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2005 Honda Civic Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by ktheobald



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Reviewed: 2005 Honda Civic

4dr Sedan 115-horsepower 1.7L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2005 Honda Civic?

Reliability & durability

Quickly coming to 80,000 miles and still no issues. I just do the oil changes at every 5k and major tune-ups. This car is rarely at the shop.

Front seat support & comfort

I have driven for as long as 12 hours in one sitting behind the wheel (only getting out for gas) and it felt fine. It is a firmer seat then some luxury cars, but for the economy level cars, it is a great seat.

Fuel economy

I have gotten as high as 35 MPG, but 27-30 is the normal range.

Brand reputation & image

Honda is known for vehicles that go and go. Every now and then I meet someone who had issues with a Honda, but the vast majority love their Hondas.

Past personal experience

I owned a 98 Civic that served me well, so it has been no surprise how well my 2005 Civic is doing.

Why Not the 2005 Honda Civic?


When you jump on the gas or on the highway engine noise can be kind of loud. It is not awful, but could be better. For the class, only the Corolla for 2005 seemed have less engine noise.

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