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Questions with Ford Edge Recommendations

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  11 responses   Replacing a 2012 VW Tiguan

I currently have a 2012 VW Tiguan and am not real happy with it. "German Engineering" seems to have failed here. I leaks, squeeks, has wind noise and the ride is a bit harsh.
I have looked at a few different models including the Ford Escape, the Honda CRV, and...
  7 responses   I can't seem to find my next car : /

Hi there - I am a mess. I have been shopping for 18mo, on & off. Always go back to Ford Edge. Hoping for 2011-13, but budget is saying prev. generation. My SUV HAS to have a sun/moonroof, so that hugely affects cost. Seat 5, but 7 would be a...
  5 responses   wife's car

looking for something like a honda crv or maxima
  5 responses   wife's car

looking for something like a honda crv or maxima
  4 responses   Roomy, quiet, comfortable family car

Currently drive 2006 4runner, but would like to switch to something quiet, with a comfortable ride and advanced safety features. I'm a big guy, so roomy interior and comfort are essential.Luxury brands preferred (not keeping up with the Joneses but not into kia/hundai either). I typically own my cars for...
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  2 responses   AWD, or 4WD, daily driver, good handling, good mileage

Want it all: family driver (obviously safety is factor), daily commuter for stop and go 10 mile each way commute. Good handling, decent gas mileage.

Require AWD or 4WD options for inclement weather, road trips, light towing capability.

Looking at wide variety of options from compact, extended...
  1 response   Murano replacement

My husband is 6'2", and I'm 5'4". We have only one car, so finding one we can both be comfortable driving can be a challenge. Our Nissan has some "features" we're not that happy with. The panic button on the remote is very easy to mistakenly set off, just by...
  1 response   Fun, Useful, Comfortable

I want a stylish SUV that is fun to drive but comfortable for those long road trips. I would like decent/good gas mileage and I love a cool looking interior. I am very tech oriented. I live in an area that can have rough winters with both snow and ice....
  1 response   next car - 2015

Need bright headlights at night;
Enough room for kids cars seats in 2nd row without kids kicking me in the back (BMW X3 is too smal in the 2nd row);
Quick/fun to drive (close to as much fun as my 2007 BMW X3 si);
After warranty repair cost...

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