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Questions with Acura RL Recommendations

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  5 responses   Used Luxury Car/SUV

> Looking to get into used Luxury car/SUV, like a higher end German or Japanese with <75000 Mi.
> Has to be priced competetively
> Not have excessive repair costs in the future
> Not be too expensive for a normal tuneup

  2 responses   Lexus or....

Own a 2005 Lexus ES, love the csr but may handd it down to son with 180K miles on it and running brand new. Thinking of buying another used Lexus ES, possibly look at LS too but gas mileage and repair costs (they are durable but when they break their...
  2 responses   reliable, safe, smooth-riding, minimal maintenance, long-lasting car (sedan or suv) that won't cost an arm and a leg to own throughout the life of the car

I must have leather seats and a very reliable vehicle. Perhaps an older "luxury" car that has a good reputation would be nice. I have been driving a 1999 Lexus GS300 and loving it. However, the body is starting to rust, althought the engine is still going strong.
I am...

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