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2011 Subaru Legacy repairs by problem area

Engine (16%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (3%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (11%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (46%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (16%)

Other (4%)

Chart based on 89 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2011 Subaru Legacy.

2011 Subaru Legacy repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (3%)

$500 - $999 (6%)

$100 - $499 (17%)

< $100 (75%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 71 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2011 Subaru Legacy

Engine not specified

Subaru Legacy in New York, United States
Apr 2011 - Sep 2011
Jun 2011

5000 mi
Driver's side interior column panel coming loose TSB applied for vibration issues. Afterwards, car no longer tracks straight on the highway. Car drifts and pulls to the side at highway speeds. 
Sep 2011

6000 mi
Driver's side interior column panel still coming loose when sold 

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2011 Subaru Legacy 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 265hp 2.5L H4 6-speed manual AWD

Subaru Legacy in Chihuahua, Mexico
Aug 2015 - Dec 2016
May 2016

28520 mi

AT jerking a little, needed replacement of fluid after only 46,000 kilometers, even though maintenance manual requires this to be done at 72,000. Car sits a lot, so maybe it went bad after 4.5 years of use. 
Subaru Legacy in Slovak Republic
Dec 2013 - Sep 2016
Mar 2015

47120 mi

Legacy 2010 and early 2011 had issues with poor efficiency of headlights. I tried to change the xenon bulb, but no cure. Due to this I had to change both headlights on my car. 
Aug 2016

53940 mi

Noisy front on street bumps. Stabilizer links and some rubber parts had to be replaced. Would be simple and cheap if not for the GT model. For this one, only OEM (expensive) parts are available... 
Sep 2016

53940 mi
still noisy on bumps even after service 
Subaru Legacy in Sri Lankia
Oct 2016 - Jun 2018
Jul 2017

10540 mi

Steering Rack end bushes replaced 
Subaru Legacy in Quebec, Canada
Jul 2016 - Nov 2018
Jun 2017

65100 mi

C $1175
Clutch was slipping, replacement kit was installed. 
Oct 2017

71300 mi

C $180
Oil pressure switch 
Sep 2018

86800 mi

C $500
Brakes needed to be replaced. (Discs and pads) 
Subaru Legacy in Ontario, Canada
Jun 2010 - Apr 2015
Aug 2010

1020 mi
Salesperson noticed the missing spoiler (manufacturer did not install) the day I was to pick-up the car. Spoiler was ordered and installed 5 days later. 
Dec 2010

3100 mi
As per work order: Reprogram Engine Control Module (ECM), software update to improve emmision system and fuel economy. OP Code 145-580. 
Sep 2012

15500 mi
Clip/screw on a rubber part/cover under the body broke or fell off; replacement of clip/screw took very little time. Also had a clip replaced on the sheet metal attached to the the wheel well (was missing for quite a while). 
Oct 2012

16120 mi
Replace wheel bearing. 
Feb 2014

21700 mi

C $140
Replace daytime light sensor. 

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2011 Subaru Legacy 4dr Sedan

256-horsepower 3.6L H6 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Subaru Legacy in New Jersey, United States
Aug 2010 - Sep 2018
Jun 2012

46000 mi

US $56
Front D/S low-beam headlamp need to be replaced. To do this, they had to remove the battery and other items, and then replace the headlamp. Took about an hour to complete. 
Jul 2012

46300 mi

US $53
fuel filler cap assembly due to vapor leak. this was caused by the gas cap not being seated properly on gas filler neck. cap was replaced and system tested for leaks. 
Mar 2017

180000 mi

US $146
Lumbar support in driver seat bladder clips broke and were replaced. 
Subaru Legacy in New York, United States
Jul 2010 - Aug 2016
May 2013

11000 mi
Small water leak around moon roof. 
Subaru Legacy in Virginia, United States
Mar 2011 - Dec 2017
Jun 2011

3000 mi
Built-in Nav system screen does not dim automatically when lights are switched on. Result is a too bright screen that is bothersome when driving at night. Dealer could not fix and said they would consult with Subaru.No response yet.  
Nov 2011

7900 mi
Paint appears to be fading in a small area near sun roof Nav dispay does not darken automatically when lights come on. Update: We learned that the screen was not designed to automatically dim at night when you use the lights - that had to be done manually. This is an issue that has been corrected, by the way, in the 2017 Legacy we just bought as a replacement. 
Dec 2012

19000 mi
Heater not working properly. Update: The heater never did seem to work as it should. It kept the car warm, but the automatic temperature control could never be adjusted to work as that feature doe in other cars. This too seems to have been corrected in the 2017 model! 
Aug 2013

