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Lexus ES vs. Lexus LS Specs

How powerful is the engine? How much room is in the back seat? Get the 2020 Lexus ES and 2020 Lexus LS specs.

Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.

2020 Lexus ES and 2020 Lexus LS Specifications

Model Year 2020 2020  
Model Lexus ES Lexus LS  
Body 4dr Sedan 4dr Sedan, ext.  
Wheelbase 113.0 in 123.0 in -10 in
Length 195.9 in 206.1 in -10.2 in
Width 73.4 in 74.8 in -1.4 in
Height 56.9 in 57.5 in -0.6 in
Curb Weight 3649 lb. 4707 lb. -1058 lb.
Fuel Capacity 15.9 gal. 21.7 gal. -5.8 gal.
Headroom, Row 1 37.5 in 37.3 in 0.2 in
Shoulder Room, Row 1 55.9 in 58.8 in -2.9 in
Hip Room, Row 1 55.0 in 55.5 in -0.5 in
Legroom, Row 1 42.4 in 41.0 in 1.4 in
Headroom, Row 2 37.8 in 37.3 in 0.5 in
Shoulder Room, Row 2 54.3 in 56.4 in -2.1 in
Hip Room, Row 2 54.3 in 55.1 in -0.8 in
Legroom, Row 2 39.2 in 38.9 in 0.3 in
Total Legroom 81.6 in (over 2 rows) 79.9 in (over 2 rows) 1.7 in
Cargo Volume 16.7 ft3 17.0 ft3 -0.3 ft3

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TrueDelta Reviews the Seat Room and Comfort of the 2020 Lexus ES

2020 Lexus ES Seat Room and Comfort: Pros
2019 From 2014 on Mazdas have had their front wheels located farther from the passenger compartment than the typical front-wheel-drive car. This opens up space for larger exhaust manifolds behind the engine, for improved performance and efficiency. It also gives the cars more attractive, rear-wheel-drive-like proportions. But it has a price: reduced rear legroom. The Lexus ES provides rear seat passengers with much more room to stretch their legs. Sitting in the rear seat, I can barely reach the front seatback with an outstretched arm. While the first few generations of the Lexus ES were related to the Toyota Camry, the 2013 and 2019 are related to the larger Toyota Avalon. This said, I should also note that the rear seat cushion is the Lexus is mounted somehwat low to the floor, so rear seat passengers also have more need to stretch out if they desire under-thigh support. The new Lexus ES is the sleekest and sportiest to date, and sporty rear roof line's also have a price. see full Lexus ES review

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TrueDelta Reviews the Seat Room and Comfort of the 2020 Lexus LS

2020 Lexus LS Seat Room and Comfort: Pros
2019 The original Lexus LS showed the world how quiet and smooth-riding a luxury sedan could be. As long as you avoid the F Sport variant, the fifth-generation LS remains among the quietest, smoothest-riding cars you can buy. But the far less expensive ES is nearly as smooth and as quiet; as are many other current sedans, including some from Hyundai and Kia. So what sets the latest Lexus LS apart and justifies its lofty price? Perhaps most of all, its seats. I imagine even the 16-way adjustable heated-and-ventilated front seats in an unoptioned $76,475 LS (add $3,220 for AWD and/or $4,510 for the hybrid) are quite comfortable on long drives and properly supportive if the road gets twisty. But it's hard to imagine anyone getting this car and not opting for at least the Interior Upgrade Package, which with additional options it requires bumps the bottom line to $82,615. This package upgrades the upholstery to quilted, soft semi-aniline leather, upgrades the headliner to synthetic suede, adds heat to the rear seat, and increases the number of driver-seat adjustments to 28. Perhaps most importantly, this package adds a highly customizable shiatsu-like massage feature to the driver seat that's capable of providing the most vigorous rubdown I've ever experienced at 70 mph. My sister judged it "better than the chairs at the salon." But supreme comfort on long drives need not be restricted to the driver. Opt for the Luxury Package, which bumps the price of a rear-drive LS 500 (no h) to $93,475, and the front passenger gets the same 28-way massage seat as the driver, while the rear passengers get heated-and-ventilated 18-way adjustable seats and their own climate controls. Desire massage for the rear seat passengers? Then add another $8,000 for the Executive Package, which also includes a recliner with legrest for the right rear spot and "butterfly" headrests for all four outboard seats. As much as the LS isn't personally my sort of car, there's something to be said for cruising mile after mile while the driver and three passengers receive thorough massages from exceptionally comfortable climate-controlled seats. My elderly parents, with many aches and pains between them, loved these seats. Weaknesses? Even though the new LS is offered in only one length, and is longer than the extended wheelbase version of the previous LS, it does not offer as much rear legroom as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7 Series. The fancy executive recliner can only be used if no one is in the front passenger seat, as the latter must be compacted against the instrument panel. Blame the new car's racier "coupe-like" styling and proportions. (The new LS shares its underpinnings with the LC coupe.) see full Lexus LS review

What Our Members Are Saying about the Seat Room and Comfort of the 2020 Lexus LS

None of our members have yet commented on the seat room and comfort of the 2020 Lexus LS.

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