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2002 GMC Envoy repairs by problem area

Engine (31%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (8%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (19%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (26%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (7%)

Other (7%)

Chart based on 118 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2002 GMC Envoy.

2002 GMC Envoy repair cost distribution

$2500+ (1%)

$1000 - $2499 (13%)

$500 - $999 (13%)

$100 - $499 (24%)

< $100 (48%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 91 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2002 GMC Envoy

Engine not specified

GMC Envoy in Ohio, United States
Oct 2007 - Mar 2010
Nov 2007

34000 mi
There was a squeak in the engine compartment at cold (below freezing) temperatures which could not be duplicated at the dealership. 

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2002 GMC Envoy 4dr SUV, ext.

270-horsepower 4.2L I6 4-speed automatic 4WD w/low range

GMC Envoy in Arizona, United States
Dec 2011 - Mar 2014
Mar 2012

140000 mi

US $2251
Rear seating area heater core leaking. Removed and replaced. Airbags warning light was on all the time. Sensor had gone bad. Panel that holds driver's seat controls broken. 
Apr 2012

140000 mi
Motor in console attempted to move rear-seat vent door--cycled making clicking sound. Mechanic disconnected motor. 
Mar 2013

146000 mi

US $90
Windshield washer pump failed. 
Jan 2014

141000 mi

US $433
Power steering pump. 

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2002 GMC Envoy 4dr SUV

270-horsepower 4.2L I6 4-speed automatic RWD

GMC Envoy in Florida, United States
Feb 2012 - Mar 2012
Mar 2012

213000 mi

US $100
Cost was to diagnose A/C issue that was going to be approx $1500 to repair. At the same time, they found an issue with the water pump. Total repair was to be over $2000. Had put over $1000 into repairs in the prior 30 days; time to sell. 
GMC Envoy in Texas, United States
Oct 2009 - Dec 2013
Dec 2010

101000 mi

US $55
minor radiator leak - fixed with Bar's Leaks sealant 
Jun 2011

106000 mi

US $270
ignition coil failure. 
Jun 2012

114000 mi

US $400
Replaced water pump 
Jun 2013

124000 mi

US $400
shifter cable replacement (broke, could not shift) and electrical short diagnosis. latter due to faulty aftermarket subwoofer installation. 
GMC Envoy in Texas, United States
Jun 2007 - Dec 2009
Jul 2008

151000 mi

US $650
Air suspension leaked down overnight. 
Mar 2009

165000 mi

US $675
Replace ball joints and front stabilizer links. 
Nov 2009

177000 mi

US $350
engine stalled repeatedly 

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2002 GMC Envoy 4dr SUV

270-horsepower 4.2L I6 4-speed automatic 4WD w/low range

GMC Envoy in Washington, United States
Feb 2012 - Jun 2013
Jun 2013

168000 mi
AC compressor failure 
GMC Envoy in Maine, United States
Sep 2012 - Dec 2012
Sep 2012

120000 mi

US $900
Replace AC compressor; recharge system. 
Oct 2012

120700 mi

US $2600
Replace transmission 
Nov 2012

121100 mi

US $195
Passenger side rear on the frame in front of the wheel the mount rusted through. Would not pass inspection. Dealer and collision shop refused to take it on. Found a welder/fabricator who said it was a "piece of cake"; did it in 1 day. 
GMC Envoy in Michigan, United States
Sep 2012 - Oct 2012
Oct 2012

210000 mi

US $325
ignition coil failed 
GMC Envoy in Oregon, United States
Oct 2001 - Feb 2019
Nov 2001

122 mi
Front windsheild water leak, re-sealed windshield 
Jun 2002

7183 mi
Replaced 4WD selector switch 
Oct 2002

7183 mi
Reprogrammed onstar module 
Oct 2004

33286 mi
Replaced window wiper module Fan clutch replaced under warranty 
Aug 2010

104410 mi

US $154
Outside ambient air temp sensor replaced 
Mar 2011

114330 mi

US $700
Replace front struts, mounting brackets, heavy duty shock absorbers, strut mounts 
Sep 2011

122963 mi

US $543
Replaced front and rear sway bars with after-market (stiffer) sway bars 
Jul 2012

140754 mi

US $888
Replaced front inner and outer axle CV joint boots 
Jan 2013

151447 mi

US $3230
Replace engine mounts and transmission mount. Replace front suspension lower control arms and bushings 
May 2013

154808 mi

US $423
Replace brake master cylinder & bleed hydraulic system 
Feb 2014

164186 mi

US $306
Serpentine Belt Idler Pulley Serpentine Belt Tensioner 
May 2014

167700 mi

US $800
Replaced water pump and thermostat 
Aug 2014

170181 mi

US $371
6x ignition coil replacement due to misfire in #4 / lifespan of component Replaced L Front Axle Shaft Assembly 
Oct 2015

