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2009 Ford Focus Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by jnixity



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Reviewed: 2009 Ford Focus

4dr Sedan 140-horsepower 2.0L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2009 Ford Focus?

Exterior styling

I like to look for a boxy/cornery car and most cars on the market now have been rounded off for reasons claimed such as to aid in aerodynamics.

Feature availability

I like how it comes with Sirius Satellite radio built in. I like how the center console is pretty much all buttons, I despise knobs and there are only 4 knobs and two of them have a button built into the middle of it so that makes me happier.

Interior styling

The buttons, like stated before. When the buttons and gauges are lit up, they light up a pretty blue.

Reliability & durability

So far it has been about 5 months, and I have 10000miles on the odometer and there have been no strange noises, problems or anything. I have been rear ended twice and both times I took a very small amount of damage, so maybe the rear is pretty durable

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