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2015 Ford Focus Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Geat car by Romuald1



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I got this car in April of 2016 it was a 2015 Ford focus with 5 speed, it had 1800 km on it and i paid 12,900.00. Car was perfect no marks or any thing. I put in cruse control $350.00. On highway it gets 40 miles per gal.

Reviewed: 2015 Ford Focus

4dr Sedan 160-horsepower 2.0L I4 5-speed manual FWD

2015 Ford Focus Love Letter

Good looking, drives like it is on rails.


Great car for the very low price that I paid.

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Response from MitchD

11:37 am January 5, 2017

My wife had a 2012 sedan. The car felt more upsacale than its competitors. It handled great, had plenty of power, got great gas mileage, and was realy quiet for a small car. In metallic Candy Apple Red paint, it looked fantastic. The problem was the dreaded dual clutch auto transmission.

My wife could not get over the fact that it is an "automated" manual transmission and behaves like a manual. She thought it shited too harshly, and freaked out when she was stopped on a hill, released the brake, and the car would roll backwards before she could accelerate.

I drive a manual transmission. So for me, it worked as it should. However, after researching these "problems" , I fouund out how many people have had to replace these transmissions; sometimes multiple times. We had 46K on ours when we decided to trade it in due to shift characterists and the abysmal realibility of the transmission.

The Focus depreciates quickly due to reputation of the dual clutch transmission. For that reason it can be a teriffic used car value if you know how to drive a manual and are able to locate one with a manual transmission.


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Response from mkaresh

2:22 pm January 5, 2017

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