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2012 Ford Focus Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Worst car I have EVER owned, will NEVER buy another ford. EVER. by brianlarose



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Ford Transmissions go out regularly, we've had 2 installed in a car with less than 80,000 miles. Ford Rear end alignment has been redone 5 times in 80,000 miles. we have been forced to buy 5 new sets of tires in 80,000 miles because of alignment issues. When on hold with Ford Customer Serivce, their audio hold music says. "Buy new tires every 6 years regardless of the mileage". YEAH, that's NOT a problem if you own a Focus, you'll be buying them every 16,000 miles. They ALSO tell you "Get your car aligned every 30,000 miles", that should not be a problem because you will be paying for alignment every 16,000 miles too.


Ford is NOT a software company. MyFordTouch is the worst product ever invented.

Reviewed: 2012 Ford Focus

4dr Hatch 160-horsepower 2.0L I4 6-speed automated manual FWD

2012 Ford Focus Horror Story

Styling is very nice. i like the looks of this car, however the mechanics of the this car, the design and so on is the worst possible car ever built. Horrible buying decision, i will never ever own a ford again as long as I live.


You might think that this is a nice looking car, but don't be fooled. It's poorly designed, poorly executed and poorly built. It will give you problems with the following areas:
1) Automatic Transmission, multiple slips, multiple control modules installed. left me stranded twice.
2) Rear suspension and Alignment causing tire wear issues.
3) MyFord Touch is the worst piece of software ever. Won't sync with phone, won't pull messages from iPhones, drops bluetooth during calls, randomly reboots the entertainment system in the middle of the day.

For the amount of money spent on this car, we could have bought a MINI or other HIGHLY reliable brand, instead we ended up with the worst car we've ever owned.

Background on me: I own 8 cars, I build classic cars and I'm also a race instructor with the SCCA so I know my way around cars. This car has NEVER been raced or autocrossed, this was my wife's car and now my daughters car. We replaced it with a more reliable brand and we wo't look back.


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Response from Member6232

11:59 am August 9, 2015

I rented a 2012 Focus for a week in 2012 or '13 (purposely seeking it out, as I was interested in buying one). The auto trans was terrible (jerky and indecisive), as many have mentioned, plus I experienced a variety of random electronic glitches. It's an attractive looking exterior design, either sedan or hatchback, but the experience soured me on the prospect of buying any Ford vehicle. That they didn't work out the bugs - especially regarding a major component like the "PowerShift" transmission - before selling it to the public calls Ford's ethics into question.


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