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2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee repairs by problem area

Engine (29%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (16%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (10%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (26%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (5%)

Other (11%)

Chart based on 93 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee repair cost distribution

$2500+ (5%)

$1000 - $2499 (15%)

$500 - $999 (17%)

$100 - $499 (29%)

< $100 (34%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 82 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4dr SUV

turbocharged 215hp 3.0L V6 Diesel 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD w/low range

Jeep Grand Cherokee in British Columbia, Canada
Feb 2013 - Jul 2013
Jul 2013

34720 mi

C $600
Wheel bearings 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in British Columbia, Canada
Jul 2012 - Sep 2018
Sep 2014

65100 mi

C $700
Replace six glow plugs and Glow plug controller 
Nov 2017

88040 mi

C $500
water pump bearing failed with loss of coolant. replaced water pump 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Ontario, Canada
May 2013 - Sep 2019
May 2014

60760 mi

C $1000
Requires new solenoid and wiring harness for front differential of 4wd system. 2 months off warranty! 
Jul 2014

61680 mi

C $800
replaced all 6 glow plugs AND the management computer for the glow ignition system 
Dec 2015

76880 mi

C $250
Replaced tpms wheel sensors due to cracked seals - replaced all 4 even though only 2 appeared to be degraded. Tire pressure was dropping regularly due to slow leaking. Kept getting a low tire pressure alert on dash. 
Jan 2016

58360 mi

C $1000
Replaced rear main engine seal due to excessive weeping of oil Replaced rear differential pinion seals - both 
Dec 2016

84320 mi

C $600
Repaired leak on front diff. New gasket required. 
Dec 2017

93000 mi

C $250
Hard starting when cold. Had to replace fuel/water separator filter and sensor. 
Aug 2019

110360 mi

C $2000
Replaced transfer case due to grinding feeling in front wheels on turning. Mechanic said it was the t case. Could have sworn it was the front diff but replaced it anyways. Sold the car? 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in South Africa
Dec 2014 - Jun 2018
Mar 2015

54560 mi

R 500
Window washer nozzle on drivers side broke off and was replaced (broke where the pipe goes into the nozzle underneath the bonnet) 
Nov 2015

62000 mi

R 28000
Getting fault message "Service 4WD System". Diagnosis says clutches in auto transfer box are worn Replaced transfer case Transfer case clutches badly worn; replaced transfer case 
Mar 2016

66960 mi

R 1500
Swirl motor gave in. By-passed the motor. 
Jun 2016

71300 mi

R 500
Left front ABS sensor failed and was replaced 
Jan 2017

84320 mi

R 5000
Front left wheel bearing replaced Replaced both front diff mountings 
Jun 2017

83700 mi

R 25000
Replaced glow plugs and module 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Alberta, Canada
Jul 2017 - Jul 2018
Jan 2018

131440 mi
Power steering supply hose and power steering pump replaced. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Alberta, Canada
Apr 2015 - Jul 2015
Jul 2015

91760 mi

C $530
CEL on: replaced glow plug control module 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Ontario, Canada
Apr 2011 - May 2014
Apr 2011

55180 mi
Replaced intake swirl valve actuator motor 
Jun 2011

59520 mi
right front wheel bearing diagnosed as needing replacement, parts ordered replaced right front wheel bearing 
Jan 2012

66240 mi

C $200
replaced battery 
Oct 2012

78420 mi

C $500
BOTH REAR STABILIZER LINKS WORN OUT - REPLACED  turbo intake hose loose, not installed correctly, probably after swirl valve actuator motor replaced 30000 km ago. hard to install correctly because very little clearance. might also be prone to loosening. also replaced nearly clogged air filter. 
Nov 2012

79220 mi
All the dash warning lights came on, signals did not flash, engine ran normally. disconnected & reconnected negative cable from battery and reset service engine soon with OBD 2 code reader (no codes). seems to be ok now. 
Mar 2013

81840 mi

C $1100
Nov 2013

90900 mi

C $300
replaced #1 glow plug 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Ontario, Canada
Dec 2012 - Jan 2014
Jan 2013

74040 mi

C $2300
Pinion bearing failure in the rear differential 
Feb 2013

65060 mi

C $2200
Gear noise developed in the rear diff within 1 month of the pinion bearings and other bearing being replaced. Entire rear end was changed out with a used rear end. 
Jul 2013

