1995 BMW 3-Series BMW 3-Series 1995

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1995 BMW 3-Series repairs by problem area

Engine (51%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (3%)

Brakes and Traction Control (1%)

Suspension and Steering (24%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (14%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (1%)

Other (6%)

Chart based on 71 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 1995 BMW 3-Series.

1995 BMW 3-Series repair cost distribution

$2500+ (4%)

$1000 - $2499 (12%)

$500 - $999 (8%)

$100 - $499 (47%)

< $100 (29%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 49 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

1995 BMW 3-Series

Engine not specified

BMW in Illinois, United States
Mar 2012 - Jul 2012
Jun 2012

111000 mi

US $1200
Engine running lean, MIL, & misfire 
Jul 2012

111000 mi

US $1800
Starter failed and car was flat-bedded to repair shop.  The exhaust midpipe/catalytics were replaced at same time to solve lean condition. 
BMW in California, United States
Feb 2010 - Jun 2011
Mar 2010

55000 mi
New springs, shocks, rear shock tower mounts. 
Apr 2010

56000 mi
Oil pressure sending unit. AC pulley replacement. Valve cover gasket. 
BMW in Colorado, United States
Aug 2015 - Jun 2018
Aug 2015

131000 mi

US $600
Engine pinging. Replaced crankshaft position sensor, ignition coils, spark plugs, water temp sensors, intake air temp sensor, fuel pressure regulator. 
BMW in Mississippi, United States
Oct 2011 - Jun 2012
Jan 2012

130000 mi

US $120
CEL throwing 02 sensor code. Replaced 02 sensor. 
Feb 2012

131000 mi

US $1279
Replaced belt tensioner and idler, valve cover gasket and power steering hoses. Sway bar end links and rear trail arm bushings were worn Power steering fluid leak. Replaced hoses and reservoir. 
BMW in California, United States
Jan 2012 - Oct 2012
Mar 2012

189000 mi
A leaky hose that had been replaced previously, sprang a leak again. I noticed a burning-oil small and mentioned it when taking the car in for an oil change. They identified the failure and replaced it under warranty. 
May 2012

190000 mi

US $250
Belts needed replacing. Inner tie rod ends are loose; declined to fix during this trip. 
Oct 2012

193000 mi
Window controllers failed within 30 days; windows would be non-op, or go up and down randomly. 
BMW in California, United States
May 2010 - Apr 2011
Jun 2010

103000 mi

US $89
Rear trailing arm bushing 
Nov 2010

104000 mi

US $426
Fuel filter, software, valve cover, spark plugs, and cabin filter. trailing arm bushing 
BMW in Georgia, United States
Jul 2010 - Jun 2011
Aug 2010

223000 mi

US $301
right front spring broke. car was lower on right side. 
BMW in Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Jan 2010 - Jun 2012
Jun 2010

123380 mi

A $150
fuel pump died 
BMW in Oklahoma, United States
Dec 2009 - Jun 2010
Jan 2010

174000 mi

US $230
Water pump replacement, coolant flush. New radiator cap. Mounts. 
May 2010

178000 mi

US $150
Upper radiator hose mount cracked. 

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1995 BMW 3-Series 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

BMW in Tennessee, United States
Jul 2011 - Aug 2011
Aug 2011

225000 mi

US $2
Fuel leak on top of fuel tank. Removed rear seat removed right side fuel pump access panel, hose crimp on fuel line failed.Cut the hose end whose crimp off and replace whose clamp. All repairs were on top of tank under bottom rear seat.  
BMW in New York, United States
Dec 2009 - Apr 2010
Feb 2010

127200 mi

US $2500
The caliper sticks after braking causing friction on acceleration. Caliper replacement did not fix. Line replacement did not fix. Cylinder replacement required. Blown head gasket, warped head. Engine replacement could not be completed by independent shop. They could not get the car to run again. 
BMW in Virginia, United States
Jun 2017 - Jun 2018
Aug 2017

150000 mi

US $2000
Engine overheated due to coolant system failure. Replaced coolant system, replaced car computer, replaced hoses, cleaned injectors, took broken engine and machined part of it and then took another engine and combined to create one good engine 

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1995 BMW 3-Series 4-door

4-cylinder manual 2WD

BMW in Quebec, Canada
Oct 2010 - Jan 2012
Nov 2010

135160 mi

C $550
Noise from lower control arm and wheel bearing right hand side. Both had to be replaced. 
Mar 2011

135160 mi

C $400
Bad temp sensor, bad maf. 

