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2011 Nissan LEAF Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Real world ownership of the full electric vehicle -Nissan LEAF

by pstroub

A member in California, United States


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With significant advertising and a 'come on' price.
I'll give you the straight up on making the purchase.

Reviewed: 2011 Nissan LEAF

4dr Hatch 107-horsepower Electric 1-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2011 Nissan LEAF?

Powertrain performance

This car has really good pickup below 30 mph. Its fun to pseudo race other drivers at stop lights and get to the speed limit quickly.


Electric cars are all quiet and vibration free. Drives smoothly and reminds me of my Lexus days.

Why Not the 2011 Nissan LEAF?

Reliability & durability

The build quality was in line. HOWEVER, what destroys this car as a purchase choice is one thing: The cutting corners and bad engineering decisions (political or otherwise) to make the car battery air cooled. This simply doesn't work very well in warmer climates. The folks up in Seattle don't see this but where it gets above 95 degrees such as CALIF, TX, ARIZONA are the folks are starting to seeing this battery fade rapidly with pernament heat damage. Read about how to care for a LI-ON. We baby'ed this car battery for all the things we could, but the heat is getting it. This vehicle is edging toward being the orphaned 3rd car because it won't be long before it cannot do our simple 35 mile roundtrip commute. A very expensive loss for us. Learn from this and DON"T BUY THIS CAR MODEL. Buy a Chevy Volt instead. We have that car too....and we fight over who drives it. It has a conservative approach...liquid battery management to keep the battery at its favorite temperature day and night, 24/7. That temperature is 70 degrees.


Should you still choose to buy this car...go for the shortest lease...at least you will know your costs. My losses in 1st two years of ownership are about $15K.

I will also remind you this: Every one of these defective cars sold costs all of us as taxpayers between $7500 to $10,000. Then add your depreciation cost, since the car cannot be easily resold.

My wish for helping others:
I wish I could start a class action lawsuit.

My conclusion about this company:
I will never buy a Nissan product again. They don't back up their product.

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Response from Member6564

9:11 pm September 30, 2015

I agree 150%! We purchased a 2015 model and it was the worst decision made. The value has plummeted on this car at a break neck pace. Current value sits at $12-13k with an MSRP of $32k less than a year ago. We are upside down on this car around $15k. So we are stuck with it unless we want to get blasted on a trade in.

Do not buy this car.... You will regret it in a short time, believe me on this!!!!


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