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2000 Ford Crown Victoria repairs by problem area

Engine (34%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (20%)

Brakes and Traction Control (0%)

Suspension and Steering (34%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (11%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (0%)

Other (0%)

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Chart based on 35 repairs.
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2000 Ford Crown Victoria repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (4%)

$500 - $999 (18%)

$100 - $499 (36%)

< $100 (43%)

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Chart based on 28 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2000 Ford Crown Victoria 4dr Sedan

215-horsepower 4.6L V8 4-speed automatic RWD

Ford Crown Victoria in Tennessee, United States
Oct 2011 - Jul 2015
Oct 2012

104000 mi

US $430
New upper/lower ball joints. New inner/outer tie rod ends. New idler arm. 
Mar 2013

110000 mi

US $1500
Transmission struggles, engine over-revs when shifting into final overdrive lock-up. Clutch material was in bottom of pan. Trans was rebuilt by local shop, cost $1,500. Everything now great except for a soft shift going into lockup. 
Jul 2013

113300 mi
The transmission shifts fine until it gets to shifting into 4th gear (overdrive). Then it goes into neutral, whereupon frequent high reving of the engine is required to get it into the final shift. Car returned to repair shop. 
Sep 2013

115000 mi

US $150
Computer had random malfunctioning which caused transmission to shift incorrectly. I had shop replace computer with a salvage unit which corrected the transmission malfunctioning I had experienced. Costs was $150 total and car works great. 
Jul 2014

122300 mi

US $120
Replaced all ignition coils. 
Oct 2014

124000 mi

US $110
The left side of the sway bar disconnected from the vehicle. A repair kit was used to reconnect it. 
Jul 2015

131000 mi

US $525
Plastic intake manifold started leaking coolant. It was cracked. It was replaced with newer design intake manifold that isn't supposed to crack (I hope). 
Ford Crown Victoria in New York, United States
May 2013 - Jun 2013
Jun 2013

126000 mi
Needed a rebuilt tranny 
Ford Crown Victoria in Indiana, United States
Aug 2010 - Jul 2011
Jul 2011

148000 mi
Leaking a little oil when sold. 
Ford Crown Victoria in Maryland, United States
Aug 2009 - Jun 2011
Dec 2009

141061 mi

US $65
IAC valve replaced, new front shocks installed 
Apr 2010

147220 mi

US $262
Replaced steering midshaft and lower shaft 
Feb 2011

169400 mi
All four tie rods (done myself in one day; adjusting sleeves were shot and couldn't be adjusted, so sleeves and tie rods were all replaced at once). 
Apr 2011

173800 mi
Pitman arm and idler arm (done myself over three days; joints/bearings in both arms had excessive play and resulted in sloppy steering). Driver's side upper ball joint (done myself in about one hour; joint made a loud clunking noise while driving, and was very loose when inspected upon removal). Power steering return hose (done myself in about 20 minutes; hose was leaking where it connected to the fluid cooler) 
Jun 2011

178000 mi
Front sway bar endlinks were worn and clunking. Links were replaced. 
Ford Crown Victoria in New Mexico, United States
Nov 2010 - Dec 2013
Jan 2011

110000 mi

US $70
2 Ignition coils replaced 
Jun 2011

112000 mi

US $540
Car would not start. Shop flashed computer car has run great for 30 days. 
Dec 2011

119000 mi

US $500
Computer and antitheft device went out 
Ford Crown Victoria in Texas, United States
Mar 2011 - Jan 2013
Apr 2012

229000 mi

US $900
Replace A/C compressor and dryer, clean and recharge system. 

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2000 Ford Crown Victoria 4dr Sedan

200-horsepower 4.6L V8 4-speed automatic RWD

Ford Crown Victoria in Ontario, Canada
Aug 2010 - Aug 2014
Sep 2010

155620 mi

C $230
Replace front suspension stabilizer bar bushings.  
Mar 2011

162440 mi

C $140
$500 headlamp module self-destroyed: wired and fused around it and installed new switches on dashboard. $10. Repair flange in exhaust system. 
Sep 2011

167400 mi

C $100
Replace ball joints 
Sep 2012

179800 mi

C $630
Replace leaking power steering pump with a rebuild. 
Dec 2012

182900 mi

C $200
Replace slip yoke seal. 

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2000 Ford Crown Victoria 4-door

8-cylinder automatic 2WD

Ford Crown Victoria in Tennessee, United States
Sep 2013 - Jan 2015
Dec 2013

158000 mi
Headlights replaced + routine maintenance (all new fluids and tire rotation).  I was informed I need new U Joints, but haven't replaced them yet. 
Jan 2014 DTC P0125 set, presumably to extreme cold weather and insufficient time to warm up. The code was cleared and hasn't come back as of yet. 
Feb 2014

161000 mi
Rear U-joint was worn. Replaced to fix vibration at speed & replaced the front U-joint for preventative maintenance. Was informed earlier that the U-joints needed replacement but opted to wait. Replaced with aftermarket greasable parts. 
Mar 2014

161000 mi
Severe misfire on one cylinder-oil leaking from valve cover gasket filled a spark plug well. Well was cleaned, plug replaced, dielectric grease applied to plug/COP, and valve cover tightened slightly.Intake will likely need replaced soon. 
May 2014

162000 mi

US $75
Intake manifold cracked at coolant crossover. Antifreeze was leaking into #1 injector and spark plug, causing severe misfire. Manifold was replaced with used part but upgraded aluminum crossover. Spark plugs & antifreeze were also replaced. Vacuum leak appeared immediately after repair, resulting in replacement of a vacuum hose set. 
Jul 2014

163300 mi
Steering gearbox went out. It got really loose all of a sudden and had to be replaced. A/C compressor, receiver/dryer and orifice tube replaced. Other components were flushed, and all O-rings replaced. Last, evacuated and recharged A/C. 

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