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2011 Nissan LEAF Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Nissan LEAF 2011 by leonbrodie



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This car rocked. It fit my commute nicely and after 28,000 miles I traded it in for a 2012. I wanted a 13, but tax credits wait for no-one and I was limited by availability. 46 bucks of electricity for 1800 miles... tell me you aren't jealous. Best car I ever owned, but I'm giving the 2012 it's shot

Reviewed: 2011 Nissan LEAF

4dr Hatch 107-horsepower Electric 1-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2011 Nissan LEAF?


The Leaf is quiet in a way that makes everything else seem rather primitive. You can chat on the phone while going 90 mph. Seriously. This car rocks.

Ride smoothness

The smoothness of the power and the total lack of vibration is an automotive game changer. After 30,000 miles of EV motion, the only question left is.... Why did this take so long?

Feature availability

The number one reason to not buy a LEAF. The lack of options on the battery pack. This vehicle needs more range. Period. I'm on my second LEAF and the only reason I upgraded was the tax credits and heated seats.

Why Not the 2011 Nissan LEAF?

Feature availability

The LEAF needs a bigger battery option. Other than that, it is the best car I've ever owned.


I'll beat this drum until Nissan listens or Tesla gets their production up to the demand. The LEAF needs a bigger battery. Awesome car. Needs more juice. And a leather interior. But mostly a bigger battery.

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