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2004 Volvo S60 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: My first and last volvo by outdorsman27

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My wife wanted a Volvo for our family because of there reputation for safety and reliability. While fortunately i cannot speak to its safety, it has been nothing but a unreliable money pit.

Reviewed: 2004 Volvo S60

4dr Sedan turbocharged 300hp 2.5L I5 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Why the 2004 Volvo S60?

Why Not the 2004 Volvo S60?

Reliability & durability

RELIABILITY, car has intermittent electrical problem that cripples the vehicle with no notice. Dealer has had the car for a combined total of over 6 weeks and still has not fixed the problem. For this reason I will never buy a Volvo again. Google "Volvo electrical problems" and you will see it quite common


The turning circle of the S60R is envied by only cargo ship captains. You have to plan parking and u turns ahead of time. The tires also rub on the wheel wells and shred the inside side wall of the tires. Volvo "fixed" this by putting a metal plate in the wheel well.

Rear seat room & comfort

The rear leg room for this mid sized sedan is pretty poor. if you or your friends and family are over 5 and half feet tall you will not fit four people in this car comfortably

Exterior styling

The car is very low to the ground. we have pulled the front fascia off several times after it hooks on the other side of parking lot curbs. I have been able to put it back on but it is beginning to crack and will not put up with being torn off again.

Ride smoothness

the different ride settings in the R are fun and all but when the struts need to be replaced its very expensive. in all honesty the setting in my car is always set to comfort as i have never taken my Volvo on a track day. Its a fun thing to play with once and a while but in the end it is not worth the repair costs.

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