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2015 Ford Mustang Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2015 Mustang EcoBoost (Turbocharger) by SDCALSPCL



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I purchased this Mustang in Dec 2014. It was an early build, Oct 14, of the new 2015 Mustang EcoBoost I-4 with the six speed paddle shift transmission, and independent rear suspension. The engine is listed as 310 hp with 320 lb ft of torque.

All of my previous Mustangs have been V-8's with a manual, but with traffic the way it is today, I opted for the I-4, and have not been disappointed. Although an early build, the car is flawless, with no squeeks or rattles. The paint is orange peel free. The body work, panel gaps, are also very good to excellent. The interior is another world above all previous Mustangs, in materials used and panel fitment.It is very stable at highway speeds and in heavy cross winds which are the norm out here, with 18" wheels and Goodyear F1 tires.

My mpg has been averaging 28.9, with 95% interstate driving at 80 mph (legal in South Dakota). On a trip to Minneapolis in March, I saw 29-32 mpg, for the 1600 mile round trip. It cuises quietly, with little wind noise or tire noise. And, the optional Shaker Pro sound system is wonderful, when playing my music, from the memory stick I keep in the USB. The NAV system works as it should as does the automatic climate control with heated and cooled seats, which are very comfortable. My iPhone pairs with the car every time and I have had no lost calls. The Voice Activated SYNC system will control everything you want to do and I use it for climate control, entertainment, NAV and the phone, with no problems. I do miss the heated steering wheel from my 2013 SHO when it is -10!

All in all I am very satisfied with this car. I have had one oil change, and replaced the factory fill oil with a full synthetic instead of the blend, and I do use Premium gas. I purchased the Ford Extended Warranty for 7 years/70,000 miles, so this one will be a keeper.

Reviewed: 2015 Ford Mustang

2dr Coupe turbocharged 310hp 2.3L I4 6-speed shiftable automatic RWD

2015 Ford Mustang Love Letter

This newly designed Mustang has styling elemenst that leave no doubt in your mond it is a Mustang, but, it also looks new. It is very sleek and fake scoop free. Leave off the rear wing and it is a beautiful car, something you don't see much of these days.


If you are lookiung for the "boy/girl racer" then you need the V8, which will not disappoint with the power and sound. However, if you are looking for a mountain driver and highway cruiser, then the I-4 is for you. I use the paddle shifters in the Black Hills twisties, in Sport Mode, with the steering Sport mode and it becomes another car...truly fun to drive.

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