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2004 Ford Ranger Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by btm244



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Reviewed: 2004 Ford Ranger

2dr Extended Cab 6ft bed 207-horsepower 4.0L V6 5-speed automatic 4WD, part-time w/low range

Why the 2004 Ford Ranger?

Exterior styling

I like the way the Ranger exterior has fairly clean body lines and you can do a decent amount of modifying without it looking odd.

Past personal experience

I owned a 1993 Ranger XLT as my First Truck. I Loved the truck and when that truck was totaled I Decided to purchase a newer Ranger because my old one was good to Me

Reliability & durability

My Ranger does not Leave me stranded often. I dont have to worry about turning the key and not starting, as for Durability they will take alot of abuse.

Cargo capacity

It is enough for me the bed holds less than a full size truck however most people dont Need the room of a full size making the Rangers Bed a perfect bed size. I dont do much towing, but it could handle trailer no problem.

Brand reputation & image

I have always loved Ford, I grew up around Ford and they were always very reliable, great styling, and I believe that Ford makes the Best vehicle for the average person

Why Not the 2004 Ford Ranger?


The Ranger could use some sound deadening material with the windows up with No Radio or HVAC on you can hear Alot of road noise

Ride smoothness

I understand it is a truck however it is kind of a bumpy ride

Fuel economy

I average anywhere between 16 and 19 mpg, I believe that Ford could achieve alot better fuel economy out of a truck the size of a Ranger that doesnt even have a V8

Powertrain performance

The motor that I have in mine is nice however, I would like to have more Power, Maybe a V8 or maybe Fords newest 6 cylinder engine that would add about 100 hp to the ranger would be nice

Rear seat room & comfort

The jump seats in a Ranger are not very practical for long trips what so ever, not much room other than for storage, and they are not comfortable. I think that a Full 4 door model of the Ranger would be great, maybe a redesign will incorporate a backseat

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