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2013 Ford Flex Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

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TSB Date Problem Area TSB Text
03/20/17 NHTSA ID: 10095995
TSB ID: SSM 46210

Some 2010-2016 epas equipped vehicles may exhibit steering related noises. the workshop manual (wsm) diagnostic procedures have been updated in section 211-02. when diagnosing and repairing epas steering noises use the updated procedures.
03/15/17 NHTSA ID: 10095154
TSB ID: SSM 46295

To help differentiate engine oil leaks from other possible sources, a new white-colored fluorescent engine oil dye is available. workshop manual (wsm), section 303-00 has been revised to reference the new white-colored dye. the new white fl
02/09/17 NHTSA ID: 10091151
TSB ID: SSM 46132

Some 2008-2017 ford/mercury/lincoln vehicles equipped with sync may generate a vhr that identifies a concern with the brakes and suspension category indicating service is required due to a brake system warning lamp being illuminated. if the
02/06/17 NHTSA ID: 10090681
TSB ID: SSM 46132

Some 2008-2017 ford/mercury/lincoln vehicles equipped with sync may generate a vhr that identifies a concern with the brakes and suspension category indicating service is required due to a brake system warning lamp being illuminated. if the
06/02/15 NHTSA ID: 10057486
TSB ID: TSB-14-0198

Ford: with auxiliary climate control system on, can smell an exhaust odor in vehicle. like sulfur, after hard driving conditions or acceleration. model 2009-14 flex. . update. 06/11/15. *ta
10/01/14 NHTSA ID: 10056207
TSB ID: ASI-44564

Ford/lincoln: due to corrosion buildup between brake pad and anchor bracket, vehicle experience a rear brake drag condition and need to be checked for debris and/or corrosion. model 2011-2014 explorer, flex, taurus, edge, mkx, mkt, mks.
09/17/14 NHTSA ID: 10056147
TSB ID: TSB-14-0113

Ford/lincoln: some vehicles, with aluminum valve cover, will experience an excessive condition of smoking engine oil and/or consumption of oil, from tail pipe, during normal engine temperature operation. model 2010-2014 flex, taurus, exp
09/15/14 NHTSA ID: 10056139
TSB ID: TSB-14-0105

Ford/lincoln: some vehicles may experience a rough idle, in gasoline turbocharged direct injection (gtdi) engine, may occur after hot start. model 2012-2014 flex, taurus, explorer, mkt.
03/28/14 NHTSA ID: 10055042
TSB ID: ASI-44354

Ford/lincoln: an accumulation of oil, in left hand valve cover baffle, migrating through fresh air intake of positive crankcase ventilation (pcv) system, may have engine oil in intake air system components. model 2011-2013 edge, explorer
03/19/14 NHTSA ID: 10054975
TSB ID: ASI-44315

Ford: due to fuel vapor line not being connected properly (fully seated) to underside of fuel deliver module (fdm), which leads to carbon canister saturated with liquid fuel and a fuel odor, slow fill, or hesitation or stumble, occurs whil
03/18/14 NHTSA ID: 10054966
TSB ID: ASI-44211

Ford/lincoln: on some vehicles, there is a situation regarding the fuel gauge with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) b2879 or p1243 and workshop manual has been updated to include the dtcs. model 2011-2014 flex, mkt.
10/22/13 NHTSA ID: 10053358
TSB ID: ASI-32211

Ford: on some vehicles, the intake air system components may have engine oil accumulation, in left hand valve cover baffle migrating through fresh air intake of positive crankcase ventilation (pcv) system. models 2011-2013 edge, explore
08/01/17 Transmission and Drivetrain NHTSA ID: 10109070
TSB ID: SSM 46085

The powertrain control/emissions diagnosis (pc/ed) manual has been revised for diagnosing electronic throttle bodies (etbs). the etc_act and etc_dsd pids should not used to diagnose possible etb concerns. the ids has a limited refresh rate
10/21/15 Transmission and Drivetrain NHTSA ID: 10058616
TSB ID: SB45277

Ford: transmission fluid leak from converter housing area on police utility equipped with 6f50/6f55 transmission
10/25/13 Transmission and Drivetrain NHTSA ID: 10053427
TSB ID: ASI-32271

Lincoln/ford: on certain vehicles, the diagnostic trouble codes (dtcs) p0741 and p1744 malfunction indication lamp (mil) will illuminate without any other symptoms present and may be caused by torn inner torque converter seal. model 2013
10/24/13 Transmission and Drivetrain NHTSA ID: 10053412
TSB ID: ASI-32238

