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2010 Ford Escape repairs by problem area

Engine (36%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (13%)

Brakes and Traction Control (0%)

Suspension and Steering (12%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (21%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (14%)

Other (4%)

Chart based on 219 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2010 Ford Escape.

2010 Ford Escape engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (4%)

$500 - $999 (13%)

$100 - $499 (24%)

< $100 (59%)

Chart based on 70 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2010 Ford Escape 4dr SUV

240-horsepower 3.0L V6 6-speed automatic FWD

108000 mi New PCM flash for throttle body recall. 
12000 mi Oil leak at base pan engine and transmission taken out. all bolts replaced in bottom of motor. Three EVAP parts replaced. 
13800 mi Oil leak again this time they are saying rear main seal last time they said it was the base plate. 
16000 mi oil leak again now they are going to put short block in to try to fix leak 
16300 mi crank was said to be out of round from factory 
18000 mi Oil leak again oil leak 
18000 mi oil leak, got rid of car 
39000 mi

US $650
Loss of acceleration randomly. Vehicle would shudder, then not able to accept any gas from throttle. Had to replace throttle body and PCM with on 39,000 miles on the vehicle. Of course, not covered under warranty! Only owned vehicle 3 mos. 
83000 mi

US $120
Boyfriend replaced water pump had it towed to his garage 
54329 mi body throttle sensor was replaced. This was a recall item and paid for by Ford 
59000 mi

US $539
found gas vapor leak around inlet tube which they cleaned and sealed cost 539.39 
85000 mi

US $100
I had regular maintenance items done at this visit such as the trans flush and battery replaced however the dealer also noticed and replaced two leaking valve cover gaskets. 
47000 mi

US $200
Crankcase oil leak, labor and replace seal. 
45200 mi

US $500
55000 mi Throttle body had to be replaced; covered under Ford's extended warranty for this part. 

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2010 Ford Escape 4dr SUV

240-horsepower 3.0L V6 6-speed automatic AWD

43000 mi The check engine light came on. Took vehicle to Auto Zone for free system check. Turned out to be the fuel system door was not making a good seal. Cleaned the fuel door with starter fluid and unhooked the battery to reset light. OK now. 
54000 mi Continue to have problem with the checked engine light coming on because of the fuel system door not making a good seal. Cleaned flapper door with WD40, reset check engine light. 
39100 mi warranty recall, CEL, replaced throttle body 
42000 mi

US $50
Light on 
61000 mi replaced throttle body 
103300 mi replaced engine mount bolts that pulled out of front timing chain cover 
19000 mi Ignition key could not be removed due to shorted-out moonroof motor. Replaced motor and key is removable again. 
58900 mi

C $900
Exhaust leak 
79980 mi

C $200
87000 mi

US $300
fuel pump failed. Tank, fuel filter and pump replaced. 
88000 mi throttle body replaced. 
90500 mi Car had trouble starting. Transponder problem. 
96500 mi

US $400
Gasline vapor canister replaced 
12000 mi vapor leak in emissions system - replaced cannister vapor leak in emissions system - replaced cannister again and purge valve vapor leak in emissions system - more extensive check of system done - replaced filler neck of gas tank due small leak found 
51500 mi

US $1000
engine oil pan and timing cover leaked and gaskets replaced 
46000 mi

US $247
The fuel vapor recovery valve asscociated with the fuel filler neck was sticking causing the check engine light to iluminate. Dealer replaced but car was out of warranty. 
70000 mi

US $450
Vehicle had substantial oil leak for quite sometime, it was determined to be a faulty oil pan gasket as well as a leaking crank seal. Replaced at the dealer, leaking has seemed to stopped. 
75000 mi

US $300
Continual oil leak determined to be a "warped oil pan", dealer claims it was a manufacturing defect. After much debate with Ford, they agreed to cover the labor but we had to cover the cost of the oil pan. Leak finally stopped. 
78100 mi After the last trip to the dealership for the oil leak, an exhaust leak has been present. The crossover pipe wasn't correctly fitted back together after disconnecting it to repair the oil pan. Dealer to cover repairs. 
86000 mi The oil leak returned, this time the dealership has determined that there is some kind of internal defect in the machining of the engine block that is causing the oil leak, only solution is to replace the engine according to them. 
9260 mi electronic stability, 4X4 doesn't work. Light on dash. Dealer reset sensor for electronic stability and 4X4 
29760 mi Had to change a sensor fr the pollution system.My engine light was on, car ran perfect. 
62000 mi Throttle body assembly gave out and car needed to be towed. The part was under TSB and that if it could not be reprogrammed it was to be replaced - it was reprogrammed. 
27200 mi

US $550
Detected gasoline smell, thought it was related to recall on fuel module. Dealer determined the fuel pump is cracked. Need to await parts (1 week). Estimated $800 repair but dealer will negotiate with Ford due to relation to recall part. Fuel pump on top of gas tank was cracked. Part replaced. Dealer attempted to get Ford to assist but they did not. Was told to keep invoice due to recall on a part connected to the fuel pump. When replaced the pump may be covered. 

