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Jeep Cherokee MPG


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Model Year Body/Powertrain MPG  
2000 2000 4dr SUV 190-hp 4.0L I6 4-sp automatic 4WD, part-time w/low range 16
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With the twincharged 160hp 1.4L I4 engine, 6-speed manual transmission, and front-wheel drive, the 2000 Jeep Cherokee has been averaging 16 MPG (miles per gallon).

The 2000 Jeep Cherokees in this analysis were driven mostly on the highway at an average speed of 65 miles per hour (about 45 percent of the miles driven). The rest of the miles were in the city (27.5 percent), in heavy traffic (17.5 percent), and in the suburbs (0 percent).

In addition, the average 2000 Jeep Cherokee in this analysis was driven on flat terrain with a medium foot and the AC on only some of the time.
2000 2000 4dr SUV 190-hp 4.0L I6 4-sp automatic RWD 16
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What Our Members Are Saying about the Real Gas Mileage of the Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee Real Gas Mileage: Pros
2014 4dr SUV 271-horsepower 3.2L V6
9-speed shiftable automatic AWD
For being a vehicle that weighs over 4,000 pounds it is hard to complain about the as mileage. I do mostly highway driving or driving on back roads with 45-55 MPH speed limits. When I drive aggressively I get approximately 25-26 MPG. Under my normal driving conditons I have calculated just shy of 30 MPG. This is without the vehicle being entirely broken in yet, so the mileage may even still increase over the next few months. Sport mode will decrease the mileage, as it changes the shift points and holds lower gears longer. More fun at the expense of more gas used. No real suprise there. If you do a lot of city driving and are worried about gas then I do not recommend the Cherokee. With first and second gear being so tall, this thing uses a lot of gas in stop and go driving. Any decent amount of highway driving balances this out though. see full Jeep Cherokee review
Jeep Cherokee Real Gas Mileage: Cons
2017 4dr SUV 184-horsepower 2.4L I4
9-speed shiftable automatic FWD
There are better cars out there if fuel economy is important to you. Cherokee for sure is not top of the class here. see full Jeep Cherokee review
2014 4dr SUV 271-horsepower 3.2L V6
9-speed shiftable automatic AWD w/low range
The 3.2 V6 doesn't boast the best fuel economy for a vehicle that is relatively light and very aerodynamic. see full Jeep Cherokee review

2000 Jeep Cherokee Gas Mileage (MPG)

Unlike other fuel economy surveys, TrueDelta's Real-World Gas Mileage Survey includes questions about how and where a car was driven. So you can get an idea of the Jeep Cherokee's real-world MPG based on how and where you drive a car.

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