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2015 Honda Pilot Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2015 Honda Pilot EX-L. by Roccaas



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Traded up from CRV. Needed more room and quieter highway ride.

Reviewed: 2015 Honda Pilot

4dr SUV 250-horsepower 3.5L V6 5-speed automatic FWD

2015 Honda Pilot Love Letter

Solid Honda styling, not too exciting, but should wear well even with the 2016 about to launch. Good sight lines, tall seating position, but not too high for access without running boards.

Interior plastic bits scratch badly and the white plastic underneath shows through. For example, if you load something onto the rear deck and it rubs along the plastic, the grey (that's my interior color) will scratch away leaving a white gouge. I can understand this in a '81 Citation, but not a upper mid-level SUV.


Solid choice with a few areas that could be better: tight legroom for front passenger because of protruding glovebox, "beer canning" when you slam the rear doors (thin steel? lacking reinforcements?), a number of small paint flaws noticed upon applying sealant, rear camera picture is low resolution, prop rod for hood gets very hot (prop rod on a $36000 truck? add springs!), some concern with interior vinyl-seems to stain easily (sweat/oil).

Solid highway performer, quiet, good power (feels like more than 275hp). Comfortable seats, big rear deck (no security shade however).

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