Ford/lincoln: some vehicles may experience, a slippage during shifting or possible clutch damage might have hydraulic fluid leak in valve body. models 2013 edge, mkx, flex, taurus, mkt, mks, mkz.
01/29/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10127405
TSB ID: SSM 46900

Some vehicles may exhibit a no start condition with an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (mil) and a dtc p161a after pcm replacement. this may be due to the parameter reset procedure not being properly completed. to clear this dtc, use
02/06/17 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10090671
TSB ID: SSM 46129

Some 2013-2016 fusion/escape/mkt/flex/mks/taurus, 2015-2016 mkz/mkc/edge and 2016 mkx vehicles may exhibit various radio concerns including: speaker static with key-off, no audio after vehicle is first started with diagnostic trouble code (
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08/29/16 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10078988
TSB ID: SSM-45815

Air conditioning (a/c) inoperative - diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0645
08/29/16 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10078990
TSB ID: SSM-45821

Siri eyes free functional issues using bluetooth and apple ios 9.2 and 9.2.1
08/14/15 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10058210
TSB ID: 44979

Ford flex 2013 and 2013-2015 taurus: bulletin information involving the electronic manual temperature control & climate control setting inaccurate. *lj
07/31/15 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10058110
TSB ID: TSB-14-0175

Ford/lincoln: the ambient lighting on lincoln (mylincoln touch) vehicles will default to white and on ford (myford touch) vehicles will default to ice blue after the ignition switch cycle.
07/01/15 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10057834
TSB ID: 44863

Ford: no service action is recommended for this condition. please use at your discretion. various 2010-2015 vehicles may experience a turbulence noise, similar to an helicopter noise, at highway speeds when the rear door window(s) or sunroo
07/01/15 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10057831
TSB ID: 44856

Ford: certain 2013-2015 ford fusion and taurus, 2011-2015 ford explorer, 2013-2014 ford edge and flex, 2013-2015 lincoln mks, mkx, and 2013-2014 lincoln mkt vehicles may experience problems with the cruise control speed that doesn't match t
02/03/15 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10056702
TSB ID: TSB-14-0154

Lincoln/ford: when all doors, on some vehicles, are closed, lamp illuminates door is ajar. model 2011-13 edge, explorer, flex, mkx, mkt.
09/24/14 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10056170
TSB ID: ASI-44531

Lincoln/ford: on some vehicles and trucks, there is a popping, squealing, binding or grinding noise come from power seats when moving backwards or forward. model 2009-2015 f-150, taurus, flex, mkt, mks, f-super duty, explorer.
05/07/14 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10055312
TSB ID: ASI-44451

Ford: some model vehicles manual for powertrain control/emission diagnostic (pc/ed) has been updated regarding improved cooling fan circuit due to a lack of air conditioning, a malfunctioning indicator lamp (mil) and overheating.
03/12/14 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10054930
TSB ID: TSB-14-0011

Ford/lincoln: when all doors are closed, the door ajar lamp will illuminate. model 2011-2013 edge, explorer, flex, mkx, mkt.
10/28/13 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10053457
TSB ID: ASI-32275

Ford: on some vehicles, with mytouch, my experience displayed time jumping or audio popping during initial ignition on cycle, or slow navigation calculations, due to amount of data, within size of contact list, creating processing problem
04/09/13 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10051743

Ford: see document search button for owner letter. a software upgrade is available for certain vehicles. models 2012-2013 edge, explorer, mkx, focus, escape, flex, fusion, taurus, mks, mkt, f-150. updated 5/10/13.
08/25/17 Other NHTSA ID: 10115953
TSB ID: SSM 46703

Some 2013-2017 edge/mkx/escape/mkc/fusion/mkz/flex/mkt/mondeo/kuga/ecosport awd vehicles where diagnosis leads to a rdu clutch issue, a rear drive unit (rdu) service kit is available. use the vehicle identification number (vin) in the parts
08/01/17 Other NHTSA ID: 10109012
TSB ID: SSM 46522

2013-2017 edge/mkx/flex/mkt/mkz/mks/taurus/taurus police/explorer/explorer police/continental vehicles equipped with a 3.5l or 3.7l engine, all wheel drive (awd) and a power transfer unit (ptu) that is being repaired or replaced for an inte
08/01/17 Other NHTSA ID: 10109079
TSB ID: SSM 46102

Some vehicles may have a concern where the safety belt retractor webbing does not extract from the stowed position or exhibits excessive pressure on the occupant during use. this may be due to a normal condition which happens when the seatb
03/20/17 Other NHTSA ID: 10095858
TSB ID: SSM 46412

