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2012 Nissan Rogue Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Excellent compact SUV by expresso96



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This has been an excellent vehicle for long distance travel, with decent fuel economy around town, too. Mine averages around 27mpg in mixed driving, and has hit 32mpg on highway trips (calculated at fill-ups - the trip computer is off by about 1-2mpg).

Reviewed: 2012 Nissan Rogue

4dr SUV 170-horsepower 2.5L I4 CVT FWD

Why the 2012 Nissan Rogue?

Reliability & durability

Rock solid after 21,000 miles in 11 months. The worst quality issue so far has been a quiet, intermittent rattle. Cheap to maintain, too. If it holds up as well as my '08 Versa, I will be very happy.

Front seat support & comfort

I'm over 6' tall with long legs, and I have plenty of room. I can sit in the rear seat after I set the driver's seat at a comfortable position, as well. I wish the lower cushion height/angle could be adjusted, but still very comfortable.

Ride smoothness

Slightly firm ride that can rock side-to-side a bit, but comfortable enough for 12+ hour drives. Doesn't float or bounce, even with a full load.


Not as sporty as a good compact car, but pretty good for an SUV. Easy maneuverability around parking lots. I'm often surprised at how well it gets around tight spaces.

Powertrain performance

I love the CVT - very smooth, good power, and great fuel economy. Power feels a bit soft at low speeds, but the engine is willing to rev for passing. No problems passing on interstates - even up mountains with 4 people on board. The engine can get a bit loud, but it's fairly quick for a crossover.

Why Not the 2012 Nissan Rogue?

Cargo capacity

The sleek roofline cuts into cargo space. Seems to be about normal for this class, though. The max towing capacity is 1000 lbs. This is also fairly common for a 4-cylinder engine in this class, but less than a compact car like a Corolla can tow.


My wife always wants to drive it. If the fuel economy matched her Corolla's, I think she'd buy one too. It's affordable, solid, comfortable and good looking.

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