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Questions with Ford C-MAX Recommendations

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  31 responses   Want another hybrid, but they seem to be either disappearing or not offering really great mileage

I lease a 2013 Honda Civic hybrid. I'd get another, but Honda has discontinued it for 2016. I get about 35 MPG driving in D.C. traffic. I'll need to get a new lease this year.
  • The only other Honda hybrids are the Accord (which is probably outside my price range)...
  12 responses   Small/medium size family hauler - fun, inexpensive, good to look at it

Our requirements are:
- good space for a small family with at least 5 seats
- 1/2 child seat capacity
- rearview camera is a must, love to have all around view
- like sporty looking cars specially in red color :)
- climate control
- love to have moon/sun...
  11 responses   Replacing a 2012 VW Tiguan

I currently have a 2012 VW Tiguan and am not real happy with it. "German Engineering" seems to have failed here. I leaks, squeeks, has wind noise and the ride is a bit harsh.
I have looked at a few different models including the Ford Escape, the Honda CRV, and...
  6 responses   Need FWD SUV/Crossover

I am looking for a small SUV/Crossover with FWD. While I prefer AWD, the FWD vehicle will be towed on a dolly behind an RV. Right now, I have a Golf TDI which is a great car, but I'm tired of feeling like I'm sitting in a washtub. And, I'm...
  6 responses   Fuel Efficient Hatchback - TDI? Prius?

In about 2 months I will be moving way out to the country and will have a 45 mile commute to work, shopping etc. I want a hatchback or wagon that gets good gas mileage, has a comfortable ride (better than a RAV4 or CRV), and handles well on narrow...
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  5 responses   Sedan

My preference would be for a car that gets close to 50 mpg real world mileage and big enough to carry 5 adults. A hatchback is preferable but not essential.
  4 responses   High MPG SUV

My current car is an AWD 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. Ideally, I would like a plug-in version of this car.
  3 responses   First new car since 2002: fuel efficient, versatile space

Honda Fit: like versatility of interior space arrangements. Have a new Honda dealership near me.
Ford Fusion: Right size. Not sure about interior dash arrangement/buttons
Toyota Prius: I've had two of them and I really like the way the interior is set up. Reliability and low maintenance costs a big...
  3 responses   hybrid

best fuel economy and warranty
  2 responses   looking for a fuel efficient, comfortable car with some carrying capacity. Recent retiree who had driven and loved my '07 Camry hybrid. Just not enough room in trunk.

I've driven the Accord, Camry, and Mazda 6. I liked the accord better than the others. But it doesn't ride much better than my '07 Camry hybrid on which I have 145000 miles. I'd keep it, but it may be getting close to battery replacement.
  2 responses   Quiet and comfortable car / CUV for my daily commute for midwest snow conditions

I currently drive 20 miles one way to my work and own a 2003 honds civic. The car is reliable but comfortable or quiet.
I am looking for something that is quiet, reliable and also can my family of 2 (2 toddlers) for short trips (200 miles).
I would...
  1 response   Comfortable Bliss

I live exactly 1/4 of a mile from where I work. Unfortunately, it is in FL, and that is a very hot walk in a suit each day. I also have a bad back that prevents me from walking that far. My current vehicle is a 2015 Chevy Sonic. It...
  1 response   Fuel-efficient, roomy interior, easy to drive

I looked at the Nissan Juke, but decided against it because the fuel mileage is about the same as my Fiat. I love the look of it though.

  2 responses   Fuel-efficient with some size, potential Uber driver.

-Fuel Efficient
-Small but spacious

An idea of what I've been looking at are the Mazda3 Hatchback, Honda Fit, Ford Fusion Hybrid (not a hatchback), Prius. Somewhat sporty, but power is a low priority. I love the Subaru Impreza Hatchback, but I think it's just a little...
  1 response   Replacement for my 2004 Allroad

Looking for a replacement for my recentlly totalled 2004 Allroad. I had a new subaru before. Now spoiled with Audi quite ride.

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