179000 mi
Recall on vehicle indicator lights. I had experienced intermittent failures of the left tail light for several years, and was surprised to find that a recall had been issued by GM many years ago. 
Feb 2016

181295 mi

US $633
RF outer tie rod loose, replaced. L brake light inoperable since recall repair 3 mos ago. Removed and checked bulbs, Cleaned contacts, light now working. Removed rear brake rotors and adjusted brake shoes (handbrake) Replaced front brake pads and machined rotors RF outer tie rod loose, replaced. 
Sep 2016

187000 mi

US $879
Wheel bearings replaced + alignment 
Feb 2017

189000 mi

US $456
Starter replaced 
GMC Envoy in New Jersey, United States
Dec 2015 - Jan 2016
Jan 2016 4 wheel alignment, radiator replacement. 
GMC Envoy in British Columbia, Canada
Feb 2015 - Sep 2016
May 2015

193440 mi

C $20
replaced front sway bar bushings 
GMC Envoy in Florida, United States
Feb 2015 - Jul 2015
Jul 2015

212000 mi

US $225
When parked for a couple of days, would not start up. New battery took care of the problem. 
GMC Envoy in Oregon, United States
Jan 2011 - Mar 2012
Jan 2012

97000 mi

US $87
Misfire on #1 cyl. Replaced Spark Plugs first. Replaced coil pack for #1 cylinder to fix problem 
GMC Envoy in Texas, United States
Aug 2013 - Feb 2016
Feb 2016

179000 mi
The airconditioning system was leaking freon in a couple of different places. 
GMC Envoy in Alberta, Canada
Dec 2010 - Mar 2017
Aug 2011

51240 mi

C $1600
Howling noise, was rear differential bearing I was told. Had purchased aftermarket warranty - the shop had to talk with the warranty place and argue over it, thereby delaying repair. Warning light with wrench and oil can/truck icon stays on for a few seconds upon starting up after all the other test lights show and go off, but this light goes away after a few seconds. 
Jan 2012

50720 mi

C $2400
ball joints worn out already. Rear Differential needed replacing 
Dec 2012

57040 mi

C $100
Turn Lamp in the left front bumper came loose and sitting inside of the bumper cowling. Muffler starting to rattle when idling. 
Mar 2013

61380 mi
Drivers side plastic lower seat cowling (where it wraps around the bottom seat cushion), the plastic cowling where the switches are to move the seat forward and back, and tilt, has broken away. 
Apr 2013

61480 mi
Rear Wiper spray control doesn't work. Wipers work, but not the spray part when depressing the button. 
Aug 2013

62000 mi
Check engine oil light (oil can icon) comes on upon starting, then goes away after 30 seconds. Oil levels well. 
Apr 2015

63220 mi
Just after I finished a survey the Envoy was doing well, I noticed steering fluid on my garage floor. Yep, 100,000KM (60,000miles) and PS needs work.  This above the rear wiper spray doesn't work. And rear axle needed changing. 
Jul 2015

66540 mi

C $300
Curved pipe on the end of the Muffler fell off on highway, now sounds like a V8 4 barrel 
Dec 2015

68200 mi

C $1100
Clutch fan went. Sounded like it was stuck in low gear, and hard to shift. Thought it was tranny, but the clutch fan was loud. Took 3 hours book time to replace something that should be <1 hour. Cost 1,000 
GMC Envoy in Pennsylvania, United States
Sep 2007 - Feb 2012
Jun 2008

51000 mi

US $635
#1 cylinder misfiring causing rough engine idling. Ignition coil replaced. Rear stabilizer bars needed replaced or vehicle would not have passed inspection. 
Aug 2008

53000 mi

US $1200
More bad ignition coils needed to be replaced. Vehicle accelerated poorly and seemed underpowered, then Service Engine Light came on. Also found bad plugs and a melted wire. The shop then found a leaky seal and replaced it. Replaced to worn front stabilizer bar. 
May 2011

84700 mi

US $750
Heard a squeaky noise underneath the car. Dealer diagnosed a bad lower control arm bushing. Part replaced and repair successful. No further noises noted, car runs and drives fine. 
GMC Envoy in New Jersey, United States
Jul 2007 - May 2011
Sep 2007

52000 mi

US $175
The fan switch would only turn on the fan at speeds 4-.5 
Feb 2011

90000 mi

US $550
Check engine light was coming on. Car diagnosed with multiple engine misfires. Replaced cam sensor. 
Mar 2011

92000 mi

US $550
Car continued to miss. Determination was a coil, after substantial testing. Coil replaced. 
Apr 2011

92000 mi
Misfiring again three weeks later, replaced another coil. 
GMC Envoy in Washington, United States
Aug 2007 - Jun 2011
Sep 2010

