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Questions with Buick Enclave Recommendations

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  9 responses   SUV with safety forefront to protect my baby

Has to be safe! Pregnant wife, this will be our family hauler.

Looking for good snow handling.

Style and features are important, I want a nice ride to replace the dinky Hoondai I've had for ten years. I want an SUV that will be my ride for 15...
  8 responses   Premium family SUV

We're trying to decide on a premium family SUV with a few must-have options: comfortable second row that accomodates two child seats and one adult; usable third row for the occasional bigger crowd; AWD/4WD; no diesel.

Ideally, we'd prefer a hybrid or electric car, and would like to stay...
  3 responses   Looking for quiet rides, convenience, some luxury, and reasonable cost of ownership

Looking for advice and recommendations around replacing my 2004 BMW X5 4.4i. I've owned this car for about 8 years, and have been quite happy with it most of the time. Liked the handling, responsiveness, and panoramic sunroof the best as its features. Didn't particularly care for the higher cost...

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