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Scion xB repairs by problem area

Engine (41%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (5%)

Brakes and Traction Control (6%)

Suspension and Steering (10%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (18%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (10%)

Other (10%)

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Chart based on 428 repairs.
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Scion xB electrical repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (3%)

$500 - $999 (15%)

$100 - $499 (26%)

< $100 (56%)

Chart based on 73 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2011 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

158-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed manual FWD

4000.0 mi None, have not taken it in. Having intermittent issues with xB not starting/turning over. Dealership will not do anything until they can be shown problem. Usually turn key off, wait 30 secs and try again. 

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2009 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

158-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed manual FWD

35000 mi A/C fresh/recirc switch didn't seem to be working. They were not able to duplicate the issue, so it was not repaired.  
53000 mi Recirc switch was still intermittent when I sold the car. It turned on and off, but it did not always actually change the airflow, if that makes sense. 
5000 mi Driver side rear window didn't operate. Power plug-in found to be loose. 

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2009 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

158-horsepower 2.4L I4 4-speed shiftable automatic FWD

110000 mi

US $120
Replaced battery 
68000 mi

US $210
Factory battery needed replacement due to wear. Replaced with Toyota TrueStart battery. 
6000 mi wiring harness replaced something related to the first problem 

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2008 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

158-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed manual FWD

40000 mi Heated seats installed at delivery by independent shop. Shop found a loose ground wire and repaired under warranty. 
24000 mi Dealer thought that the dash light dimmer switch was broken. Ordered part and gave me a loaner. Turns out they were just fuses. Fuses replaced and car is fine. 
57000 mi

US $165
Battery wouldn't hold a charge, so it was replaced. I managed to roll start it backing out of our driveway. 
45000.0 mi Aux input for audio system failed Aux input for audio system failed 
100500 mi

US $276
TPSS light has been on. Sensor in one tire fell apart (or possibly was broke by the previous garage that changed tires) Sensor was replaced and system was recalibrated. 
1000 mi Problems with loss of signal with Satellite radio. Strange burning brake smell when car is in Reverse as well as idling in traffic. Happens when heater is on in the car. 

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2008 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

158-horsepower 2.4L I4 4-speed shiftable automatic FWD

38000 mi

US $250
AC hose to compressor shifted to right and hit pulley causing wear to hose and finally a leak. This car was never hit so my mechanic is at a loss for a causal explanation. 
76500 mi

US $300
Replace Alternator 
136000 mi

US $80
Recharged the AC system for fist time since new. A/C was struggling little bit when idling and when it was very hot outside. 
20000 mi Plugged evaporator drain hose 
24000 mi air conditioning repeatedly lost cooling gas.  
105000 mi

US $86
Original battery died and was replaced 

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2006.5 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

103-horsepower 1.5L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

61000 mi

US $253
Alternator Bearing went out - shop installed new alternator. 

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2006 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

103-horsepower 1.5L I4 5-speed manual FWD

169700 mi

US $300
The original starter failed. New starter was put in. 
94000 mi

US $1000
replaced broken compressor, then re-charged system 
152500 mi

US $700
Junction/fuse box short took out the rear tail lights and interior dash lights. Fees include $200 for diagnosis (2+ hours at $99 per hour to diagnose) and $500 to replace the junction box 
173700 mi

US $350
suction hose for a/c replaced due to leakage 
177000 mi

US $1400
a/c compressor failure at 177,400 miles 
78200 mi

US $80
Replace Blower Resistor for Heater/AC Fan 
139800 mi

US $60
Rear hatch switch failure 
27000 mi Radio stations advance/tune when not being touched. Happens mostly while car is warming up (either at standstill or whiel moving). Dealer could not duplicate because car had been driven and warmed. 
28500.0 mi Did research of TSBs for Scion and found issue relating to radio changing stations by itself. Brought to dealer who ordered new radio and replaced. Problem resolved 
64000 mi Bad horn relay. 
85000 mi Door-open switch lost its ground, so the tone for lights on, keys in car and door is open did not work. Drained battery twice. 
87800 mi AC clutch went out. 
140000 mi AC never fixed. I live in MN. 
2000.0 mi Radio replaced under warranty - would change stations by itself. 