118000 mi

US $1000
Blown head - needed the entire engine rebuilt. We sold it to a friend who had it repaired and is now driving it. 
GMC Envoy in New Jersey, United States
Jul 2008 - Dec 2010
Aug 2008

70000 mi

US $300
Replaced alternator. 
GMC Envoy in California, United States
Dec 2009 - Mar 2012
Jul 2010

297700 mi

US $560
Believed problem to be PS Actuator per panel discussion of hot air through passenger vents with AC on. Problem was actually temperature actuator, which has never been discussed. Problem none-the-less resolved.  
Dec 2010

360000 mi

US $900
Cylinder #1 not firing. Wires and plugs replaced. Throttle body badly worn, replaced rather than clean. 
May 2011

362000 mi

US $1900
Water pump; hoses, serpentine belt; shocks (4); ball joints; CV boots. All replaced. ball joints; water pump; thermostat; upper and lower hoses; front struts; rear shocks 
Aug 2011

362000 mi

US $1800
Gear on axle in front transfer case froze bending shaft and breaking bearing loose. Replacement bearing located and axle rapaired. Air conditioning switch leaking and would shut down. System evacuated; dye tested; switch replaced; system charged. 
GMC Envoy in Illinois, United States
Sep 2009 - Sep 2011
Nov 2009

127000 mi

US $445
Left suspension air bag had a leak in it, had to be replaced. I now suspect the right side has a very tiny leak in it also. 
GMC Envoy in Michigan, United States
May 2010 - Dec 2010
Nov 2010

203000 mi

US $366
MAP sensor, fuel induction cleaning, reprogram PCM 
Dec 2010

203000 mi
Lifter noise, engine seals/ gaskets starting to leak, transfer case issues - maybe the sequencing switch? Rusting at bottom of lift gate and doors - seems to be starting on the inside of the exterior skin and at the seam between the exterior skin and liner panel. Electrical problem caused by lift gate - maybe a short?, drivers side and review mirror (interior) auto-dimming mode not functioning, drivers side mirror no defroster, ground issue (maybe) that causes static on the AM radio. 
GMC Envoy in Michigan, United States
Jan 2010 - Apr 2021
Mar 2010

91000 mi

US $3
Driver's side temperature door actuator inoperative. 
May 2010

92000 mi

US $50
Replaced rear stabilizer bar end links due to rattle. 
Jan 2011

98000 mi

US $75
Replaced R/F wheel bearing. 
May 2011

102000 mi

US $45
Replaced rear sway bar bracket Replaced switches/knobs with chipped paint 
Jun 2011

102000 mi

US $35
Outside Ait Temperature Sensor Replaced Underhood lamp replaced 
Jan 2012

107000 mi

US $78
Replaced ignition coil on cylinder #3. 
Mar 2012

109000 mi

US $37
Replaced both outer tie rod ends 
Apr 2012

109200 mi

US $5
Repaired driver door check link for noise issue. 
Jun 2013

120000 mi

US $65
Replaced oil pressure sender Replaced front passenger window regulator assy. 
Sep 2013

122000 mi

US $134
P1440 code set - Evap System Fauly 
Oct 2013

122300 mi

US $440
Replaced both front upper and lower control arms, ball joints, and bushings, and both inner tie rods. 
Mar 2014

126000 mi

US $40
Replaced driver door check link. Replaced liftglass struts 
Sep 2014

131000 mi

US $304
Replaced cat-back exhaust system. 
Nov 2014

132000 mi

US $160
Replaced rear wiper motor. 
May 2015

134000 mi
Broken key cylinder rod clip - replaced. Broken driver door check link - replaced. 
Jun 2015

135000 mi

US $244
AC Compressor Replacement 
Jun 2016

140000 mi

US $52
Leaking gas. Replaced fuel pump module, fuel filter 
GMC Envoy in North Carolina, United States
Mar 2011 - Jan 2017
Jun 2015

118000 mi

US $198
External temp sensor went crazy making the A/C not function correctly Sensor replaced and all is well again. 
Jan 2016

115300 mi

US $1100
Right rear level sensor and both rear air springs had given up the ghost with all these miles and were replaced so that the air suspension works correctly again. 
May 2016

122000 mi

US $1358
Replace inoperative passenger side door actuator for passenger side A/C. Leaking A/C switch Replaced engine belt and tensioner 
Aug 2016

124000 mi
Leaking gas tank, discovered during the May 2016 visit to the service department, was replaced by GM on August 29, 2016. Will be picking up the vehicle this morning, August 30 from the dealer shop. Replaced Fuel Level Sensor after the replacement of the fuel cell. Existing sensor was corroded and replaced by the dealer at no cost to me. 

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