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2010 Ford Escape 4dr SUV

171-horsepower 2.5L I4 6-speed automatic FWD

70000 mi

US $50
MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light/Check Engine Light) on, failed Georgia Emissions Inspection. Evap. Solenoid valve replaced. Only paid $50.00 deductible. W/o MaxCare, cost would have been about $500.00 for both repairs. 
54000 mi

US $100
Noise in eng. comp. Best described by my daughter as a mini helicopter. noise came from "evap purge valve" 
89000 mi

US $900
exhaust crack by converter 
123000 mi The "Check Fuel Filler" light has come on several times in the past few months. One of the forums suggested pushing the fuel fill tool in and out about 30 times and spray with WD40. This works for about 3 fillups before repeating. 
17000 mi the fuel filler cover / flap isn't getting a good seal (doesn't have a cap) and the vacuum sensor is setting off the check engine light. They lubed / adjusted once before. they removed the gas tank and replaced the filler / neck assy. 
54000 mi

US $50
CEL p144a for Emissions system purge valve and decreased MPG Replaced with Motorcraft part from dealer CEL reset after a week 
46000 mi bad shifts between 2 and 3 gears. 
43200 mi

US $361
O2 sensor failed and was replaced 
46080 mi Fuel canister and PCv failure 
5000 mi Customer Satisfaction Program 10B15 (PCM reflash). Experienced no transmission problems since purchase but performed program as preventative maintainence.  
70100 mi

US $600
Evaporative Emissions purge valve failed, causing car to stall while driving. After stall check engine light came on and stayed on As a result of emissions purge valve failure, O2 sensor failed and required replacement 
109000 mi

US $40
Emissions purge valve (under hood) failed again. Replaced part 
118000 mi Wrench light would illuminate along with reduced throttle response. Would clear after cycling the engine off and back on. Dealer replaced throttle body assembly under CSP #13N03, no charge 

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2010 Ford Escape 4dr SUV

171-horsepower 2.5L I4 6-speed automatic AWD

124000 mi

US $250
Replaced muffler. Baffles in muffler had broken, very loud. 
32240 mi "Wrench Light" activated. Powertrain issue. Vacumm needed replacement. 
90520 mi

C $450
Check engine light on; replaced evaporative emission purge valve. 
104140 mi

C $900
Replaced exhaust system from Catalytic Converter to Muffler. 
75900 mi

US $350
Fuel inlet light came on, 1st time - filler neck dirty, light back on filler neck changed $305 light came back on ended up being a purge valve $56 - should have checked that first 
95000 mi

US $50
Car would not start. Turns over but did not start. Took to dealer they can't find anything wrong - does not register on computer. Had car back 2 has had problem twice. Took 2 hours to get it started. Took back to another dealer today. 
105000 mi Car would not start at all. Previous dealer unable to diagnose as it did not show on computer. Had towed to another dealer. Problem still did not show up on computer, they hunted and found the problem. Ended up being a loose relay wire to the fuel pump. 
127000 mi

US $1200
check engine light - PO316 and PO301 dealer changed coil cyl. 1 and all sparkplugs - check engine light still on. Unsure if cracked head but not willing to put more money into project. Runs pretty rough on idle and misfire noted at 2000RPM 
127000 mi engine had cracked head. Decided wasn't worth the fix - no longer have vehicle 
36000 mi Making a noise on the front pulley system similar to a bearing going out. Changed out idler, water pump and finally the pulley on the alternator. Alternator pulley was source of noise. 
39000 mi Found out they did not change water pump during previous service. Bearing in old water pump failed ane threw the belt. Requiring them to tow the vehicle in. 
24800 mi

C $136
Car started to run bad, service advisor said was under warranty, and at the end I was charged. dealer Service lousy, they just care to get money from customers and forget about good quality service. I paid for something that should be warr. 

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2010 Ford Escape 4dr SUV

171-horsepower 2.5L I4 5-speed manual FWD

47000 mi

US $1200
Idler pulley bracket BROKE OFF from timing cover destroying the timing cover. Apparently I had the old style bracket with only two attachment points, where the updated bracket has 3. Thanks Ford... not covered under warranty of course. 
61000 mi

US $40
EVAP solenoid on front of the engine went bad 
64000 mi CEL illuminated for the EVAP leak in the fuel filler neck. WTF.... this shouldn't even NEED replacing. $300 fix at the dealer!?! I'm going to try and get rid of this thing. 

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2010 Ford Escape 4dr SUV

153-horsepower 2.5L I4 Hybrid CVT AWD

1300 mi Truck wouldn't start on July 17th. They ordered a new PCM, but it was backordered. After clearing the PCM, they gave the truck back to me. It died roadside. Had it towed - still waiting on the PCM - has been at the dealer now since July 23. 
1000 mi The PCM was replace after 74 days in the shop. 
122000 mi

US $466
Infamous throttle body stuck open. Towed to dealer. Known defect, but HYBRID not incl. in extended warranty so I'm out $442.68. Called FoMoCo..won't help. So 2.5 engine covered in Escape models except in hybrid... what a crock! 
122700 mi

US $229
Check engine light on again...oxygen sensor this time. Replaced by dealership. 

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2010 Ford Escape Engine Problems

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