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2006 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

103-horsepower 1.5L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

84000 mi All 4 door actuators replaced under extended warranty. 
99000 mi

US $110
Air conditioning failed again, there's a slow leak somewhere. 
58000 mi

US $600
Main control for Windows and door locks quit working. Replaced. 
163000 mi

US $800
Ac evaporation system leak replaced ac evaporation 
204300 mi

US $700
Replaced alternator 
206800 mi The drain vents of the ac were clogged and needed to be flushed clean. The ac place was unable to do it with a simple blast of compressed air so they had to open up system they discovered evaperator was bad too 
229500 mi

US $546
Replaced starter which had shorted out and battery terminal 

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2005 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

108-horsepower 1.5L I4 5-speed manual FWD

153000 mi

US $395
Replaced AC compressor, dryer desiccant packet, and recharged with R134a freon. 
157000 mi

US $685
Once again in a little over a year the AC evaporator was leaking freon. Oak leaves will etch holes on the aluminum causing the freon to leak out. 
168000 mi

US $21
Both reverse lamps not coming ON when backing up. Found reverse switch mounted on manual transmission was open. Replaced switch myself. 
171000.0 mi

US $850
Airbag warning light constantly on, also a noise when the steering wheel was turned. The spiral cable clock spring assembly located below the steering wheel had a completely broken off ribbon cable. I replaced the spiral cable clock spring myself. This replacement also required the use of a steering wheel puller. Toyota wanted over $235.00 for this piece of plastic part. Found it on eBay brand new shipped for $13.00. I also had to buy a wheel puller from Harbor Freight for $14.00 to pull steering wheel out. 
77000 mi Left rear door lock actuator intermittent, would mostly unlock and not lock. Opened door panel and disconnected actuator, replacement about $100 or so, decided to live with it, so now I have a manual lock without having to worry. 
90400 mi Car started cranking "slow." Checked battery cells, one bad one. Grabbed my receipt from Autozone, they checked the battery, agreed with the bad cell & replaced under warranty. N/C 
92000 mi

US $12
Had visiting relatives, decided the back lock actuator previously reported should be fixed.... both the L&R rear door locks were toast. AMAZON! $5.62 each free shipping universal locks, installed in a snap, been about a month, no problems! 
97500 mi

US $5
76000.0 mi

US $600
A/C compressor leaks freon out the front shaft seal. A/C compressor leaks freon out the front shaft seal. 
59300 mi

US $6
License plate lights: removal of lenses resulted in broken-off screw and broken mounting bezel. Repaired with homemade solution rather than replace an expensive painted bezel. 
422000 mi

US $375
Air Conditioner compressor failed; also changed spark plugs. 
398000 mi

US $250
Starter failed. Towed to shop and started replaced. 
245800 mi

US $120
rear passenger power window motor burnt out and needed to be replaced. 
257000 mi

US $550
i got the lucky water pump and alternator since they lasted this long. the water pump bearing started to make grinding noises so I knew it was going to go out. the alternator died four days later lol. 
96000 mi

US $150
Changed serpentine belt. Recharged a/c, it was low.  

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2005 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

108-horsepower 1.5L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

108500 mi O rings had to be replaced. 
121400 mi Compressor was replaced. 
125000 mi A/C recharge. Put in dye, but in follow-up found no signs of a leak. 
125000 mi Still no working air. Diagnosed as a bad evaporator assembly. Estimate of $1600 give. Between this and the condensor, we elected not to fix. 
64000 mi

US $840
A/C Recharge 
164200 mi Right rear window will not operate, both left doors will not respond to fob 
165000.0 mi

US $5
Replaced battery on key fob 
68000 mi Air condition quit cooling (2nd time). Charge & fuses okay. Occurred after car wash. Suspect computer locks out compressor upon belt slip. Dealer quoted $1500 compressor replacement, but factory reset of computer restored. 
56.0 mi

US $150
Wiper switch going bad. Intermittent and mist settings will no longer park the wipers. Switch needs replaced. 

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2004 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

108-horsepower 1.5L I4 5-speed manual FWD

158400 mi

US $60
Battery died could not be recharged. 2nd battery 
218000 mi

US $100
Replaced original starter 
80600 mi

C $60
All 4 power door lock motor lost power within a range of 3 months. Installed aftermarket door lock motors (actuators) and problem went away. 
84940 mi

C $80
Rear driver side power door lock motor not working. Front power door motors went bad 6 months prior, those were replaced. Now replacing the rear left one. 
207000 mi

US $606
alternator replacement 
326500 mi

US $180
Battery light came on, drove home 135 miles from PA border to Phila. Changed alternator, cleaned battery posts. 

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2004 Scion xB 4dr Hatch

108-horsepower 1.5L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

160800 mi

US $10
Loose ac belt. Mechanic tightened it. replaced a headlight. 

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