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2007 Ford Taurus Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by Ted44



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Reviewed: 2007 Ford Taurus

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Why the 2007 Ford Taurus?

Past personal experience

Favorite feature: Cheap to buy used--last model year of the "old" Taurus. When everything is working ok for a month or two, it is a very usable auto. Reasonable power and fuel economy. A/C works well. Don't pay much for it because you will need a savings account to keep it running.

Reliability & durability

I am a retired auto mechanic and have tried to keep this 2007 Taurus running over the last 4 years for my daughter. This is the last year of the old Taurus, thank the Lord. Now 90,000 miles. NOTE: The current (2008 and up) Taurus is a much better and more reliable auto. I own a 2005 Ford Five Hundred, a transitional model very similar to the new Taurus, which has been a very good auto over the 5 years I have owned it. The 2007 Taurus: 90,000 miles currently. Repairs beyond normal, brakes, etc. At 60,000 miles, squealing which was misdiagnosed by a repair shop as a belt tensioner which they replaced. Not fixed. I looked at it and fixed itby replacing the camshaft synchronizer-very common problem. Would have cost about $350 at a shop. 68,000 miles. Misfire and barely ran. Caused by faulty coil pack and high resistence spark plug wires. Would have cost about $400 at a shop. 75,000 miles. Exhaust pipe with catalystsuddenly broke off at front of car and jammed into roadway because safety strap to keep broken exhaust off roadway had been eliminated in design. Local shop wanted $1300 to replace exhaust. Fixed with flex joint replacement for $100. Common problem according to Google search. 90,000 miles. Automatic transmission failed suddenly. No movement. 3500 tofix around here. I currently am overhauling this automatic (4th generation transmissionstill unreliable). Problem wasrubbervent becoming brittle andblocked and holding moist air inside until several ounces of water rusted critical components. Least reliable automatic in the industryall through Taurus history since 1991.Also found heater pipes mounted on engine side of firewall badly rusted from outside and starting to leak. Replaced--another common problem. So, if someone offers you one of these gems FREE, or just about ANY Taurus prior to 2008, check it out very thoroughly before you accept it.

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Response from Member5176

11:08 pm May 5, 2019

They didn't have a Taurus in 2007; they had a "500" in 2005-2007, then an updated version of that was called a Taurus in 2008-2009, with largely the same body.

Would you clear that up? Were you speaking of a Ford 500?



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Response from Member5539

2:43 pm November 21, 2021

Wrong, 2007 Taurus were all fleet cars. I bought mine from a car rental company. Check Wikipedia.


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