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2005 Ford Mustang Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by jankowski



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Reviewed: 2005 Ford Mustang

2dr Convertible 300-horsepower 4.6L V8 5-speed automatic RWD

Why the 2005 Ford Mustang?

Exterior styling

Retro but not old. Recognizable as a classic mustang design but up to date.

Powertrain performance

Smooth and responsive. The satisfacton I get driving this car is well beyound what I ever expected. After 2 years, each time I drive it is like the first time.

Fuel economy

If you drive it responsably, I easily get 22 mpg around town. At 65 mph I get 28 on the highway.


Crisp and responsive handling. Comfortable ride


So far, the depreciation on the 05 GT has been minimal.

Why Not the 2005 Ford Mustang?

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