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Questions with Chevrolet Traverse Recommendations

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  4 responses   Gymnastics Coach's dream car!

Hello, hopefully I use the right format here, first attempt at this.

I've been researching a car for my girlfriend to buy as she doesn't know much about cars other than how they look.

She has a very short commute on average, <5 miles="" br="">She has a long...
  4 responses   mini van maybe

My sienna is totalled. I am hoping that they can unbend frame and not total it. However, I do not think that is possible. Rear ended at 30+mph.

My youngest is 16, out of 6 kids, but I still have older kids to take to college. If the older...
  3 responses   Trailer hauler

VW Tourareg has been primarily narrowed down to our search. Like / need the towing.

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