68800 mi

C $800
Replace entire drive shaft 
Dec 2013

75640 mi

C $1800
$650 to rebuild the alternator, $125 for serpentine belt, $400 for some fancy bracket that holds turbo hoses. The rest was labour. I bought a new GMC pickup truck and traded the Jeep. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Ontario, Canada
Sep 2010 - Dec 2014
Jan 2011

24800 mi
intermittent hatch light replace squeaking heater fan motor radio tuning needed updated flash nav system update flash 
Jan 2012

40340 mi
seat repair 
Dec 2013

52700 mi

C $100
Replace leaking tpm valve 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Utah, United States
Sep 2010 - Nov 2016
Mar 2013

33000 mi

US $50
Broken windshield washer nozzle was replaced. Both nozzles were replaced as a precaution. 
Oct 2014

54000 mi

US $110
Various dash lights - engine, throttle sensor, 4WD. Reprogrammed a control module "FDCM" and ordered (but not installed) MAF sensor and hose, air cleaner to turbo. 
Jan 2015

57000 mi

US $1100
Warning lights for brake, ABS, engine, ESP/BAS. "Limp" mode in first gear, no shifting. Speedo out. Replaced ABS controller unit 
Nov 2015

66100 mi

US $1030
Replace transfer case shift motor Replace rear pinion seal 
Jul 2016

71000 mi

US $633
Glow plug module failed 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Illinois, United States
Sep 2010 - Mar 2014
Oct 2011

116000 mi

US $260
recirculation door was broken, stuck closed. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Alberta, Canada
Mar 2011 - Sep 2014
Mar 2012

46500 mi
Rear axle noisy. Replaced under warranty 

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2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4dr SUV

330-horsepower 5.7L V8 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD w/low range

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Idaho, United States
Sep 2010 - Nov 2015
Jan 2015

47700 mi

US $146
Left Rear speed sensor broken. Windshield washer nozzle broke. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Michigan, United States
Jan 2011 - Jul 2018
Oct 2015

87500 mi

US $100
Started motor replaced 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Georgia, United States
Aug 2015 - Jan 2018
Jun 2016

61000 mi

US $200
replace EGR valve 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Ohio, United States
Sep 2009 - Jan 2012
Jun 2009

8000 mi
Power steering pump failed and leaked. Replaced under warranty, no charge. 
Jul 2011

40000 mi

US $90
Sunroof wasn't seating correctly (too low). 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Pennsylvania, United States
Dec 2011 - Dec 2017
Oct 2016

162800 mi

US $400
Replaced starter #2 for this vehicle and short tow. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Texas, United States
Nov 2010 - Sep 2012
May 2012

55500 mi

US $1500
Battery dead after only 2 years AC not cooling correctly 

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2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4dr SUV

305-horsepower 4.7L V8 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD w/low range

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Virginia, United States
May 2016 - Jun 2016
Jun 2016

79000 mi
flaking of clear coat 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Colorado, United States
Nov 2012 - May 2017
Dec 2014

91000 mi

US $80
Water pump failed. 
Mar 2015

95000 mi

US $700
Replaced struts, aligned, balanced tires. 
May 2016

112300 mi
Electrical recall on ignition switch and start circuit. Symptoms included accessories blacking out but engine continued running - super freaky - and the keyless entry would on occasion forget one of the fobs. 
Jan 2017

108500 mi

US $50
Idle air control valve sticking 
Feb 2017

126000 mi

US $10
Developed phantom Chrysler stall as reported by other owners. Diagnosed as stray EMP from coil packs to main loom to PCM. Pulse placed PCM into low oil shutdown momentarily. Fabricated EMP shield for main loom. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Washington, United States
Oct 2014 - Feb 2021
Mar 2016

104000 mi
Mandatory safety recall (software flash) of emergency brake had rendered the 4wd low to become inoperative. There are tons of online complaints about this. Jeep finally came out with an optional flash of their software that fixed it. If facing this google it thoroughly and bring supporting documentation. The dealer acted as if I didn't know what I was talking about and "never heard of it" despite the TSBs I brought. Luckily, the tech actually looked through the docs and performed the flash successfully in about 10 mins. And behold - the 4wd which hadn't worked for a year suddenly worked again. 
Aug 2018