34000 mi
Oil leak. Needed a new seal of some kind that was not in stock and had to be ordered. 
Oct 2013

36500 mi
A repeat of oil leak problem of August--plus heater/AC not working properly - these issues may be related. Very frustrating...the mechanic is unsure of the cause of any othese problems... A repeat of oil leak problem of August--plus heater/AC not working properly - these issues may be related. 
Oct 2015

94500 mi

US $100
Headlight replacement 
Feb 2016

104000 mi

US $800
Seven light bulbs needed to be replaced 
Nov 2016

118900 mi

US $260
Needed to replace 6 bulbs, including one headlight. 
Subaru Legacy in Ohio, United States
Mar 2014 - Oct 2017
Jul 2017

83000 mi
Low beam bulb replacement 
Subaru Legacy in Wisconsin, United States
Jun 2013 - Mar 2018
Mar 2018

42000 mi
High beam lights failed ..faulty bulbs 

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2011 Subaru Legacy 4dr Sedan

170-horsepower 2.5L H4 6-speed shiftable CVT AWD

Subaru Legacy in New York, United States
May 2013 - Mar 2014
Aug 2013

19000 mi
My passenger headlight bulb went out. I took it to the dealer and was repaired for free under the warranty. Dealer told me that if it goes out again, they will have to look at the electrical connectors. My driver's seat has been loose for a number of months. Took to a local dealer and couldn't replicate the issue. Not satisfied, went to another dealer and the seat was fixed because of a TSB. 
Sep 2013

19000 mi
My driver's side headlight bulb went out exactly a month after my passenger headlight bulb went out. Went back to Richard Lucas Subaru and was not charged for the bulb as the car is still under warranty. 
Jan 2014

19900 mi
Engine cover came loose and was rattling under the hood while driving. Battery was replaced after 2 years due to being "weak" 
Subaru Legacy in North Carolina, United States
May 2012 - Jul 2014
May 2013

26000 mi
Rattle coming from front of car at speeds under 45 MPH. Dealer found something loose in the hood latch mechanism that was causing rattle. While stopped in traffic, engine idle would infrequently drop & car would almost die, sometimes causing car to shake, although engine never cut off. Software update corrected problem 
Subaru Legacy in Oklahoma, United States
Aug 2011 - Jun 2018
Aug 2017

96000 mi
Transmission was replaced under warranty 
Subaru Legacy in Michigan, United States
Jan 2012 - Jun 2018
Dec 2012

13000 mi
Volume control switch on steering wheel only worked intermittently. Switches replaced. 
Oct 2017

60000 mi

US $895
Ignition lock cylinder acted like key was in even when it wasn't. Repair included replacing all locks and keys on the vehicle. 
Subaru Legacy in Quebec, Canada
Sep 2016 - Jun 2018
Nov 2016

102200 mi

C $25
Light bulb replacement 
May 2017

110980 mi

C $550
Vibration unknown source maybe handbrake too stiff Brake needed to be replaced rear rotors and pads (pad were used 90%)/ Caliper needed services on all corners because they were stuck (rust/salt). Brake has been replaced on front (rotors and pads) I wanted to do a good job. 
Aug 2017

115940 mi
brake light and headlight again. car hesitate shake and engine nearly die when on a stop light or in a parking lot at slow speed. 
Subaru Legacy in Ohio, United States
May 2014 - Oct 2015
May 2014

47000 mi
Passenger side seatbelt height adjustment stuck. Dealer disassembled pillar and re-seated adjustment track. 
Subaru Legacy in Nevada, United States
Aug 2011 - Jun 2018
Aug 2012

11400 mi
The console pocket in front of the shifter was starting to come apart and excessive rattling was being heard in the interior. The dealership disassembled the dash, reinstalled/reattached these pieces and had me on my way within an hour. 
Jun 2014

30000 mi
Headliner was loose at the back of the car. Steering wheel volume control not working properly. Will not adjust volume up. Part ordered during earlier trip. 
Dec 2017

59000 mi

US $170
The original battery died and I replaced it with an AGM unit. 
Subaru Legacy in Utah, United States
Sep 2010 - Feb 2012
Jan 2012

32000 mi
Salt leaking in on rear door windows. Seat belt squeaking 
Subaru Legacy in Massachusetts, United States
Jan 2010 - Jun 2012
Jul 2010

250 mi
Check Engine light illuminated. Cause was loose evap hose in fuel system. Repaired under warranty. 
Dec 2010

