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Questions with Audi A3 / S3 / RS3 Recommendations

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  11 responses   Hot Hatch with a Lux touch

I'm moving to California and looking at some hot hatch options. I currently drive the 2013 Jetta Hybrid and am happy with the performance and fuel economy, but the battery really hampers trunch space so I am now looking for hatch back options.

Currently I have my eyes on...
  7 responses   Fun

Hello - I've gotten the response I wanted. Thank you to everyone who replied. I've decided that for now I am keeping my current car. Thanks again.
  7 responses   Good looking, quick (~300hp+), RWD/AWD car for running around town and use as a toy

I'm interested in a good looking (I realize this is subjective), relatively sporty car for running around town. My preference would be something from one of the German big three luxury brands but lately I've been very intrigued by the 6th generation Mustang (2015+ model year). My one big concern...
  6 responses   Small SUV

Must have sunroof. I've driven the Buick Encore, mazda 3 hatchback, honda HR-V and liked them all.
  3 responses   AWD Car to Lease for Recent College Graduate, Fun to drive, and Excellent on the Highway

The price point above is a monthly payment for a lease, I'd like to find something with a low down payment up front.

I really like the Mercedes CLA AWD but I feel it might be too pricey for me considering it options up pretty quickly. The Audi A3...
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  3 responses   i want it all

i hate squeaks and rattles
i hate noisy and insubtantial feel
i hate sluggish acceleration

I love good looks
nice firm handling

  2 responses   fun for dad, share with teens

Really like my Audi for it's fit and finish and how well it does even after 15 yrs on the road. Love a manual transmission and this one is short throw 5spd with a turbo. Its fun but too expensive to justify maintaining it any more. Next crisis and I'm...
  1 response   Diesel

BMW X3 28d, BMW 328d, BMW 328d Sportwagon

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