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2015 Ford Fusion Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid, 5,000 miles per month. by Roccaas



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Solid car, excellent gas mileage, cramped trunk (batteries), drives like any other midsize.

Reviewed: 2015 Ford Fusion

4dr Sedan 141-horsepower 2.0L I4 Hybrid CVT FWD

Why the 2015 Ford Fusion?

Fuel economy

42.3 mpg since new. 85% highway, 10% suburban, 5% city. A/C always on, careful but not "multimiler" driving.

Driving position & visibility

Much more roomy driver's seat than 2013 Taurus that it replaced. 6'3" and roll the seat all the way back.

Cargo capacity

Less than adequate trunk room due to batteries under the rear deck. Often have to use the rear seat for luggage.


Quiet on the highway, the drone of the generator at low speed on suburban streets can become tiresome. There is some wind noise, however, I added vents over the windows. Also, there is a high pitched, soft "whirr" at highway speeds, almost like a ringing in the ears. I can't identify the source, it isn't wind noise, more like a small electric motor somewhere far off.

Controls and instruments

Very busy selectable panels on either side of the speedometer for "economy leaves" and battery/engine/generator split power. I turned them all off as they become distracting while driving. Just drive the car, it will save you money over a Fusion non-hybrid.

Why Not the 2015 Ford Fusion?

Interior styling

Like many other reviewers of the Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, I'm also having trouble with the width of the "A" pillar on the driver's side. It is very wide, and with the window vent that I installed, a left turn requires some neck stretching to see what's ahead on the left. Volvo long ago touted that their "A" pillars were narrower than the width between the average driver's eyes. Their pillars were deeper on a line from the windshield to your eyes, and could then be made "thinner". Ford could use a lesson here.


An additional factor to consider on the Hybrid is that there is no spare tire, just a can of "fix a flat" and a compressor. If you puncture the tire or sidewall, you'll need a tow to the shop. Not so good in the middle of the night far from home.


A nice car, well built, quiet, capable, roomy interior for its size. Good at everything, not outstanding or exceptional at anything.

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