4000 mi
Small leak from sunroof repaired (Subaru issued TSB). 
Aug 2011

13000 mi
Sunroof wind deflector did not deploy. Sunroof was adjust and realigned and wind deflector now works properly. 
Mar 2012

20000 mi
Passenger seatbelt was rattling. Dealer followed TSB to repair. 
Subaru Legacy in Indiana, United States
Sep 2010 - Aug 2013
Mar 2011

7512 mi
Automatic headlights turn on and off constantly. I have not taken it in yet for repair. I have stopped using the auto-mode. Automatic headlights turn on and off constantly. 
Aug 2013

55000 mi
Never fixed automatic headlights. 
Subaru Legacy in Massachusetts, United States
Aug 2010 - Jun 2018
Feb 2011

7000 mi
passenger seatbelt and airbag sensor stayed on whether or not passenger in seat 
Oct 2011

17500 mi
Something scraping wheel when turning left. Dealer diagnosed and repaired. 
Mar 2014

55000 mi

US $29
Passenger side headlight replaced. Due to poor design, hard to do. 
Apr 2015

67300 mi

US $60
Replace headlight bulb. Should be easy, but poor design makes this difficult. 
Subaru Legacy in Illinois, United States
Aug 2010 - Jun 2018
Aug 2012

36000 mi

US $600
Passenger power seat switch was sticking and was replaced. Still sticking. 
Mar 2017

101000 mi
Oil control valve had to be replaced. 
Subaru Legacy in Illinois, United States
Aug 2011 - Mar 2015
Apr 2012

20000 mi
Engine stumbling, no codes, no explanation, just a "check up", no faults found 
Oct 2012

30000 mi
TPMS system was acting crazy. Check and clear codes. 
Feb 2013

35700 mi
wiper system overheated and "melted" causing under-hood smoke and smoke coming into the interior vents. Replaced wiper motor cover (again) and wiper motor. 
Subaru Legacy in Pennsylvania, United States
Jan 2011 - Dec 2016
Apr 2015

35000 mi

US $100
Drivers door would not unlock using key fob, had to manually use key in door. Power lock actuator switch was replaced under warranty (had $100 extended warranty deductible). 
Nov 2016

45600 mi
Radio working intermittently 
Subaru Legacy in Pennsylvania, United States
Jun 2010 - Jun 2018
Mar 2015

51000 mi

US $300
bad fuse for headlights 
Jun 2017

72000 mi

US $100
Catalytic converter was making a terrible noise after startup. Fix was welding various points to stop the noise. 
Aug 2017

74000 mi

US $100
Noisy heat shield exhaust 
Subaru Legacy in North Carolina, United States
Mar 2011 - Jun 2018
Jun 2011

2000 mi
Steering wheel had a slight shimmy at highway speeds. Dealer balanced tires, and this improved, but did not totally elmiinate the problem. 
Nov 2011

6000 mi
Replaced seat heater on driver's side. 
Jul 2012

12500 mi
Steering wheel shimmy. 
Aug 2012

14300 mi
Steering wheel and front end of car has a shimmy at highway speeds. This has been going on for over a year and the dealer cannot correct the problem. 
Subaru Legacy in Wisconsin, United States
Aug 2011 - Jun 2017
Feb 2014

22000 mi
Bad power steering pump, needed replacement. 
Subaru Legacy in Oklahoma, United States
May 2011 - Mar 2013
Dec 2011

14000 mi
Volume fluctuations; new amp on order 
Jan 2012

14500 mi
TSB for radio amplifier; covered by TSB replacing amp with one with new software. 

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2011 Subaru Legacy 4dr Sedan

170-horsepower 2.5L H4 6-speed manual AWD

Subaru Legacy in Minnesota, United States
May 2015 - Nov 2018
Oct 2017

94000 mi

US $40
Headlight bulb. 
Jan 2018

95000 mi

US $40
Repeated headlight outages. Keep replacing. Pain to replace because of location. We've had the car about 4 yrs now and I would say we replaced headlights at least every yr. 
Subaru Legacy in Pennsylvania, United States
Dec 2012 - Jan 2014
Mar 2012

14251 mi
Driver side headlamp replaced.. failed part.. under warranty. 
Jun 2012

17322 mi
Passenger side headlamp out.. bulb failed.. Warranty 
Jun 2013

27783 mi
Taken in for burnt out passenger side, side marker. Found driver side headlamp failed and replaced... Warranty 
Jul 2013

28945 mi
Ahh.. here is the replacement of the passenger side, side marker.. Warranty 
Jan 2014 Driver side head lamp failure (3rd time) and driver side, side marker failure.. Warranty. Anyone else see a problem here??? 

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