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Questions with BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo Recommendations

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  6 responses   Family sedan with three car seats

My brother (soon to have 3 kids) needs to lease a car for my sister-in-law's commute and the occassional family hauling. Lease for around $500 a month for 3 years. He does have a Pilot for heavy duty family hauling. I do not want to recommend him a large sedan...
  6 responses   Everything - within reason

Even mix of city and highway driving - more rear passenger seat room will be needed for the pair of vertically-expanding spawn; I want some power and decent handling. Driver two holds rear parking sensor (or rear camera) and passenger safety in high priority. A bit ( not too much)...
  5 responses   Fun to drive, compact to mid-size, manual transmisison and big trunk

My golf course doesn't have club storage so I leave my bag and cart in the trunk all summer and go on road trips with 2 sets of clubs. Needgood sizedtrunk.
Want a manual transmission for driving fun. Don't want lowest trim to get the MT. My other car is...
  7 responses   I'm looking for a new car for my wife. We are both 60 years old. I'm wanting to get a more than basic car for her.

I've driven the Audi A6, BMW 535i, Lexus ES. My wife wasn't impressed with the ES at all. The BMW was nice but a little low to get in and out of and I'm concerned about BMW's reliability. The A6 was okay but I don't know very much about that...
  4 responses   Replacing a 15 year old 4Runner

Have looked at BMW X1 and X3 and MINI Cooper Countryman.
Prefer certified preowned with extended warranty if used car.
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  2 responses   50k to spend

Cadillac ATS
BMW 3 series
Lexis IS
Merc C series
Audi A4
  2 responses   mid life crisis with realistic expectations

Luxury with a sporty edge. Quiet and reliable. I am drawn to Infiniti G series and QX50. Also , Audi A3/A4/RS3/Q3. Buick regal, BMW 3 series.

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