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2000 Volvo V70 repairs by problem area

Engine (38%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (10%)

Brakes and Traction Control (10%)

Suspension and Steering (17%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (21%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (2%)

Other (4%)

Chart based on 224 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2000 Volvo V70.

2000 Volvo V70 engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (7%)

$1000 - $2499 (10%)

$500 - $999 (38%)

$100 - $499 (38%)

< $100 (7%)

Chart based on 29 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2000 Volvo V70

Engine not specified

199000 mi

US $300
Cooling fan stopped working resulting to car running hot. Replaced cooling fan and also coolant, thermostat, and upper and lower radiator hoses.  Car also ran rough, replaced coil in cyl. no. 3. 
204000 mi

US $150
Vibration and noise in front end, found to be a faulty engine mount(front right). Replaced. Also a vibration in front tire. While up on a lift found a faulty right rear control arm and an exhaust shield falling off, both are unrepaired as of now. 
212000 mi

US $350
T-Belt had excessive wear after only 2K miles, found while replacing spark plugs. Problem diagnosed as faulty pulley pushing belt into engine. 
141000 mi

US $10
Mass Air Flow sensor removed and cleaned. Solved problem 
219000 mi I didn't repair my car at the end. The mechanic said that there was a leak in the plastic coolant part and another section was also leaking coolant, that it would be too expensive to fix. He said it was time to get rid of the car. 
99820 mi

C $1000
engine mount, 
153000 mi evaporative emissions never went away. just kept the fuel tank full and passed smog :) 

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2000 Volvo V70 4dr Wagon

turbocharged 261hp 2.3L I5 4-speed automatic AWD

139000 mi

US $440
had to replace the overflow tank on cooling system 
150000 mi

US $50
one of the coils failed and the car would only run about 30mph and ran very rough. Had towed and the repair was done in half a day and for $50 
152700 mi

US $125
Strange as it may seem a second coil issue-unbeknownst to me each cylinder has a coil of its own (per our Volvo mechanic). 
175000 mi

US $150
ANOTHER coil failed. That makes three of the five in last 14 months. 
119000 mi

US $60
Cooling system thermostat failed shut. 
137000 mi

US $22
Coolant Expansion Tank lower hose failed -- leaking badly. Replaced hose. 
137000 mi

US $100
Coolant reservoir tank outlet flange failed (plastic too old?). New hose would not maintain a seal. Replaced tank. 

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2000 Volvo V70 4dr Wagon

turbocharged 190hp 2.4L I5 4-speed automatic AWD

106000 mi

US $148
car needs a new rear seal to stop oil leak and later, I'm told, probably a new head gasket 
115500 mi

US $50
139000 mi

US $400
Replaced cam adjust solenoid and spark plug coil. 
152000 mi

US $625
Volvo dealer wanted to perform ETM cleaning ($550)and then replace PVC ($600) before replacing ETM under warranty. I removed the ETM myself and had it rebuilt by firm in Colorado for $600 plus shipping. Replaced it,problem solved. Not happy with Volvo. 
153000 mi

US $75
Replaced broken (worn out) upper motor mount 
162000 mi

US $3800
Replace motor mounts. 
165300 mi

US $130
Coolant needed to be added frequently. Smelled antifreeze when heater turned on. Found leaked antifreeze under driver & passenger floor mats. Replaced heater core. 
166000 mi

US $70
Thermostat and Coolant Temp Sensor failed. Replaced both. 
179000 mi

US $500
Car runs rough. check engine light came on. gave codes for throttle position sensor 
198000 mi

US $150
2 repairs required. Replaced tube from Coolant Tank. Added liquid product to reseal radiator (the s--- actually worked, for now). I replaced one ignition coil. Simple swap out of parts. Bought "off brand" from Kragen. Works fine. 
123000 mi

US $170
Car was losing coolant. Replaced radiator, thermostat, and coolant temp. sensor. 
170000 mi

US $33
Brakes & rotors, front & back need replacement. Engine mount also needs replacement. 
171000 mi

US $900
New Engine Mount. Also all brakes and rotors. 
174000 mi

US $786
Radiator cracked. Leaking anti-freeze. Problem worsened as days went on. Replaced ant-freeze every 36 hrs. Radiator replaced. 
186700 mi

US $190
Thermostat stuck needed replacing 
112000 mi

US $950
Engine light on - Code pointed at catalytic converter. Told to try to clean injectors and PCV system. Replace timing belt and tensioner. Engine light came on two days after pickup. Thinking either catalytic or O2 sensors. 
113000 mi

US $420
Engine light still on from previous problem. Replaced rear oxy sensor but light is still on. Ordered Cat. 
120000 mi