Some 2007-2016 edge/mkx/flex/mkt/mkz/mks/taurus/taurus police/explorer/explorer police equipped with all wheel drive (awd) and built on or before 30-jun-2016 may exhibit a ticking and/or knocking noise coming from the driveline area. to ide
03/15/17 Other NHTSA ID: 10095184
TSB ID: SSM 46332

Replacing the original equipment sync/navigation system with either an aftermarket sync/navigation kit or modifying original sync/navigation parts to provide additional features is not recommended nor supported on any ford, mercury or linco
08/20/15 Other NHTSA ID: 10058249
TSB ID: 15-0119

Ford 2013-2014 flex: bulletin information regarding some vehicles experiencing poor audio reception with a whistling noise. *lj
03/17/15 Other NHTSA ID: 10056927
TSB ID: TSB-14-0133

Ford: when driving highway speeds, there would be a whistle or wind noise from left and/or right a pillar. model 2013-14 flex.
02/20/15 Other NHTSA ID: 10056789
TSB ID: ASI-44678

Ford: an intrusion of water, from moveable moonroof, due to an overflow of trough rails when drain system has over capacitized. model 2011-14 flex.
10/24/14 Other NHTSA ID: 10056292
TSB ID: TSB-14-0083

Lincoln/ford: when all the doors are closed, the lamp for door ajar, is illuminated. model 2011-2013 edge, flex, explorer, mkx, mkt.
03/18/14 Other NHTSA ID: 10054972
TSB ID: ASI-44249

Ford: when attempting to access factory keyless entry key code, using ids tool, would receive an error message due to production software change in body control module. model 2013 f-150, edge, mkx, 2014 f-super duty, taurus, mks, flex, mk
10/30/13 Other NHTSA ID: 10053471
TSB ID: TSB-13-6-17

Ford:lincoln: on some vehicles, there are various related concerns about the sync features, such as sync features inoperative, lack of or slow response to phone and voice button operation. models 2012-2013 focus, e-series, edge, expeditio
10/25/13 Other NHTSA ID: 10053422
TSB ID: ASI-32251

Ford/lincoln: on certain vehicles, the intelligent access or push button start may have an intermittent ikt, similar symptoms as discharged ikt battery. models 2012-2013 f-150, f super duty, expedition, navigator, flex, edge, explorer, ta
10/24/13 Other NHTSA ID: 10053408
TSB ID: AS1-32241

Ford: on various vehicles with my touch,after any apim programming, replacement or disconnect from front display interface module (fdim), touchscreen calibration must be performed. model years 2011-2013. no models listed.
09/16/13 Other NHTSA ID: 10052787
TSB ID: TSB-13-5-14

Ford/lincoln: on some vehicles, when accelerating from stop or shifting between drive/reverse and/or reverse/drive, a noise is heard like pop, ting, click, coming from front wheel area. models 2011-2013 taurus, explorer, flex, mks, mkt.
05/10/13 Other NHTSA ID: 10052069

Ford/lincoln: see document search button for owner letter. information regarding extended warranty for covering accessory protocol interface module regardless of mileage. models 2011-2013 edge, explorer, mkx, focus, escape, flex, fusion

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Ford Flex TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins)

Some things are often misunderstood about recalls and technical service bulletins (TSBs). Plus a disclaimer.

  1. Recalls do not have to be issued only because something is prone to failure. NHTSA (a government agency) can only require a recall if a failure will affect safety, emissions, fuel economy, or compliance with some other regulation or law. Manufacturers can voluntarily recall cars for problems that do not affect these, though.
  2. Recalls often apply to only some cars of a specific model year, rather than all of them. You should receive a letter from the manufacturer if your car has been recalled. You can also check with the dealer, which will know which (if any) recalls pertain to your car.
  3. The primary purpose of TSBs is to inform dealers about known problems with a car and how to fix them. They are not the same as recalls. As with recalls, TSBs often only apply to some cars, not the entire model year.
  4. Dealers often will not provide a preventive repair just because a problem described in a TSB might happen to your car. They'll usually want to observe symptoms that the problem is already affecting your car.
  5. Even if there are symptoms, a manufacturer doesn't have to pick up the cost of a TSB repair if the car is out of warranty, though sometimes they do.

We provide the text of recalls and TSBs as provided by NHTSA. There can be errors in the text. If you sign up for notifications in My Garage, we will try to get these to do, but for various reasons (some beyond our control) cannot guarantee you will receive them. When in doubt about a recall or TSB, contact the dealer.