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2006 Scion xB Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Love, love, love this car... by DrivingtheDream

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... but I have the original body styling (my car is a 2006). I wouldn't especially like one of the newer models - Scion changed the look to conform more to other SUV's and dropped the fuel mileage. They should have added more colors and marketed to older people who value the huge interior and excellent mileage, instead of targeting the 20-somethings.

Reviewed: 2006 Scion xB

4dr Hatch 103-horsepower 1.5L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Why the 2006 Scion xB?

Front seat room

This car is like an optical illusion - it's SOOO much bigger on the inside than it seems like from the outside! Riding in it feels more like riding in a minivan than a car. My husband is over 6' tall, and he can sit comfortably in the driver's seat with plenty of room above his head. At the same time, my son (also over 6' tall) can sit comfortably behind him with plenty of room for his knees. When my kids were younger, we fit three of them in the back, and often went on long trips (5-6 hrs in the car) with no problems. Our luggage even fit in the back!

Fuel economy

This car fits 5 people with no problem, and luggage for overnights in the back, but still gets fantastic mileage. Over the 7 years we've had this car (the original xB design, manual transmission), we've averaged a bit over 30 mpg.

Reliability & durability

Never had a major repair in the over 7 years we've owned this car (bought it new). Only had to replace the windshield twice when rocks hit it on the freeway.

Why Not the 2006 Scion xB?

Exterior styling

It's too low to the ground. The front and rear bumpers scrape things a lot, especially coming in and out of parking lots. Also, the boxy styling leads to rocks tending to hit the windshield and damage it more than in cars where the windshield isn't so upright.


It's pretty loud, which is only really annoying when you'd love to shift into a higher gear while driving 60mph, but you're already in 5th. It would be lovely if there were a 6th gear.

Ride smoothness

Kind of a bumpy ride.

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