US $1600
Head gasket replacement 
123000 mi

US $65
Coolant hose replaced 
187000 mi

US $2450
Head Gasket replaced Radiator replaced Turbo replaced  
150000 mi

US $137
CEL on - diagnosed as bad cam sensor and hub.  Leaking rear mail seal and cam housing. 
118000 mi

US $230
Idle speed was fluctuating, almost cutting out. Dealer cleaned throttle. 
128000 mi

US $1200
Engine quit shortly after re-fueling. Shop diagnosed fuel pump-replaced 
131000 mi

US $417
radiator was leaking. Replaced 
135000 mi

US $140
Car would not run. Fuel pump relay replaced 
139000 mi

US $300
A malfunctioning coil, or power pack, for one of the spark plugs was replaced. The spark plugs were also replaced as routine maintenance. 
140000 mi

US $150
water reservoir leaking; replaced 
140000 mi The Volvo developed engine trouble while I was traveling, a dead miss. After I figured out it was a mechanical problem, perhaps a burnt valve or low compression, I decided to trade it. 
98000 mi

US $300
Oxygen sensor replaced because of CEL. CEL came back on. Unresolved CEL when sold. 
110000 mi

US $350
Cracked coolant reservoir causing slow loss of coolant 
142500 mi

US $600
Multiple spark plug mounted Bosch ignition "magentos" replaced 
143000 mi Radiator tank cracked allowing slow loss of coolant. Shop says this is common problem w/this system after 10 yrs or so. Consider 10 yrs of trouble free cooling better than average service life for radiatiors in high corrosion area (Hawaii) 
106000 mi

US $750
Leaking radiator replaced. 
112000 mi

US $615
Torn upper engine mount. 
118000 mi

US $1713
Replaced heater core. 

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2000 Volvo V70 4dr Wagon

168-horsepower 2.4L I5 5-speed automatic FWD

128700 mi

US $240
oxygen sensor 

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2000 Volvo V70 4dr Wagon

162-horsepower 2.4L I5 4-speed automatic FWD

83000 mi

US $120
heater core replaced 
87000 mi

US $700
ETM and MAF 
125500 mi The electronic throttle module is defective, common in Volvos 99-2002, causes engine to hesitate. Very expensive to repair, 900 dollars. 
140000 mi Needed electronic throttle module when sold. 
133000 mi

US $432
Radiator Leak. New Radiator installed. 
130700 mi

US $130
Thermostat failed open 
159000 mi

US $939
Dash lights (Check Engine, ABS, ETS, Brake) had all come on. The dealership wanted $1,800 to replace two modules (ABS & ETS). I went to an independent for a 2nd opinion. Paid to have frayed battery cable replaced to see if that would take care of the issue. It didn't as the ABS and Check Engine lights are still on. The car went back to the shop today for additional work. 
161000 mi The ETS module went out. Volvo covered the replacement work as part of a class action suit settlement. 
176000 mi

US $1600
Replaced heater core, and rear brakes/pads. 
184000 mi

US $578
Thermostat was replaced with new coolant.  
194000 mi

US $1000
Replaced heater core. 
146000 mi

US $85
Broken motor mount replaced. 
152000 mi

US $135
replaced leaking heater core replace thermostat 
122000 mi

US $362
Check engine light came on. Cause was an evaporator hose leak and R&R canister shut-off valve malfunction. Hose and shut-off valve replaced. 
127000 mi

US $852
RH rear muffler hanger replaced RPMs dipped when coming to a stop. Throttle body cleaned. 
136000 mi

US $800
Pinhole leak in coolant bottle. Coolant bottle replaced. Small coolant leak found in heater core. No action taken. 
168000 mi

US $894
O2 sensor failed, replaced. 

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2000 Volvo V70 4-door

turbocharged 5-cylinder automatic AWD

172300 mi

Turbo pressure pipe leak at junction of turbo 
180000 mi Over $10k of pending repairs when I junked it...catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, etc. Needed new fuel pump. 
146000 mi

US $100
Turbocharger was failing. This car was the most expensive car for repairs I ever owned. Had transmission replaced 5-2004, $4500. Something always wrong with it. I would guess I spent close to $15.000.00 over the 7 years just in repairs not maintenance. 

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2000 Volvo V70 4-door

turbocharged 5-cylinder automatic 2WD

100000 mi

Oil leak from turbo return pipe, minimal problem. 

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2000 Volvo V70 4-door

4-cylinder automatic 2WD

178700 mi

US $260
replaced muffler and tail piece 
180000 mi Replaced ignition tumbler 

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2000 Volvo V70 Engine Problems

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