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2006 Volvo S60 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by bennewing

A member in Montana, United States


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Reviewed: 2006 Volvo S60

4dr Sedan turbocharged 300hp 2.5L I5 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Why the 2006 Volvo S60?

Exterior styling

I have heard this car described as a WRX with a suit and tie. The car boasts masculine lines and features. A head-turner, people know this isn't your average sedan, ricer, or Volvo. Exterior says luxury and brute all in one package.

Interior styling

Interior is comfortable, warm and detailed. Seats are extremely comfortable. The radio is ear-splitting loud and sounds great. Creature comforts are plentiful. Controls are straight forward.

Powertrain performance

This car has 300 hp and 295 ft lbs of torque. Bottom-end performance is strong and shifts are positive. The power inspires confidence in the driver. Fear to pass becomes a passing fear with this car.


With three suspension settings at the driver's demand, this car can "mimic" a luxury ride in a comfort setting, play it's true role in a sport setting and give you the track car feel in an advanced setting. Handling is positive and inspire

Fuel economy

For a sport-sedan, this car gets great mileage. 50/50 driving is an average 20.5 mpg for me. 90/10 driving is 24 mpg for me. I pick up speed quick and then light foot my way down the road. Average temperature is 32F which can impact my mpgs.

Why Not the 2006 Volvo S60?

Interior styling

Stock iPod compatibility is poor. The stereo will not allow the user to select playlists. The iPod connection will not charge the iPod. An aftermarket iPod interface is recommended.


Ride height can be an issue for some people. It would be easy to run the front end of this car into curbs in the parking lot. The driver has to be mindful of ride height.

Ride smoothness

The ride may be too stiff for those seeking an "average" ride from your "average" mid-class sedan. The ride is that of a sports car. Buyers should be aware of this.

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