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2015 Honda Civic Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Underappreciated Sport Coupe

Exciting to drive by JayMack



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I'd love to buy the new Camaro, but I'm afraid to let this SI go.

Reviewed: 2015 Honda Civic

2dr Coupe 205-horsepower 2.4L I4 6-speed manual FWD

2015 Honda Civic Love Letter

I only like two-doors. Keep your GTI, ST or sedan. I'm not the one who has to get into the bak seat. Someone else is and they'll be fine.

Honda gotr the looks right on the SI in the final year. Although I also had and liked the 2008 coupe. But this one actually looks the part without being gaudy.

THe interior is upscale without having to pay for an EX-L. Nice and supportive seats. The center-stack inclines toward the driver, like ist should. Personally, I love the two-tiered speedo/tach. Others, like Michael, don't. But they're mistaken. It's great.

The 2.4 cought criticism for loosing some red line. But now it gets torque low down and it is better around town. It may not have the absolute 1/4 mile numbers that the Mazdaspeed3 or GTI have, but they have too many doors and in real driving this does all the same or better. It scoots, no lag, right now. Point and shoot. Great performance. I can do anything with this one.

I use 91 octane. It's okay but I'd rather not have to pay for premium gas. Handeling is fine for a front wheel car. RWD is better.

The tires that came with it new wouold not balance properly. They were Conti pro-tracs. THe dealer replaced them with the comparable Michelin product and the problem went away. Much better.

THe dhook up Bluetooth with my Android Galazy SIII mini is very fiddly. But the Bluetooth and sound system are quite good. Best sound system.

I got this with a rebate. Total came to $20,800 plus T, T, L and doc fee. Great deal.


The beauty of this car is that you get so much without having to order or pay for extras. You get a real good power sunroof, standard. Nice interior and seats, standard. zippy, smooth Honda 2.4 engine w/205 hp! and slick shifter, standard. Top quality sound. Standard. Many other features standard. Lower cost MSRP.

I'm not sure why some think the latest SI - there isn't going to be one for 2016 - isn't the number 1 in it's class. I think it is. And you don't have to take all those extra doors.

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Response from Impressed

9:31 pm March 29, 2016

I appreciate the reviewer's enthusiasm for two door fun cars. Contrary to what some marketing departments think about Americans, many child-free single professionals don't want all those extra passenger doors ruining the lines of the car's exterior. And plenty of parents get a four door car or truck to haul kids around and a fun two door for commuting at reasonable mpg. Thanks to True Delta for making a See All Coupe Reviews link here, as well.


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