economy

I know this isnt anything impressive compared to some vehicles these days, but I am overall impressed with the fuel economy Im getting from the 5.4L V8. I usually average about 17.5 MPG, not bad at all for a big V8. I personally expected much worse MPG.

Why Not the 2010 Ford F-150?

Price or payments

Used Ford F150s are astronomical in price in this area. They must be heavily sought after or something, but most dealers seem to be asking top dollar and then some for them. This truck was Ford Certified, so that also played in the pricing as well.

Dealer practices

Im lukewarm with the dealership. The salesman didnt seem to be very enthusiastic with the sale, or particularly helpful. They did not have a spare key for this vehicle, Ive been hounding them about that since Ive purchased the truck but alas, no key.

Materials & workmanship

I have a couple of minor issues with interior trim so far. The front passenger seat is a little loose so it make a slight audible shaking noise when unoccupied. The moonroof very occasionally has a moderate rattle over large bumps at speed.

Ride smoothness

I know its supposed to be a truck but the ride is a tad on the stiff side, I wish it was a little more supple. Overall the ride is very good, just a little stiff on rough roads at low-moderate speed.

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