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Questions with BMW 5-Series Recommendations

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  6 responses   New daily driver, sedan, fun to drive...reasonably reliable...

I'm in the early research phase for my next car purchase. Likely a ways off...sometime later this year or early next year. I'm a hardcore car guy, I currently have a 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco with a manual trans which I bought last fall when I thought my commute was going...
  6 responses   Tall man sized car

I am 6'6" - so interior space and head room is critical.
Second is reliability - my perfect car never needs to have work done except for oil change
  3 responses   Fun comfortable car. Reliable, fuel efficient, fast acceleration, excellent braking, and handling.

Must have timing chain. Timing belt unacceptable. Bulletproof engine, and transmission. Four, or six cylinder turbocharged models preferred. Rear wheel drive unacceptable. Front wheel drive preferred, or all wheel drive acceptable. Looked at BMW 5 series, Mercedes E class, and Lexus GS. Still doing research.

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