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Volkswagen Eos Problems and Repair Histories

115 TrueDelta members own a 2000 or newer Volkswagen Eos. 31 of these members (27%) have reported repairs for their car. A total of 55 repairs to Volkswagen Eos--an average of 0.5 per vehicle--have been reported.

See our lemon odds and nada odds page for more details. To see how frequently Volkswagen Eos problems occur, check out our car reliability stats.

Want to read about specific problems behind these stats? Jump to the Volkswagen Eos problem descriptions below.

Don't infer Volkswagen Eos problem frequency from what you see on this page. Many lucky owners have had no repairs, and their cars are not shown.

Percentage of Volkswagen Eos repairs by problem area

25% of the Volkswagen Eos repairs were to the engine, 2% to the transmission, 5% to the brakes, 2% to the suspension, 45% to the electrical or air-conditioning systems, 16% to the body and trim, and 4% to other areas of the vehicle.

Chart based on 55 repairs.
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Repair costs are in local units.

2007 Volkswagen Eos

Engine not specified

Volkswagen Eos in Tennessee, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Jul 2010 41000    
42000 0 major oil leak, needed new valve. 
44500 0 Convertible operation became noisy with odd damaging sounding noises. 
47000 0 Low oil stop engine immediately light on, no oil in car, garage did an oil consumption test and was told it was using oil "within normal limits".  
Volkswagen Eos in Indiana, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Sep 2010 33000    
34000 0 This car has had a water problem from the beginning. 1st was the upper windshield seal. This seal has been replaced, updated and then replaced again. Both doors retain water at the bettom seals. These seals were covered by a new TSB. 

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2007 Volkswagen Eos 2dr Hardtop conv.

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed automated manual FWD

Volkswagen Eos in New York, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Oct 2010 47000    
52000 0 ABS control module 
54000 0 header seal replaced due to interior water lesk 
57000 0 Tire pressure warning light stays on 
63000 1300 Oil leak. Pump replaced Replaced passenger window motor 
63000 0 oil consumption test - down 1.5 qts in 630 miles - ring job, during test run went out of timing - back in to replace valves on #1 cylinder. will pick up today and see. 
63000 0 Traded with TPMS light on. Dealer could find nothing wrong with the sensors, but also couldn't get light to turn off. 
Volkswagen Eos in Connecticut, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
0 Check engine lite on. Fault was bad flap control motor. Two recalls were also performed: 1. Hose & check valve replacement 2. Fuel pressure sensor replaced No cost 
60700 400 Replace worn out brake parts (rear only), fronts still original (8mm remains) 
Volkswagen Eos in Georgia, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Mar 2010 33000    
40000 0 AC was not blowing cold.  Headlight bulb. 
52000 850 timing belt tensioner was bad, causing clicking noise on cold start. trunk latch was faulty. not sending "closed" message to computer. negative battery cable was corroded and causing power surges. replaced. 
78000 227 water leaking in both A pillars. replaced header seal and drain tubes 
79500 0 Water leaking in drivers side A-pillar. Sunroof drains were not attached properly. Reattached. 
84000 150 Battery was dying and needed replacing. 

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