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Questions with Acura ILX Recommendations

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  24 responses   Fun, good acceleration and handling, relatively quiet when cruising, reliable in compact or smaller mid size automobile

New or used is okay. New priced up to low 30s, or late model used, mid 20s. I am a single person so I do not need an extremely practical car but I do want one that is functional in rain and snow. I plan on owning one car. My...
  9 responses   To VW or not?

Let the debate begin. I am extremely pulled between purchasing a VW Jetta GLI or Honda Civic SI.

My big 2 needs for my car are (1) 4 door (2) 6 Speed

I would also like to keep it under 28K which leads me to the above 2...
  7 responses   Reliable, fun, 4 door commuter, MT only
A member in California, United States

Looking to replace a 97 Civic that was rear-ended badly (rear seats pushed into front seats...glad it was just me in the car). It was a great, reliable car with 312k miles with normal maintenance (and lots of torn CV boots). Fun to drive, good handling (mild suspension work and...
  5 responses   New car shopping and overwhelmed with choices

i currently drivea 2004 V6 Honda Accord coupe with @ 75,000 miles. City driving (6 miles to gym round trip, 6 miles to work round trip, maybe 100 miles on the weekend). my husband would prefer an American made car (GM), also receive a GM or Ford supplier discount through...
  2 responses   Economical Wheels

Honda Accord, Mazda 3
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