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Questions with Ford Explorer Recommendations

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  21 responses   Comfortable and dependable commuter, weekend excursions on snow/mud/gravel

Looking for a new (used) car when I return from Germany - there are several months to pin down something perfect. Something that is dependable so I can count on it for daily communiting, but something with enough brawn to handle weekend excursions into mud/gravel/snow for some hiking and...
  5 responses   Family hauler with whistles, bells and safety

We will be getting 2 Exchange students for a whole year. Our sedan won't cut it and I hate minivans! The Highlander seemed to address everything but it fell a little short on cargo space. The pilot doesn't have the safety features or the whistles and bells. I actually have...
  5 responses   I'm an outside sales rep. I have a VW Passat TDI, my company wants me to rent cars instead of paying mileage

I'm driving a VW Passat tdi. I love the diesel, but my situation has changed a bit. The company I work for wants me to rent instead of paying .56 per mile, so the mileage of a diesel isn't as important. I herniated a disc and the Passat doesn't have...
  5 responses   Safe, dependable AWD for au pair

Our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee was rear ended and totaled. The Jeep didn't look too bad other than the bumper cover, but the frame rails were unfortunately bent. It was driven by our au pair for our two girls. Liked that it was 4WD, roomy, built like a tank and...
  4 responses   Mid-size SUV for towing light loads, going on road trips, growing family. Expecting to put ~5,000mi/year on it.

Looking for a vehicle for my husband. We want a mid-size SUV with towing capability (light loads) and 4WD. It needs to have enough room to fit his 6'3'' self. He will be towing his canoe and utility trailer often during hunting season-short distances. We want room in the back...
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  3 responses   Trailer hauler

VW Tourareg has been primarily narrowed down to our search. Like / need the towing.
  3 responses   Practical

Must have AWD (preferably) or 4WD
  3 responses   Reliable SUV, comfortable.

Been looking at Ford Explorer, maybe upto Expedition. 2005-2007 from $8-$11k, 80-130k miles .... looks like good bet, but happy to take advice.

We will do light towing, and moving bulky items. Occasional use, but maybe long trips. Use in snow (skiiing), camping (some off-road).

Older car OK,...
  3 responses   Reliable easy maintance low on bells and whistles family suv

I've looked at the Honda crv, the Toyota rav4, Chevy equinox, and the Ford Escape. I have family telling me the Ford Escape is a "throw away" car, and they all are anti imports, but I want a car that will last. I hate shopping for new vehicals. I have...
  3 responses   Work car

I have looked at Infinity, Volvo and Lincoln SUVs, not sure which one meets my priorities best

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