170000 mi

US $400
carrier bearings replaced - loud whirring sound when driving at higher speeds. Was getting louder and happening at only freeway speeds but got worse even at 45+ 
Feb 2021

170000 mi

US $1000
fan belt clutch and attached water pump replaced engine cut off completely - no warning lights or codes. stopped regardless of in motion or not! Had to stop vehicle, put in park, and restart. Would die again soon. Ignition coil out, all (16) spark plugs replaced, and plug wires replaced 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Colorado, United States
- Oct 2009
Jul 2009

29000 mi
Replaced Cruise Control Switch 
Oct 2009

34000 mi
Door Hinges Replaced 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Pennsylvania, United States
Jan 2011 - Mar 2014
Feb 2011

25000 mi

US $250
Faulty wheel bearing replaced on read driver's side outside of warranty. 
Oct 2012

35000 mi

US $900
Not repaired. Sirius radio within factory Nav/CD/MP3 system stopped working. Diagnosed as problem in the head unit which would have to be replaced - quoted at about $900 for a used unit. A new unit would have been over $2000. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in California, United States
Aug 2008 - Dec 2011
Feb 2008

2400 mi
MyGig problems. Navigation stuck on "Navigation being activated" Can't access any songs on hard drive. Can't access any voice commands for bluetooh, radio control, etc. Radio is bad. They ordered a new one. Fixed under warranty. 

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2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4dr SUV

210-horsepower 3.7L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Washington, United States
Nov 2016 - Oct 2018
Aug 2018

86000 mi

US $95
Replaced multi-function switch after lights came on even when they weren't turned on, and couldn't shut them off. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Pennsylvania, United States
Mar 2011 - Jun 2018
Mar 2012

6000 mi

US $350
Passenger side rear window mechanism failed. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Michigan, United States
- Nov 2009
Nov 2009

18000 mi
New O2 Sensors, most likely caused by me spraying the bottom of the car with a hose. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Virginia, United States
May 2013 - Jan 2015
Jan 2015

52000 mi

US $71
Both windshield washer nozzles were broken somehow and had quit working. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Missouri, United States
Jun 2011 - Dec 2017
Jun 2014

38000 mi

US $100
Input Speed Sensor was bad causing vehicle to go into limp mode. Input Speed Sensor was replaced. 
Dec 2017

69000 mi

US $100
The evaporator developed a leak. Had to be replaced. No big deal. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in New York, United States
Nov 2010 - Jun 2015
Jan 2011

69000 mi
All dash lights illuminated. Numerous control and info systems - turn signals, radio, all gauges would not work. Diagnosed as control module failure. Dealer ordered and installed replacement. Vehicle computer reset. Everything working again 
Sep 2013

62000 mi

US $300
Starter replaced. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in New York, United States
Aug 2012 - Sep 2012
Sep 2012

36000 mi
took in several times for a rattle in left wheel area which still occurs. also to go back for radio problems 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in New Jersey, United States
Sep 2012 - Jun 2018
Dec 2012

23000 mi

US $107
I had the starter motor replaced. This will be the second starter motor within a year.I think this is a very bad problem for Jeep. 
Aug 2014

32000 mi

US $199
The 2008 Jeep can not keep the car running. This is my (3rd) Starter? I had to put in it. But there's is no recall on the jeep? The jeep people told me some jeeps have problems off the line. This will be the last time I will buy a jeep. 
Apr 2015

38200 mi
Sep 2015

40000 mi
Recall P57 Key start up S/W. 
Jun 2017

46000 mi

US $368
The top of the muffler was coming off. It look to me it rusted out. The tail pipe was ok. But we replace both. 
Jun 2018

48000 mi

US $450
Do not buy a 2008 Jeep. 48,000 miles and (3) new starters put in. 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in New York, United States
Mar 2013 - Apr 2013
Apr 2013

69000 mi
water pump was replaced 
Jeep Grand Cherokee in Connecticut, United States
Nov 2013 - Jan 2014
Nov 2013

71000 mi

US $250
Infrared ignition relay failed. Had to replace entire module. HVAC blower motor failed. Water pump failed. Battery needed replacement after five years (normal wear and tear item). 
Jan 2014

72000 mi

US $1
Plastic trim on side of drivers seat snapped. 

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