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2016 Honda Civic Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by pstakem



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Reviewed: 2016 Honda Civic

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Why the 2016 Honda Civic?

Controls and instruments

Generally positive, but I have bad feeling about the "Honda Sensing" system. Collision Mitigation will automatically apply the brakes. Road Departure Mitigation will "provide steering and braking assistance" Lane keeping assist will "subtly adjust steering" Based on the Toyota "sudden acceleration" issue, how do I know if the guy who coded these functions did it right? Toyota didn't have a clue, because they contracted this out, and didn't review it. I don't mind getting alerts, but I wonder if the car makes the wrong decision, based on its limited information, lack of global view, and programming, and takes over, incorrectly According to a review on this site, in at least one case, the system made a wrong decision. I teach the people who implement these functions, and I am concerned. The topic is, "killed by your own safety system."

Safety & braking

Why Not the 2016 Honda Civic?

Controls and instruments

When the left mirror detects a cat in the blind spot, it put it up on the interior screen. Then, you have to take your eyes off the road, and look at the screen. I would much prefer a warning beep, that tells me something is up, and I should look at the screen when I think it is sfe to do so.

Other Features of the 2016 Honda Civic

Front seat support & comfort

only the near-top end model has heated seats and power adjustable seats, and there is no option for memory settings, which is a big deal for multiple drivers of one vehicle.

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