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2005 Ford Focus Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by BasiliskSt



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Reviewed: 2005 Ford Focus

4dr Sedan 151-horsepower 2.3L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Why the 2005 Ford Focus?

Powertrain performance

The Focus ST features a larger 2.3 liter engine than the standard 2.0 l. It is coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission and was the sport version of the Focus in 2005. The 2.3 provides responsive, excellent low and mid-end torque and great fuel economy.


The ST has a clear sense of direction with strong on-center feel. It does not wander or hunt and goes where it is pointed with exceptionally good feedback through the wheel. You know what the car is doing at all times, markedly better than Corolla.

Fuel economy

Great balance of power and fuel economy. Average approximately 30 MPG in around town driving or high speed 70 mph plus Interstate cruising. At 55 MPH will deliver 38 MPG on long trips. Very consistent fuel economy after 55,000 miles.

Feature availability

Fully loaded small car offered good safety, heated leather seats and traction control for cold climate, sunroof, upgraded 6 disc stereo, steering wheel audio and speed controls, fog lights, alloy wheels with performance tires and more at a great price.

Reliability & durability

My past experience with Ford and Mercury is excellent (better than my Toyota experience). The early Focus was not notably reliable, but by 2005 the Focus was statistically a standout in reliability & durability. My trouble-free 55,000 miles supports that.

Why Not the 2005 Ford Focus?

Interior styling

The interior is competent, but uninspiring and the dash is notably of hard plastic. What you touch is leather or well textured, but what you see is relatively plain. Several different grains among different plastic parts. The door is great, dash plain.

Ride smoothness

This "fault" is compared to larger cars, not cars in the class. For a small car, the Focus is well-composed and absorbs bumps without getting off-line. It features fully independent suspension in a class where most have a solid twist beam rear axle.

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