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1995 BMW 3-Series 2-door

6-cylinder manual 2WD

BMW in Colorado, United States
Dec 2009 - Oct 2010
Apr 2010

183200 mi

US $2300
Front subframe cracked. Replaced subframe shocks, control arms. (and fluids, oil pump nut and the list goes on) Replaced exhaust hangars Replaced motor mounts, transmission mounts Replaced fuel lines 
BMW in California, United States
Feb 2011 - Jul 2011
Mar 2011

97000 mi
Power steering leak; replaced hoses & reservoir water pump leak, replaced water pump, hoses, radiator, expansion tank loose expansion tank hose fouled & broke cooling fan; replaced fan, clutch & shroud; shop paid labor, owner paid parts 
BMW in California, United States
Mar 2011 - Apr 2013
Apr 2011

131000 mi

US $4000
Head gasket & associated hoses & valve job 
Aug 2011

141000 mi
Rear shelf speakers blown, replaced with upgrade. 
Jan 2012

US $100
Clutch pedal hard to push down, bushings worn. 
May 2012

146300 mi
Windows stall going up, lubricated regulators. Problem remains, probably window motors. 
BMW in Alaska, United States
Feb 2011 - Jun 2012
Mar 2011

96000 mi

US $325
Alternator, didn't fail, just noisy bearings, $125 Window regulator, also just noisy, $200 
BMW in Maine, United States
Sep 2010 - Nov 2010
Nov 2010

152000 mi
The front shields that enclose the engine bay and front bumper with duct work finally disintegrated and were due to be replaced. The estimated repair was $356.00 for parts and 2.0 hrs flat rate ($80/hr) at the local BMW specialist place (not the dealer). The driver's seat back broke and the car was unsafe. Hard to judge the repair price as the shop simply scratched their heads. It would require sourcing a 1995 M3 seat from a wreck with buffalo leather interior, rare as hen's teeth from what BMW told them. Driver's side rear strut starting to leak but not needing replacement just yet, no estimate obtained. 
BMW in Illinois, United States
May 2010 - Oct 2011
Jul 2010

214000 mi

US $600
Engine making a knocking sound around the timing chain area - m50 engine. Replaced vanos and associated hardware. 
Mar 2011

216000 mi

US $200
Replaced radiator, flushed coolant. 
BMW in California, United States
Mar 2010 - Jan 2014
May 2010

154000 mi

US $60
main computer no longer responds when hooked up for diagnostics. however car drives fine. tried swapping temporarily with computer from another car, and everything worked. so if we paid for new computer, could fix ($1200). 
Nov 2010

156000 mi

US $400
faulty computer finally replaced with inexpensive part from wreck, now everything works properly 
Dec 2011

165000 mi

US $50
LCD of trip computer 
Jan 2014 Driver's door outside handle does not work. Inside works. 
BMW in France
Aug 2010 - Jul 2012
Sep 2010

114700 mi

Oil leak near the Vanos, just needed to be tightened. 
Dec 2011

116560 mi

AC/Steering Belts were changed Steering linkage work: right tie rod, rubber boot. The universal joint of the drive shaft. 
BMW in Florida, United States
Apr 2010 - Nov 2011
May 2010

149000 mi

US $150
Alternator failed causing the battery to fully discharge. We were left stranded on the highway and had to be towed. 
Oct 2010

152000 mi

US $200
Replaced front wheel bearings (entire hub on both sides). I had a noise that appeared on right hand turns and suspected the bearings. BMW offered a free, 1 hour inspection through a promotion, and they confirmed my diagnosis.  
Jan 2011

153300 mi

US $200
Replaced both tie rods due to failure. Had the car aligned. Also replaced main steering shaft bushing to cure play in steering wheel.  Replaced O-rings in oil filter housing.  SRS light, replaced pass. side seat belt receptacle. 
Mar 2011

155000 mi

US $285
Had SRS light. Replaced passenger seat occupancy sensor and computer control box with used parts. Reset SRS light with Peake tool. Main ECU failed. Idle control valve failed. Sourced used computer and new ICV. 
Nov 2011

158000 mi
Needed a steering rack when sold. 

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1995 BMW 3-Series 2-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

BMW in California, United States
Dec 2009 - Jun 2012
Mar 2012

144000 mi

US $220
Cracked radiator 

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1995 BMW 3-Series 2-door

4-cylinder manual 2WD

BMW in Ontario, Canada
Jul 2010 - Dec 2013
Sep 2010

148180 mi

C $200
Interior headliner replaced - old one was detaching from the headliner backing, including the A-pillar trim. 
Dec 2010

150040 mi

C $110
Rear shock absorber mount rattling over bumps. 
Jun 2011

155000 mi

C $320
Loose steering tie-rods replaced 
Jul 2011

155620 mi

C $480
Starter would not crank engine, car had to be bump-started - Battery and starter motor replaced 
BMW in Pennsylvania, United States
Dec 2009 - Jan 2011
Jan 2010

150000 mi

US $30
Intake bellow was worn and had a tear in it. It is between the air flow meter and the throttle body causing bad idle and surging during acceleration. 

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1995 BMW 3-Series 2-door

4-cylinder automatic 2WD

BMW in Texas, United States
Feb 2011 - Jan 2012
Mar 2011

175000 mi

US $140
Engine and transmission mounts. Transmission crossmember nearly collapsed. Had to weld in a piece of flat bar to be able to bolt it back in place. 

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